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Do not buy Kate Sommerville products

I have really smooth, good skin. For my birthday, my daughter in law bought me 7 Kate Sommerville products.. she's sweet and considerate.  From the first use, my skin became red, swollen and itchy.  I've stopped using them immediately. 

Re: Do not buy Kate Sommerville products

I'm sorry they didn't work out for you, @Vanroy. My skin happens to respond quite well to KS products. The bigger lesson here, as mentioned below, is really to introduce new products slowly, one at a time with a couple of weeks in between. That way you can gauge for any negative reactions since every ingredient or formulation will cause negative reactions in *someone* out there. That method keeps you from having to throw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak.

Re: Do not buy Kate Sommerville products

@quspork I also react really well to these products. @Vanroy sorry they didn’t work out for you!

Re: Do not buy Kate Sommerville products

@Vanroy  Which 7 products did you try, and what's your usual skincare routine? You still might be able to use some of them, just not all at the same time. You should let your skin heal before attempting to use any of them again, though. 


If you normally use another brand's products that contain ingredients like AHA (glycolic acid, lactic acid, etc.), BHA (salicylic acid), vitamin C, a retinoid, etc., you should also stop using those until your skin's healed. Itching isn't necessarily a bad thing, but redness and swelling are. 😞 Sorry this happened to you! If you haven't yet, take an antihistamine to help reduce the inflammation. 


I'll echo this: your bad experience doesn't mean everyone else will have the same bad experience. My skin HATES ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. HATES it. That stuff tore my face up. But many other people have no issue with it, so I can't make a blanket "do not buy ExfoliKate" statement. 🤷‍♀️

Re: Do not buy Kate Sommerville products

Kate Somerville is actually a wonderful brand. You are likely reacting to one of the retinols in her products, they are very strong and not for those without a high skin tolerance to retinol. Additionally, there's no 7 Kate Somerville products that you should use all at one time. Many of her products are meant to be alternated throughout the week, often only using them once or twice. For example, you shouldn't use any of her acid or peel products when you use any of her retinol or vitamin c products. Hope this helps. 

Re: Do not buy Kate Sommerville products

Everyone reacts to products differently. Doesn't necessarily mean a product is bad, just that you personally had a bad reaction. I'd recommend trying 1 new product at a time when trying new skincare so you don't overwhelm your skin and if you have a bad reaction like that then you know which product caused that. 7 products is a lot to introduce at once and it's possible they don't all cause you a bad reaction like that. @Vanroy 

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