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Dark Spots | How to even out my skin tone?

My skin is darker on some places on my body like my neck and my knees, elbows and underarms. How do I remove those dark spots, or reset it to be the same colors with the rest of my body?


Re: Dark Spots | How to even out my skin tone?

Darkened skin along these areas is quite common, for starters, skin at the elbows, knees, and underarms tends to be a bit more tough, and due to these areas being the meeting places for joints (elbows/knees) and areas that are exposed to moisture and bacteria (underarms), discoloration and the thickening of skin's texture comes into play.


Physical exfoliation either through loofahs, pumice stones, or body scrubs with physical particles can help in evening skin's texture some, along with chemical based exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acids working on a cellular level to aid in increasing exfoliation while promoting healthier and revived cell production; however, keeping skin hydrated and well moisturized will be key to ensure newly sloughed/exfoliated areas aren't prone to the elements as soon as you step out the shower to begin drying out and worsening again. From conditioning body butters to hydrating bodily oils, moisturize skin and also protect skin with daily SPF use, being sure to practice sun safety is important.


In regards to why these area are darker it can be a slew of reasons, everything from melasma to just flat out melanocytes in these particular areas picking up color easier than the rest of the body.



Re: Dark Spots | How to even out my skin tone?

Unfortunately, there is no removing of the dark spots only to lighten them which takes time. No matter what product you use, it won't happen overnight. For darker areas on my body like my knees and elbows, I just use cocoa butter which helps to even out skin tone. For my face I use Clinique Dark Spot corrector which again takes time.


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