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Drunk Elephant!

Tell me all your pros and cons to this brand please! Seriously considering switching to them but want to be well educated before I make my decision.

Drunk Elephant!

research. research. certain serums say not around your eyes (hence reactions). I love the c-firma and I always keep it in the fridge. Most of their products come out better when refrigerated. I would go with the samples before getting full size

Re: Drunk Elephant!

I have used their Glycolic serum, C-firma serum, Hydration B gel, Marula oil, Lala whipped cream and their C tango eye cream.




Glycolic serum: burned my face and made it super sensitive and itchy afterward but it did brighten and evened out my skin tone. My skin felt sticky afterward but after letting it sink in and then following up with oil and then moisturizer, the stickiness went away. If you want quick results and don’t have sensitive skin and don’t mind the price tag: it’s a good product to try out. However, there are other glycolic products that are just as effective and more affordable on the market that I wouldn’t repurchase this. (Possible dupes: The Ordinary has a glycolic toner I’ve heard rave reviews about and I currently use their Salicylic acid serum that is an HG for me and super effective.)


C-Firma serum: really really not a fan of this product and for me personally, not worth the price tag at all. It oxidizes very quickly (goes dark orange), has an oily but sticky formula that I hate to use under moisturizers, sunscreen and makeup (I would use this in the p.m on alternate nights from their glycolic serum because I hated using it this in the a.m). It leaves my skin itchy, uncomfortably irritated, and super sensitive after using it. I didn’t see results as quickly as I have with dupes I’ve found. It’s almost impossible to use the entire bottle before it oxidizes. I really am hesitant to recommend this product and to be transparent, I never even finished my bottle because I hated it so much and it oxidized within 1.5 months for me.  I used 3/4 of it before giving up and moving on to other products. (Possible dupe: The Ordinary vitamin c products. I currently use their Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution and within a week, I saw results and it doesn’t irritate my skin or oxidize compared to DE’s serum. Plus, it layers amazingly well! My skin looks brighter and my dark spots are slowly fading. Plus for the price? What a steal. I haven’t tried their other Vit C products but I plan on it because the reviews are so high.)


Hydration B gel: not a big deal for me and I still don’t understand the point of this product. It didn’t hydrate my skin compared to other serums and gels on the market, I didn’t see results afterward and it did leave my skin slightly sticky after using. Again: I never finished the bottle and in fact because it was pointless (IMO) and ineffective. Really don’t recommend this as there are way better dupes on the market that are the same price or cheaper and are more effective. (Possible dupes: Youth to the People Spinach, Kale, Green tea Hyaluronic Acid cream. It’s a cream that is super lightweight, has an almost gel texture, sinks instantly into your skin and the results are immediate! My skin looked plumper, hydrated and smoothed out but not sticky or greasy. Other dupes: The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid serums. I bought their marine serum but haven’t tried it out but the reviews are pretty high. LANEIGE’s water bank essence. Instantly saw results that are similar to YTP’s cream.)


Marula oil: this is a good hydrating, non-greasy oil that sinks into the skin leaving it hydrated and glowing. The bottle does last a long time and there is a decent amount of product. However, I wouldn’t repurchase as again, there are more affordable dupes on the market. (Possible dupe: The  Ordinary’s 100% cold-pressed virgin Marula oil. Haven’t tried it myself as I’m still trying to finish DE’s oil but I do plan on buying it when I’m finished the DE one.)


Lala whipped cream: this is a heavy, thick, moisturizing cream that comes in a pump container to keep it sanitary and you can dispense the perfect amount needed. It is hydrating but I wouldn’t use this during the day as I have an oily t-zone and it’s too heavy for me. I used this in the p.m after my facial oils had absorbed into my skin. It’s a pretty good moisturizer but personally, I wouldn’t repurchase it as it wasn’t worth the price tag and I didn’t really see any results after using it. Again, I never finished it as I found better creams that were more effective. It’s a good basic cream that does hydrate the skin and doesn’t irritate or clog pores but is too heavy for daytime use and not worth it. I’d recommend this if you are looking for an evening cream and aren’t worried about aging or other concerns. (Possible dupe: LANEIGE water bank moisturizer, this leaves my skin hydrated, plump and isn’t heavy compared to DE’s cream. I’m sure you could find other creams too.)


