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Do you "pre-cleanse"?

In one of my Sample Society boxes I got a deluxe size sample of the dermalogica pre-cleaning oil and I'm not sure if I like it or not. I recently switched to the Ren Calm 3 Clay Cleanser (which is AWESOME), but it doesn't remove makeup well. I was using the Koh Gen Do spa water on a cotton pad to remove my face makeup but I was going through the bottle quickly & needed another option. 

I'm not a huge fan of face oils to begin with, Argan oil gave me a very bad reaction, so I was a little skeptical with the dermalogica. You apply it dry, then add a little water, massage & wash off. I felt like I couldn't wash it off, that the oil just sat on my face. Then I used the Ren Calm 3 with my clarisonic, rinsed & still felt the oil sitting on my face. I did end up using less of the Perricone Blue Plasma on my face (1 drop instead of 2) but it never seemed to "sink in" like it normally does. I waited 5 minutes instead of 2 to put on moisturizer & still felt a little "sticky". That's when I noticed the difference , my face was soft... like baby bottom soft & it still is. No greasy or tight feeling... nope, not here! So I can't figure out if I like it or not. I probably won't purchase it, but I am eyeing the REN balm 

I also was looking at the Korres emulsion, but think it might be too similar to the dermalogica. 

I guess I could always use a different mild cleanser, like the PTR gentle foaming that Sephora decided to stop carrying *cough cough*. I'm against makeup remover wipes; they are too harsh & drying. I tried Philosophy purity years ago, but was using it as just a cleanser, I never followed it with a better cleanser. 


Enough rambling... Do you pre-cleanse & what do you use/ have used? 

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

Yes, I pre-cleanse, on the advice of my facialist.  He tells me I should always wash my face twice, once to remove makeup and once to really clean the pores.


I have tried the the dermalogica, and I like it, but I like cleansing oils and moisturizing oils. 


When I'm in a hurry I just use a makeup removing wipe and then cleanse with a cleanser.


Sometimes I will use a combination of a scrub and a cleanser.


My favorite cleanser is the Murad for the combination of acne+aging skin.  The other products I use tend to depend on what I have/my mood.  The scrub I use is from LUSH.




Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I think pre-cleansing is a great idea if you wear a full face of makeup.  I am addicted to Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil.  It instantly dissolves all of my makeup, no more scrubbing my eyes! It does a nice job cleansing as well, so sometimes I'll just do another round after i rinse off my makeup.

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I think pre-cleansing (or double washing) is a must. You need one step to get everything off of your face and a second step to actually wash your face. Even if you do find a product that can really remove all makeup AND cleanse-- I think you need to do it twice. I just don't feel that it's possible to do the job of removal and the job of cleansing in one step. I do the removal step even when I don't wear makeup. I still need to remove other things like sunscreen, silicones from my skincare/serums, as well as dirt and pollution from the air, not to mention oil and sweat. It's unrealistic to think we can do all of that in one step.


I like the make up removers from Clinique. In the winter I use Take The Day Off Balm which is an oil based emulsion. It's gentle and leaves my skin soft. In the summer I avoid any product with oil in it or my pores get congested so I switch to Clinique's Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser (the name can be confusing but this is a makeup remover NOT a stand alone face wash). 

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I forgot about the Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser. I used to use that in HS & College when I was really lazy & hated washing my face because I didn't know any better. That's a good, simple product! 

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

Yes-- and it straight up pulls all the gunk out of every pore. There are so many expensive treatment products that claim to do just that and they're no where near as effective.

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I always used something separate for eye makeup, but I just started doing a double cleanse and it makes so much sense.  Sometimes I would use my Purity Made Simple twice, or whatever I had around.  I just got some of Sephora's cleansing water, which I think would be totally insufficient as an 'only cleanser' but I am using that first and then using the Purity (at least until the bottle is gone, which will be in a day or two).


I always feel a bit sticky after serum and moisturizer at night.  I don't think it's good for the skin to feel like it's been stripped clean.


Frankly, I would love to have a combo that left me feeling like I had baby soft skin.  I haven't had that since the deluxe Guerlain set I had a couple of years ago.  You're making me want to try this out when I am in a store to get a sample.

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

Sephora stopped carrying dermalogica a few years ago I think Smiley Sad It can be found at Ulta & Beautybar dot com. I hate the sticky feeling of serum, like it hasn't fully been absorbed. I've been using the blue plasma for a few weeks now & only experienced stickyness if I used too much. 

I felt like Purity striped my face too much & couldn't find the right combo to balance it out. It's such a basic cleanser that it wasn't worth the search either. Now I'm thinking if I use it as a precleanse it might work better, I just can't find a sample of it in my lare sample stash to test it out. 

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

I think mine would be considered double cleanse idk? I use to wash my face twice until i started using my clarisonic. Now I remove with makeup cloths and eye remover, wash with clarisonic and then use a toner. does that count or should i wash my face again after using the clarisonic? lol I only do that when i am exfoliating. 2-3xs a week

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

are you using any type of cleanser or just the makeup wipes? 

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