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Do you "pre-cleanse"?

In one of my Sample Society boxes I got a deluxe size sample of the dermalogica pre-cleaning oil and I'm not sure if I like it or not. I recently switched to the Ren Calm 3 Clay Cleanser (which is AWESOME), but it doesn't remove makeup well. I was using the Koh Gen Do spa water on a cotton pad to remove my face makeup but I was going through the bottle quickly & needed another option. 

I'm not a huge fan of face oils to begin with, Argan oil gave me a very bad reaction, so I was a little skeptical with the dermalogica. You apply it dry, then add a little water, massage & wash off. I felt like I couldn't wash it off, that the oil just sat on my face. Then I used the Ren Calm 3 with my clarisonic, rinsed & still felt the oil sitting on my face. I did end up using less of the Perricone Blue Plasma on my face (1 drop instead of 2) but it never seemed to "sink in" like it normally does. I waited 5 minutes instead of 2 to put on moisturizer & still felt a little "sticky". That's when I noticed the difference , my face was soft... like baby bottom soft & it still is. No greasy or tight feeling... nope, not here! So I can't figure out if I like it or not. I probably won't purchase it, but I am eyeing the REN balm 


I also was looking at the Korres emulsion, but think it might be too similar to the dermalogica. 

I guess I could always use a different mild cleanser, like the PTR gentle foaming that Sephora decided to stop carrying *cough cough*. I'm against makeup remover wipes; they are too harsh & drying. I tried Philosophy purity years ago, but was using it as just a cleanser, I never followed it with a better cleanser. 


Enough rambling... Do you pre-cleanse & what do you use/ have used? 

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I see the REN product having 43 reviews, average review of 4.3, and the Clinique product having 296 reviews with an average review of 4.7.


I use The Body's Shop's tea tree oil cleanser after Smiley Happy

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

It's the actual reviews & questions; reading people's skin type that's similar to mine, description of texture & how it washed off... Then I went searching through youtube & blogs to compare. Originally even the Eve Lom was thrown in the mix (not sold at Sephora). 

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

Ahh I gotcha Smiley Happy I forgot about the questions section, even though it is incredibly helpful and I use it fairly often. I'm pretty big on researching before purchases too, I don't like being disappointed with a product!

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

It's the impulse purchases I have problems with LOL! The ones that I had to my cart with little to no research & I end up hating. The Dior brow styler was a huge let down for me, but I realize if I just Google image searched before I added it to my cart I would have known better

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

this stuff is the BEST!!!  It seriously removes EVERYTHING, even eyeliner and mascara, and rinses completely clean.  The only thing is i hate the goopy feeling, so I actually have started applying it with a foundation brush (yes i am lazy).  

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

You two have convinced me to try this soon!

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

*user enabled* *mission accomplished*  Smiley Very Happy

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

**enabling super-powers have been activated for the day** Smiley Very Happy


Haven't experienced any of the goopy feeling personally, I actually like how it feels! One thing I forgot to add- I was totally afraid to  try removing my eye makeup with this at first but it doesn't sting or feel irritating in the SLIGHTEST!

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I'm pretty sure I have a sample from GWP- I'll dig it out if I do.  Otherwise, next time I'm in-store, I'll ask for a sample.


ETA: Nope, it's not one of the many small Clinique GWP items I have.

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I'm not sure what pre-cleansing is, but I do use a makeup remover for foundation/sunscreen, then do a regular all-over gentle cleanser. If needed I even start off with yet another eye makeup remover.  So that's 3 cleansers total to remove all the gunk off my face.

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I just recently started pre-cleansing.  I had only been removing eye makeup with a cleansing cloth then wash with a cleanser  - my whole life.  Then I started using a toner and noticed all the makeup residue that was still coming off on the cotton ball.  Now I use the cleansing cloth to get my eye makeup and swipe my entire face and I don't have the left over residue any more.  


Now my face is a lot clearer and has a better texture and tone.  I thought I was just cursed with bad skin.  I thought I was cleaning my face every night, but I was not.

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

Now i'm interested in Pre-Cleansing! I always remove my eye makeup first but now i think i should invest in something else to take off my makeup! I actually always feel like my skin gets clean and i never see makeup on my toner pad! But still sounds like an extra cleansing would help clear my pores!!

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I've used Precleanse from Dermalogica and it reminds me of Boscia's Make Up Break Up Oil, it works in a similar aspect of being a skin conditioning oil that breaks down oil, dirt, and debris like make up and is perfect for waterproof products and long wear lip colors.


I prefer the texture and composition of Boscia's a bit better though.


I "precleanse" on days where I have make up, I have a separate cleanser that is a make up removing one then follow up with my Anthony Logistics Glycolic Cleanser. Exuviance's Gentle Cleansing Cream and their Purifying Gel are some of my faves. The cream can be used without water and is very gentle while the gel is better at breaking down waterproof items.

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I pre-cleanse too! Mostly on days when I have a lot of product on my face. I like to use the Josie Maran Argan Oil first and then follow with a cleanser then toner! I find that when I do this I find less makeup on my cotton pad when I use toner.


josie oil.jpg

<3 Melissa

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

My face does not like argan oil at all. I tried the serum & the SPF lotion with the same reaction. I have a small sample of the cleansing oil, but I'm afraid to try it. It takes about 2 weeks for my skin to calm down after the reaction Smiley Sad 

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

My face doesn't like it either. It does wonders for the ends of my hair though. That's the only place I'll use it.

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I, too, haved used the REN cleanser for acne. I really liked it, but I did switch to something else because I felt like it didn't cleanse well enough. I even went ahead and double cleansed with the same cleanser, but considering I ran out of the product so quickly, I felt like it was too expensive. At least with my new cleanser, it lasts at least 6 months. As for double cleansing, I think it's good to do it 2 to 3 times a week, so you don't overdo it almost like exfoliation. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

The REN Calm 3 is not meant to remove makeup... at all. It's more of treatment cleanser, like a quick mask. When you apply a mask you make sure your face is clean first because it won't remove your makeup. That's why I'm looking for other options (excluding wipes) for a pre-cleanse. I'm going too quickly through the Koh Gen Do spa water and was thinking a mild cleanser might be more effective. 

What cleanser did you switch to? 

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I always used something separate for eye makeup, but I just started doing a double cleanse and it makes so much sense.  Sometimes I would use my Purity Made Simple twice, or whatever I had around.  I just got some of Sephora's cleansing water, which I think would be totally insufficient as an 'only cleanser' but I am using that first and then using the Purity (at least until the bottle is gone, which will be in a day or two).


I always feel a bit sticky after serum and moisturizer at night.  I don't think it's good for the skin to feel like it's been stripped clean.


Frankly, I would love to have a combo that left me feeling like I had baby soft skin.  I haven't had that since the deluxe Guerlain set I had a couple of years ago.  You're making me want to try this out when I am in a store to get a sample.

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I think mine would be considered double cleanse idk? I use to wash my face twice until i started using my clarisonic. Now I remove with makeup cloths and eye remover, wash with clarisonic and then use a toner. does that count or should i wash my face again after using the clarisonic? lol I only do that when i am exfoliating. 2-3xs a week

Re: Do you &quot;pre-cleanse&quot;?

I think pre-cleansing is great if you do have a lot of product or makeup on and need that extra removal! I use a makeup cleansing oil or makeup cleansing wipes before following up with one of 3 (yes 3) different cleansers I have.


I wear a lot of eyeliner and mascara so I need that extra boost of oil or removal to get by! Smiley Wink

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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