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Difficulty Applying Makeup Following Exfoliating

I tend to exfoliate my face twice a week.  I love the peel gel products such as PTR Peeling Gel or Koh Gen Do Gommage. Sometimes I use ExfoliKate or the Boscia Black Mask. I've notice that whichever exfoliating treatment I use my makeup is harder to apply that day (or the next morning if I exfoliated before bed). It just doesn't go on right and I always feel like things look "off".  Maybe it's because my skin is too smooth and foundation doesn't adhere the same way? Maybe it's because oil production is decreased? I don't know exactly. My skin looks great after exfoliation and I credit my routine with keeping my face blemish free but it's annoying to have days where my makeup doesn't look right. I just don't feel my most attractive--- Which is a bummer.


Does anyone else have this issue? How do you fix it? Is there a product that you use to get your skin back to normal after exfoliation?

Re: Difficulty Applying Makeup Following Exfoliating

The point of Beauty Talk is to try to help others with their beauty related concerns. The goal is to help anyway we can from our own experience and knowledge. Everyone has a different take on how things work. No need to be rude, i'm sure it's not anyones intention. You can disagree with what anyone thinks but that doesn't mean any one person is correct. Let's try and be respectful of each persons input. 

Re: Difficulty Applying Makeup Following Exfoliating

I agree about being respectful about everyone's input, especially since science is not a perfect knowledge. There are thousands of studies being conducted all the time to help develop our knowledge of how our bodies work. I agree, some are flawed or biased due to funding or other factors but that is no reason to ignore anything anyone has to say if they are trying to help you or someone else. If you disagree, please show the evidence you have to the contrary in a polite and respectful way and maybe you will teach someone else something. Failing that, please don't say anything if you've nothing nice to add. 

Re: Difficulty Applying Makeup Following Exfoliating

Thanks @arielaaaaaaaa! I guess that some people can't understand only a certain amount can be put in these post so it's hard to put in every little detail since outside links are not welcome and neither are snide rude remarks.

Re: Difficulty Applying Makeup Following Exfoliating

@MaybeMaybe- In terms of a "bully" that would be you apparently negative attention is what your after but there are much more valuable people and post to deal with and those are the ones I choose. In terms of a study I don't believe that was mentioned nor were any  of my post directed as an answer to you. I respect Arlandria88 and her opinions and her questions and the conversation was not with you it was with her. So if you would like you participate in this forum please keep rude comments out they are not welcome and it may just be a "retail store's chat forum" to you but it's much more to the rest of us who know what the BT community truly is.

Re: Difficulty Applying Makeup Following Exfoliating

"it's much more to the rest of us who know what the BT community truly is."


THIS. This community is here to share our experiences and knowledge with each other so we can all benefit from advice, pictures, product and ingredient information and whatever else we may like to know about. No one person knows everything, but all  combined this forum is a vast treasure trove of beauty booty (lol). 


Speaking of bias and additional influencing factors, I notice that MaybeMaybe has given out 26 hearts to Arlandria88 and only 44 to the rest of the entire BT population. Arlandria88 has given  17 hearts to MaybeMaybe and 40 to other members. I don't think there is anything wrong with being friends with someone and hearting their posts, but coming to a conversation, calling names and attacking someone for trying to be helpful and explain the facts behind their statement by calling it biased is pretty rich when it seems likely you have some influencing factors going on yourself. 


I hope the two of you will spend more time here on BT and realize that it is one of the most friendly communities out there, and even though people have varied experiences and knowledge that can actually be a helpful thing because every person is different and so it can be great to listen to  various opinions and decide what will be best for your own situation. We really like to help people out here!

Re: Difficulty Applying Makeup Following Exfoliating

Just a reminder to everyone about our Beauty Talk Guidelines:


When interacting on BeautyTalk, please follow our User Guidelines, Sephora Terms of Use, and the Sephora Privacy Policy, all of which are available here for reference. (Basically, it just says to play nice.) A heads up: We can modify them at anytime without notice, so be sure you keep up-to-date.


Lets all remember to be respectful of each others opinions at all times.  Not everyone is going to agree & its perfectly fine to give your opinion if it differs from someone elses Smiley Happy  Thanks everyone!


xo, Mia

Re: Difficulty Applying Makeup Following Exfoliating

@rikkie- I'm not sure how effective it would be on the scar but I bet it would work since skin repairs and rejuvenates itself at night. I don't know if you have something that works really well but the Dr. I work for usually tells patients to get a product called Kel- Cote it's an advanced scar gel that really helps scars dramatically. If you want to look at or research it you can look at

Re: Difficulty Applying Makeup Following Exfoliating

Thanks! I will have to look at that for sure. I am not using a special product for it because my Spanish is in no way good enough to ask a pharmacist or read important details on packaging, it's actually not a massive scar compared to anything from a real accident or surgery  and it isn't keloid or hypertrophic at all, just a big blob in the middle of my shin and super obvious. I really shouldn't complain using such dramatic words, I know I will never have a scar that would rank on any doctor's top 1000 list. It will fade to the color of my pasty skin eventually, but I would like it to hurry up  Smiley Happy

Re: Difficulty Applying Makeup Following Exfoliating

I love all the products you mentioned in the original post! I've never noticed a problem like yours with applying makeup after though. 


Do you use a primer before applying your makeup? I am thinking about how a conditioner smooths down the cuticles in hair and leaves your hair soft and silky, maybe skin can do something similar after exfoliation and cells might benefit from a product that would smooth them down in an analogous way to leave a nice surface for makeup. 


I don't know if that could be the case at all or helpful in any way, but that is my suggestion based on my unscientific musings. Smiley Happy I hope you find a solution that works for you!

Re: Difficulty Applying Makeup Following Exfoliating

I think @rikkie has a great idea.  I use a light exfoliator most mornings before applying my makeup and I follow it up with Philosophy Eye Hope, Ole Henrikson Truth Serum, Josie Moran Argan Oil, and Philosophy Hope in a Jar with Turbo Booster C.  I then wait 10 mins before adding anything else (actually I usually do my hair, which takes about 20 mins, dry).  The I use Smashbox Photo Finish Luminous Primer and certain areas get topped with Benefit's The POREfessional.  Does the serum/moisture/primer level make a difference?? I have no idea!!!  But I have never noticed my makeup not adhering or any difference on days I exfoliate and days I do not, unless I have not exfoliated long enough to get flaky.

Re: Difficulty Applying Makeup Following Exfoliating

Thanks Mia!

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