C-tango eye cream: this is the only DE product I HIGHLY recommend and is totally worth the price tag. I got a deluxe sample when I cashed in points and I only used this in the a.m for less than six days before I saw results. My dark circles diminished (not completely but that’s because of genetics and lack of sleep) and my fine lines weren’t as prominent. I’ve been using La Roche Posay’s vitamin c cream for years and haven’t seen results compared to this cream and I’m actually angry at myself for not trying it sooner. I have extremely sensitive eyes but this didn’t irritate them, didn’t make my eyes sting or water and it didn’t migrate into my eyes. It’s very thick, non-greasy and sinks into the skin after a few minutes. I do wish it was a tad more hydrating but I have extremely dry skin around my eyes. Some people have commented on getting small oil bumps around their eyes and I have gotten one (so tiny I didn’t even notice it until recently) and it did clog one of my upper eyelash pores. However, for me, I’m okay with that (I just stop using the cream until it goes away) because this is such an effective eye cream. It hasn’t oxidized on me yet and it’s the best vitamin c eye cream I’ve tried. I am going to try mixing with a hydrating eye cream and hopefully, that’ll plump my under eye area. I really recommend this eye cream! (Possible dupe: haven’t found one.)


Sorry for this extremely long post! I’m not anti-DE but I do think there are better alternatives on the market that are more affordable. However, if you do want to try DE products out, buy their minis and mini sample kits to really see for yourself if you love them or not. Plus, wait for the Rouge/VIB sale! Hope this helps!

Re: Drunk Elephant!

I will never switch from DRUNK ELEPHANT - Lala Retro™ Whipped Moisturizer. 

I haven’t been much impressed by other DE items I’ve got. I’m of the philosophy of not having to stick all to one brand. I use a cleanser from Dr Dennis Gross, Make up remover from Tarte, Mousturizer from DE, Eye treatment from Dr Dennis Gross and Kora Organics, Chemical Exfoliant from Tarte and Dr Dennis Gross, Serum from La Mer. Use what works for you! 

Re: Drunk Elephant!

I am currently using a number of Drunk Elephant's products and my skin has never looked better. That being said, they are quite expensive and from the research I've done, it does seem that there are ways to get similar products (with similar ingredients) for much cheaper. I watched several in-depth reviews on youtube that go into the ingredients and evaluate whether or not DE products are worth the hefty price tag. The consensus seemed to be that while, generally, their products are good (well packaged, formulated with good ingredients), their cost was not justified. If you're looking for a review that is research-based, I believe youtuber Dr Dray has a really thorough one.

Based on what I learned, I did look into moving away from DE products and find some cheaper alternatives, but ultimately I decided to stick with their products for the time being. I have seen amazing results with my skin and I would rather stick with things I know are good/actually working for me than experiment with new products. If you're interested in trying some of their products, I would definitely suggest getting their Get Even kit. It's a really good deal and includes some of their greatest products (in my opinion). I have been using the Protini moisturizer, T.L.C. Framboos glycolic serum and the Lala retro cream for about a year and I adore them. I initially used the C-Tango eye cream as well but switched to the Shaba cream and have been liking Shaba a lot more. I also began using the A-Passioni retinol cream shortly after it was released. It took some time for my skin to adjust, but I absolutely love it. I also recently began using the C-Firma serum, and while I like it, I don't know if I'd repurchase once I run out. 

The only two products that I've tried and feel are absolutely not worth their price are the Marula Oil and B-Hydra serum. Marula oil can be bought for much cheaper (it also broke me out) and B-Hydra was not all that hydrating and seems to have no other real benefit. Hope that helps a bit! Smiley Happy

Get even kit:


RE: Drunk Elephant!

Pros are that they’re clean products that really helped my skin. Cons are it’s so expensive it’s ridiculous. Love their products, but only the Marula oil is the one thing I constantly restock.

Re: Drunk Elephant!

@TIEGGAN Like any brand, it has certain products that are hits and some that are misses. A lot of it depends on your personal skin needs. 

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