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Different cleansers

Do you you use the same cleanser morning and night?  A friend of mine uses an exfoliating cleanser at night to remove all the traces of her day and then in the morning uses a more gentle cleanser from a completely different skin care line.  She said once she started doing it her skin didn't seem to go between the dry/oily extremes she was experiencing.  I was curious if anyone else did this and if so what are your favorite morning/evening cleansers.

Re: Different cleansers

I do use different cleansers morning and night, but that's a very recent change for me. 

Re: Different cleansers

Oh boy, I was just having this conversation with a friend today and she was teasing me for having too many cleansers!! Admittedly, I have around 10 in my cabinet but I use only 4 of them regularly. 


AM → I use a really gentle cleanser in the morning. My current favorite is Caudalie's milk cleanser. 


PM → If I am wearing makeup, usually M-F, I will first use a makeup wipe and then follow with a balm. I've been using the Clinique take the day off cleanser but I will sometimes use the Ren no1 cleansing balm too! On the weekends, I like to use the AmorePacific treatment cleansing foam. 


I'm a skincare junkie :'(

Re: Different cleansers

I got a facial from Amorepacific and the facialist said that you should remove all the dirt and grime with a cleanser at night, but in the AM only wash your face with water. I used to wash with an oil cleanser in the AM and PM.

Re: Different cleansers

At night I use Ole Henriksen's Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser (really makes me feel clean after a day of running around and being exposed to all manner of pollutants and stuff), and in the mornings I use OH On the Go cleanser (a nice light refreshing cleanse).  Twice a week I swap out the On the Go for the OH Walnut Complexion Scrub.  I used to play around with different brands and formulas, but after I turned 30 and gave the OH line a shot, I'm a die-hard devotee.  I'm happy with my skin for the first time since before I hit my teens!

Re: Different cleansers

Night: Face wash with Aria.  Sometimes at night (or whenever I'm in the mood - a microderm type scrub, currently Kiehls, and a chem exfoliator - Philosophy Micodelivery or DrDG Alha Beta Pads).  Then retinol serum, eye moisturizer, lip balm before sleeping.


Morning: Splash with water, moisturize eye and as needed, face primer before make up.  Sometimes a very gentle light wash with cleanser and cold water rinse if I feel gunky for some reason (I shouldn't need a serious cleanse after thorough cleansing the night before)!

OR my latest morning thing: Konjac sponge and water - no cleanser!

Re: Different cleansers

I just ordered the Konjac sponge and it hasn't arrived yet. The description looks nice, but what you do think of it? And how the heck do you use it?

Re: Different cleansers

haha lilyyy -- here I'm going to paste my review, K? Smiley Happy


I LOVE this in theory, and the Boscia is NICER (thicker, softer, squishier, holds more water for rinsing than other types I've used), but some serious drawbacks for me.  Namely, mildewyness.


Love it BUT Mildew? Squeezed! Air Dried! Still ew. -10.01.13

Love this super soft sponge. It seems the same as other konjac but twice the price... but I don't even care that much about the extra $10.

I'd gladly keep buying these every 3 mos, except that it NEVER DRIED. I'd rinse well and squeeze... tried even pressing it between dry fluffy bath towel... hung it up to air dry every night.
The next night? Still wet. After 4 days of this routine, mildewy. Our bathroom is dry and ventilated, we don't even use it for one shower or bath a day (hippies), I don't understand how this sponge stays damp.

Even when the outside starts to dry/get stiff, the INSIDE is still wet. Smiley Sad

Other than that, I really liked this a lot, it introduced me to Konjac. I may buy a cheapie one from an Asian company where they are popular, and see if I can outwit the dampness issue.

It was soft, holds lots of water (good for rinsing face). This seemed perfect for giving my face a once-over in the morning, after using my aria for a deep cleanse at night. That's all I need in the AM. Loved it for rinsing my eye area, great gentle texture.

Perhaps SLIGHTLY exfoliating, but mostly just soft and nice. Don't expect much exfoliation, but it's a nice super gentle experience, and it did smooth a tiny bit.


One update Lily: I did try another cheaper version, and I didn't like it as much because it wasn't as luxuriously squishy and soft and gooey lol.  However, it was THINNER and so it actually dried in the middle (still took two days).  I don't get this drying issue!!!!

Re: Different cleansers

I ordered one from tester Korea dot com and can't wait to try it...three weeks from now. lol. super cheap! I was going to get the one here...until I saw the reviews. I figured I'd buy one straight from Korea to save $ and try it.

