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Deciphering skin type??



I have a question about finding out what type of skin I have. Recently I have been very confused as to what my skin actually is...


I am 25 years old (for starters). I have acne around my jaw line primarily and sometimes I'll get a random zit up higher but it's not too often that happens. The jaw breakouts do not go away at all. They'll start to heal, but then more pop up. It's not ALL along my jaw, either, it's just the middle of my jaw on each side.


I thought acne was the result of too much oil production, but now I think it's diet related as nothing seems to be helping my acne (I've tried ProActive, Clean & Clear, Dermalogica, etc etc and am now on Boscia which I do like because it seems gentle but alas, it doesn't clear my skin. So, I've decided that it was time to not focus so much on acne clearing products because they make my skin feel so horribly dry and itchy and just start treating it as to the type of skin I actually have.


I used to think my skin was oily, but recently I have been re-evaluating this. It's not that bad! When I leave my skin alone with no makeup on it, it feels a little greasy but nothing unbearable. BUT! it feels weird, like a bit tight and sometimes itchy?


Is it possible to have "dehydrated" skin and still be a bit on the oily side? What products would be best for dehydrated oily skin? Some days my skin still feels a bit on the dryer side but that could also be from the weather as Florida winter is known for blasting its residents with cold weather and then boom, hot weather for a week before jumping back into a cold snap.


This probably doesn't make much sense but I honestly do not know what skin type I have! I've just been trying to treat it the best I can and not use too many heavy products on it because then I notice a film type of texture to my skin which I absolutely hate!


If you've read this far, any input would be greatly appreciated and many thank yous!!

Re: Deciphering skin type??

It make sense and it's fine. When I lived in Texas my skin was oily/combo. But now that I live in North East with 25mph wind and high temperature of 5F sometimes in the winter, my skin does a 180 and get chapped and flaky (but reverts back to oily in the summer).


It's possible to have dehydrated oily skin. There's Korres Yogurt and Origins...Make a Difference I think, that targets that problem. Personally I use gel/light gel cream in the summer, and cream or oil in the winter. If the change is not that drastic and you are just a tad drier when using your normal product, no need to change. Just get a facial oil, rub a couple drops in your palms and press/pat onto the dry areas after your normal routine.

Re: Deciphering skin type??

It does sound like you are dehydrated. Dehydrated skin is normally oily and has some dry tightness. You need to drink more water for that problem to be solved. During the day do you talk on the phone alot or rest your face in your hand? If so bacteria and oil are on your hands and that's why your getting that acne in that certain place. Your skin is probably more combination than oily.Turn your skin care needs to products for combination skin and you have to stick with one line because your skin is not going to be normal acting if you keep switching product lines it's only going to get worse. Hope this helps!

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