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Drunk elephant for sensitive skin?

I recently started using one of the small kits from Drunk Elephant, the C Serum and the B Hydra. A lot of users I have read say they could do without the B Hydra, and C Serum is really the product doing all the work. I see my dermatologist pretty often and use pretty basic products: a Neutrogena gentle face wash, (now) those 2 DE products, and the Neutrogena water gel moisturizer. I have some rosacea on my cheeks, hormonal break-outs on my chin, and pretty bad blackheads on my nose. I've been using the two DE products for a little while and feel my skin looks glowy, however I am noticing some white heads. Some posts have mentioned C Serums "purge" your skin before it improves.... so how do I know whether to stick with this or abandon it? Is it really true things have to get worse before they get better?

Re: Drunk elephant for sensitive skin?

I first tried out the jelly cleanser for a week in May, but it irritated my face. Then I decided to try out the protini cream I got from the DE birthday sample. I was amazed by how it moisturizes my skin without breaking out and irritation. I hesitated on the cleanser sample, but I gave it a try. I limited the use to nighttime only after going out of the house. When I began doing that, I didn't experience any stinginess or pain. I regret not giving the cleanser enough time to impress me. And that's my two cents from me.

RE: Drunk elephant for sensitive skin?

It’s purging if the breakouts are in places that you normally breakout and if the product has ingredients that increase the cell turnover process (like in C-Firma). If you’re breaking out on new places, it’s a reaction— or so I read on The Klog. I’ve been starting slow with Drunk Elephant (just cleansedand marula oil) and am cutting out things with silicones, it’s helping a lot! (That being said I’m using the Acure Organics Marula oil because it’s exactly the same but a lot cheaper, the DE skin philosophy is working for me so far though!)
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Re: Drunk elephant for sensitive skin?

I tried the drunk elephant line, and everything broke my face out. I specifically got the cleanser, Lala retro cream, tlc framboos, b-hydra, etc in a gift set for Christmas. Had to return it all because of the results: red, dry, burning skin 

Re: Drunk elephant for sensitive skin?

I recently purchased the little minis and wanted to try everything from the DE line due to the hype.  I was using it every morning and at night I was using La Mer.  DE made my face completely dry/tight and it was irritated.  I started to get redness and itchiness (especially on my eye lids).  Unfortunately, it did not work for me and I had to return all of the products. 



RE: Drunk elephant for sensitive skin?

I, too, have sensitive skin that is dry/combo with mild rosacea. I have great luck with DE’s marula oil and b-hydra. I can also use the tlc framboos once a week but any more often than that and it gives me cystic acne. I can’t use the vitamin c as it gives me whiteheads and skin sensitivity. To be fair, I cannot use any vitamin c. I have also used pekee but it is a bit drying on me as is beste. Lala and protini are OK but my skin feels tight after using both unless I mix them with the oil. I love their textures but don’t think they’re worth the money. Both also give me milia and cannot be used around my chin because I get too many clogged pores. The sunscreens are awful and extremely drying due to the high percentage of zinc oxide. I’ve finally found luck using Asian brands. I love the philosophy of DE and the lack of silicones but I have to keep my routine simple and with the least amount of ingredients to avoid breakouts and redness.

Re: RE: Drunk elephant for sensitive skin?

Thanks so much for your input! What Asian Brands/ product do you like? 🙂

Re: Drunk elephant for sensitive skin?

I have sensitive skin as well, and DE was one of the worst brands for me, especially the C serum.

Re: Drunk elephant for sensitive skin?

Hi Carol,

I have rosacea too. It's quite mild when I treat it well, but if I don't, then it flares really bad. The way if flares is different for each of us depending on which type we have.

I have to stick to a very mild regimen for skincare. I can't do Drunk Elephant. I've wanted so badly for the little trials I get from Sephora to work and not flare me. Like a fool, I keep trying, but sadly I have to keep going back to the very simple, gentle routine I usually do.

~Mild face wash
~Hado Labo Gokujyun Lotion (a hyaluronic tonic created for medical treatments like burns, etc. It's excellent, just formulated so gently)
~Cerave or something like that. (I also use Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring to repair my skin barrier, which most of us need to do. A lot of these nicer products that I would love to work, they damage mine further.)

I personally wouldn't risk it if you are having a reaction. But if you want to, this is what I'd suggest. Not to use it all over the face. Spot test it in one area like one that is hidden or not terribly visible and test it for a couple weeks. Purging can take a while, so I'd be hesitant to do it all over the face, especially if it's not really purging and you're actually having a reaction.

Re: Drunk elephant for sensitive skin?

May I ask which face wash you use? I can only use oil cleansers and am currently using the one from Simple. It works well but is a bit drying around my eyes.


Do you use the Hada Labo premium lotion? I only ask because I know there are two and I’ve heard great things about the premium one.

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