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Drunk Elephant Makes My Skin Burn

My skin is really sensitive and oily. Prior to my attempt of Drunk Elephant my skin care routine was Indee Lee Brighting Cleanser, Indee Lee Toner, La Mer Consintrate, and La Mer soft cream. I liked that Drunk Elephant didn’t have added fragrances like La Mer so I wanted to try it out after all the hype and good reviews. I got the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream after the first minute of putting on the cream my skin flet numbish and itchy. After five minutes my face was turning red and felt like it was slight burning. I went to bed and woke up with pimples and increased burning. Even after my shower in the morning my face still felt like it’s burning. Anyone else feel a burning sensation after using the Lala Retro Cream? I’m nervous to use it again after my first attempt.

Re: Drunk Elephant Makes My Skin Burn

@CaitPM I don’t think you should ever use it again. Seems to me you had a reaction. Your prior routine was filled with amazing products . You should definitely stick to that since your skin agrees with it. I’m very fortunate not to experience any sensitivity with any product I’ve ever tried and I’m extremely grateful for that. I am so bummed Lala didn’t work for you! 

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