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Drunk Elephant TLC Babyfacial

Hey all! I bought the babyfacial mask by drunk elephant, and I got this red sensitive chemical burn exactly where I applied the product, just a few minutes after. I would definitely not recommend, I needed aloe vera to calm it down. Just wanted to warn you all. <333

Re: Drunk Elephant TLC Babyfacial

The first time I used it I was SO surprised by the sensation and how red my face got, I thought I was having an allergic reaction, lol. Turns out that's (relatively) normal for this product. I'm not a fan, unfortunately, because a lot of people I've seen review the product say it works wonders for the skin. I want to like it so bad but my poor skin looks so terrible once I apply it. 😞

Re: Drunk Elephant TLC Babyfacial

@Madeleinebweiss sorry to hear that happened! I second @GG84 ! I use the mask regularly with no irritation - it’s actually a holy grail mask for me and my skin loves it. It is pretty strong though and if you haven’t used acids before I can see how that would happen. I did start leaving it for only 10 minutes when I first started and built up to the twenty minutes 

Re: Drunk Elephant TLC Babyfacial

@Madeleinebweiss If you are new to acid based masks, I can see how this one might irritate your skin, this is why they include that tiny sample of Virgin Marula Oil in there. 

For myself, I get no redness or irritation at all when using Baby Facial. I am very accustomed to acid based products and none irritate my skin. 

A good starting point for someone who wants to ease their way into acid based exfoliants is anything Lactic acid based. It tends to be more on the gentle side. 

Re: Drunk Elephant TLC Babyfacial

Sorry that you had a bad reaction, @Madeleinebweiss.  Do you normally have sensitive skin?

Re: Drunk Elephant TLC Babyfacial

it's the oddest thing, because my skin is pretty tough!! so i'm kind of stumped...

RE: Drunk Elephant TLC Babyfacial

oh wow, so glad I saw this because I was going to purchase it! that’s so weird, I hope your healing up girlfriend!

Re: Drunk Elephant TLC Babyfacial

Baby Facial is definitely a very powerful peel, @Madeleinebweiss . I'm sorry to hear you had a bad reaction to it! I hope your skin heals quickly! Definitely stick a light hydrating routine for the new few days with plenty of that aloe. 

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