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Do retinol and hydroquinone mix?

I am a fair-skinned redhead with sensitive skin and rosacea. And now at 50, I have sun spots popping up all over, especially right under my eyes. And lip lines that I swear weren't there last week. Fabulous! I was thrilled to find an OTC retinol serum that doesn't aggravate my skin. I am now also using Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening serum at night. (A tiny bit aggravating, but not bad.) Can I use the Murad serum, which contains hydroquinone, and my retinol serum at the same time? I've been flipping back and forth, since I'm afraid to use either during the day. Thanks!

Re: Do retinol and hydroquinone mix?

I know you can use hydroquinone and retina products together, I have been prescribed a script with both included and apply once a day.  I am debating on changing treatment to reduce the percentage of the retina. If I use the two products separately which do I apply first. I will be using a 12% hydroquinone script once daily and 0.04% Retina Micro (more gentle)?

Re: Do retinol and hydroquinone mix?

If you are having issues with the mixture of retinol and hydroquinone alternate nights with them. If you were wondering, hydroquinone and retinol are safe to use together (they both work to lighten the skin). Retinol actually helps hydroquinone penetrate into the skin better. Use this combination at night after your retinol has absorbed. For the sun spots, I would also suggest vitamin c as well in the morning (there are several vitamin cs and c spot treatments so just choose one from a brand you like). People with sensitive skin may not be able to use retinol every day or may need to apply a moisturizer first. I don't recommend using retinol in the mornings as it can make your skin more vulnerable to the sun (aka more redness) or cause burning from overuse of it. Retinols shouldn't be mixed with powerful exfoliants like glycolic acids or powerful chemical peels at the same time. Other than that you are fine to use them both. 

Re: Do retinol and hydroquinone mix?

Agreed! I use both the Murad spot lightening serum and a retinol from the Ordinary. So far so good, only minor peeling around my nose. Definitely do NOT use a retinol w a strong acid!!! I alternated btwn a Retinol 1% and the Sukari baby facial (Glycolic 25%) w 2 days apart and it still burned my skin  😞  lesson learned. 

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