Re: Different cleansers

I use fresh soy cleanser AM & PM- Mon-Fri. and wed & fri after cleansing i use the fresh exfoliant.

On weekends -AM i use fresh rose cleanser.   I was using the  mtodd honey & oat weekend PM but i didn't think it was anything special so i just returned it.  Im thinking about getting another one to use just for the weekends at night, but im not sure yet.

I was previously using origins checks & balances for my weekend night cleanser because it doesn't remove makeup, but is good with the clarisonic. but it stung my eyes bad and i couldn't take it anymore.


oh and some Sundays i will exfoliate, use the biore strips or a mask

Re: Different cleansers

Oh my goodness, I have so many face washes right now. I just kind of rotate through them, using whatever strikes my fancy at the time. 

My faves right now are Boscia detoxifying black cleanser and Lancôme crème mousse confort.

Honorable mention goes to Josie Maran argan cleansing oil because it's so darn easy to use. Smiley Happy I only use it at night when removing makeup though. 

Re: Different cleansers

I use a different one, but that's mainly due to the fact that I own a ton of skin care products. 

At night I like to use something stronger, to deep clean from the day. Right now it's the Murad AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser. I really like it except the second ingredient is a sulfate, but it doesn't lather. Don't know why it needs it in there. SInce it has tiny, smooth beads, I take off all my makeup first with a cotton square soaked in a cleansing water. 

In the morning I alternate depending on what my skin needs. If I'm dry, I'll use the AmorePacific Treatment enzyme peel. It does a really good job at eating away at dead skin, but it's so gentle. Or Ren's ClearCalm 3 Clay Cleanser.

I have other cleansers I rotate in/out, but for the past few weeks these are the 3 I've used the most. And the AmorePacific is something I've used for a few years now. 

Re: Different cleansers

I'm intrigued by the Murad cleanser.  I'm going to get a sample the next time I hit Sephora.  

Re: Different cleansers

I'm used to exfoliation, but I was still a little nervous using it nightly. I started every other night for the first week & didn't dry me out, or make my face angry, so it's been nightly since. 

Re: Different cleansers

At night I use an oil based makeup remover, then a gentle cleanser (Aloette) with my Clarasonic followed by Korres Quercetin & Oak eye cream, serum and moisturizer.  In the morning, I use the same cleanser without the Clarasonic followed by the same regimen, only adding an eye brightening cream under the eyes.  Only twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays, do I add a scrub or peel, depending on the texture of my skin.

Re: Different cleansers

This is really interesting. Recently I've been using the same cleanser day and night, but normally I tend to use a mild face cleanser in the am and then I usually use something more exfoliating at night.

Re: Different cleansers


Sometimes I use my lullabies baby face wash for my face since it is gentle and soft and cleanses perfectly!

Re: Different cleansers

i have so many cleansers! in the morning i like to use my clarisonic in the shower and right now i use it with the murad essential c. i have dry skin and this doesn't dry me out, cleanses nicely, and doesnt irritate my skin. at night, i remove makeup first with bioderma sensibio. i also love the caudalie cleansing water but it is very expensive. i then follow with a cleansing balm like the ren no 1 purity or the organic pharmacy carrot balm, or the rms coconut cream. eve lom is also a good one. i wipe off with a muslin cloth and warm water. lately, i have also used the ren cleansing milk and sisley cleansing milk and like both for days when i feel super dry.

Re: Different cleansers

I use an oil cleanser at night to wash all the makeup and dirt off and a light l'occitane cleanser in the morning.

Re: Different cleansers

I have about 10 different cleansers. 

In the mornings i like to use a mild, gentle cleanser. My favorites are Korres Milk Protein, Origins Checks and Balances, Soap and Glory 3-1 Brightening cleasner, and Origins Illuminating cleanser. 

I find them to all be pretty mild and great for my dry skin. 


And in the evening it depends on if i wore makeup that day, If i didn't, i'll most likely use PTR Buffing beads, or the Soap and Glory cleanser cause it has little beads in it. 

If i wore makeup, i use one of my Gentle cleansers as a Pre-cleanser, Just to get most of my makeup off, and then i use my Clarisonic with the Murad Clarifying Cleanser. 


I find this is the best cleansing routine for my skin, I have very dry skin with occasional breakouts.

Re: Different cleansers

Would you recommend the Murad Essential-C cleanser?


I use the clarifying cleanser at night and just a plain cleansing wipe (walmart, at the moment) in the morning, but I'm looking to change it up a little. 

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