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Do you "pre-cleanse"?

In one of my Sample Society boxes I got a deluxe size sample of the dermalogica pre-cleaning oil and I'm not sure if I like it or not. I recently switched to the Ren Calm 3 Clay Cleanser (which is AWESOME), but it doesn't remove makeup well. I was using the Koh Gen Do spa water on a cotton pad to remove my face makeup but I was going through the bottle quickly & needed another option. 

I'm not a huge fan of face oils to begin with, Argan oil gave me a very bad reaction, so I was a little skeptical with the dermalogica. You apply it dry, then add a little water, massage & wash off. I felt like I couldn't wash it off, that the oil just sat on my face. Then I used the Ren Calm 3 with my clarisonic, rinsed & still felt the oil sitting on my face. I did end up using less of the Perricone Blue Plasma on my face (1 drop instead of 2) but it never seemed to "sink in" like it normally does. I waited 5 minutes instead of 2 to put on moisturizer & still felt a little "sticky". That's when I noticed the difference , my face was soft... like baby bottom soft & it still is. No greasy or tight feeling... nope, not here! So I can't figure out if I like it or not. I probably won't purchase it, but I am eyeing the REN balm 


I also was looking at the Korres emulsion, but think it might be too similar to the dermalogica. 

I guess I could always use a different mild cleanser, like the PTR gentle foaming that Sephora decided to stop carrying *cough cough*. I'm against makeup remover wipes; they are too harsh & drying. I tried Philosophy purity years ago, but was using it as just a cleanser, I never followed it with a better cleanser. 


Enough rambling... Do you pre-cleanse & what do you use/ have used? 

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

& I'm pretty sure the Dermalogica broke me out. I didn't get the red patches I normally get from Argan oil, but I am covered in pimples where I don't normally get them (Forehead tons of tiny pimples, some under my nose, and close to the milia on my cheeks) Very frustrating... is it all oil based products that my skin doesn't like? 

I don't want to play mad scientist during the summer months. I'll have to revisit this in the fall time Smiley Sad 

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I know this is just my opinion but I can't comprehend pre-cleansing and I wear makeup a full face everyday. I do use a makeup remover to remove my eye makeup but I only use one cleanser to me if your cleanser is doing the job it's supposed to you don't need any thing else. Like I said just my opinion and I know every one is different.Smiley Happy

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I would consider your makeup remover  to be pre-cleansing. at least thats how i do, i remove it with eye remover and makeup towelettes. wash with clarisonic and then tone. Before i was using clarisonic it was just remover cloths, i would wash my face twice.

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

Exactly. I don't like wipes & hate to waste so much spa water on my face. My cleanser is a clay treatment cleanser, it's not meant to remove makeup, it's more like a mask/cleanser. 


Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

Oh gosh, I looove Koh Gen Do water. That and Caudalie elixir are on the list of expensive splurges that I'm waiting to get with the % or $$ off in the fall cuz otherwise the price makes my wallet cry.


Actually if it's not a lot of make up, or just eye make up, I use the eye make up remover to take off the eye make up, then do a swipe on rest of the face before cleansing. If it is a full face of make up (pre-cleanse) or I'm going to use some harsh peel/treatment, then oil cleanser it is. 


Right now I'm just using the gentler ones of my 10+ cleansers as pre-cleanse, but usually cleansing water or Clinique purple makeup remover are what I use.

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I picked up the tiny Sephora Cleansing Water today & I hate it. Don't even waste your money on the cheaper version of Koh Gen Do! It feels more like a harsh toner than a cleansing water. It doesn't have that refreshing, hydration, clean feeling the Koh Gen Do leaves. 

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

Oh noes! I did too but I haven't tried it, and now I can't find it. Darn it! I better try it soon and return or figure out what to do with it.


Yeah, previously I was using Caudalie cleansing water, which was definitely too moisturizing for me and I have to wash it off, but I can actually get away with no rinse/no moisturize/just a swipe with KGD at night if I'm busy. Right now I'm rationing my half bottle for removing makeup from waterline.

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I remember seeing you say you had the Sephora water. I bought the teeny tiny one in store, I'll probably keep using it either in my travel bag, or instead of wipes when playing with makeup.

Who knows, you might like... I wasn't a fan. I got it at a re-opening & tried a bunch of items & got a few samples because all the testers were brand new. Off all the creams/gels/foundations... I tried on my poor hands I didn't think to test out the water. Oh well... lesson learned  


Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

Nope, I don't pre-cleanse, seems kinda silly to me.  I use eye makeup remover and rub the remaining remover over around my the center of my face where my makeup is heaviest.  I wash with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple, follow w a mask/peel/facial a few times each week, and follow that with Bliss Steep Clean pads.  Then of course treatment and moisture.  I consider that, my night time routine, as makeup/oil/dirt removing with heavy moisture, then my morning routine, which starts with Philosophy Microdelivery scrub, is more of a deeper clean/exfoliation/lighter moisture routine.  I am interested in the pre-cleanse idea because it means I can buy and use more products (lol) but it does seem kinda silly to me.

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