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Dark clump with white spots


 on the left side of my face is a dark spot. It looks like a dark spot from afar but when you get closer, you can see tiny dark circles that are very close together, like pores. And these “pores” produce this white substance, like blackheads, but they’ve been on my face for 5 years now. I’ve had blackheads before and they always go away after treating them. But these are not going away. If I don’t take care of my skin the white dots are more noticeable. It will look like white dots on In concentrated spot. It’s not a birthmark, I’ve never had it when I was born. Everyone is very confused on how this happened/ where it came from. I’m just wondering what you guys think this is. It’s very much like a black head, the white spots are not liquid-like, and i can see each individual pore/bottom/dot when I spread it out. Let me k ow what you think please.

RE: Dark clump with white spots

I recommend product that contains BHA. But you may need to see dermatologist

I agree on both points, using a BHA and seeing a dermatol...

I agree on both points, using a BHA and seeing a dermatologist. I'm wondering what constitutes "taking care of your skin" that keeps it in check. If that means keeping your pores fairly clear, a BHA will help, and an AHA will also help reduce the irregular texture. If you're not currently using acids in your routine, don't go scorched earth on the area, that will only increase irritation. Low and slow is the key to introducing acids to your face safely. Affordable brands like The Ordinary and Inkey List have lots of exfoliators to choose from. A combined BHA and AHA product might be too strong to start and you can think of that as more of a goal to work toward. Mandelic Acid is the gentlest AHA and The Ordinary has a very affordable serum. BHA is the better one to start with because it gets inside pores and dissolves whatever is in there. The Ordinary and Inkey List both have affordable BHA products, but Stridex pads in the red box (alcohol free) are also a cheap, simple introduction. As for what happened to start this problem, I honestly have no idea. I've been around the online skin care community for years now and this is a first for me. I have personally had one or two pores suddenly take on plugs of dead skin that left them permanently enlarged, but I would think if that happened, you would remember it. Maybe as you've gotten older and started to produce more dead skin cells, that's just kind of where they went? Aging is weird. Another idea is to go to the website for Makeup Artist's Choice and consult with one of their aestheticians and see what they recommend. These are people who deal with acid products and skin texture issues every day, and they might know what's going on and they will definitely know how to treat it. They are great at introducing people to safe acid use, their products are affordable and set the industry standard for quality, and their brand depends on selling you the safest most effective product for your skin. If you are in fact new to acids, they are definitely who you should talk to!
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