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Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Often people ask for recommendations on a skincare routine or for specific products/combinations.  This might be a place to share your everyday skincare, both AM and PM.  A skincare "what are you wearing" as it were.  Hope this is useful.


*Age - 40

Skin type - oily/combination

Current skin condition - quite dehydrated (winter/indoor heating)*


01/17/16 - AM skincare in the order I used

1. Nude Jelly cleanser (love)

2. Pixi Glow tonic (5% glycolic toner - love)

3. Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Spritz (sample)

4. Radical Skincare Youth Infusion serum - hydrating and anti-ageing (new to me.  Testing)

5. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream (like)

6. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine cream (really like as an AM moisturizer)


I will try to post PM skincare tonight so the post can be comprehensive.


General comments - Okay skin.  Apparently the age between 38-42 is a transformational time in hormones (dehydrated skin/spots), so I am more aware of how my skin performs/reacts .  My skincare definitely has more "actives" now than before.

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Awesome thread idea!

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Age: early 20's

Skin Type: normal/dry & sensitive 

Current skin condition: normal but sensitive to chilly wind temperatures. 


AM ROUTINE: *in order of use*


I dont wear makeup every day and like to keep my morning routine quick and easy. I also don't have any skin concerns: discoloration/acne so I try to just keep things minimal. I am looking for a facial product that has SPF. I don't want to replace my Clinique gel so I am hoping to find something to use in addition to that. 



PM ROUTINE: *in order of use*


On days I wear makeup, I remove everything with Clinique's Take off the Day cleansing balm and then proceed with the above products. 


I mask ask every now and then. Typically using a Lush mask. I also use the Tony Moly black was pore gel. There's no real routine to this two products. I use then whenever I feel I need them. 


Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Age: mid-20s

Skin Type: Dry

Current condition: hyperpigmentation+redness, recovering from breakouts

Environment: Humid as #@%$@, currently winter "dry" aka normal levels of humidity


Today, AM:

Caudalie Cleansing Milk

Murad Hydrating Toner

Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion for dry/very dry skin

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance serum

OH Youth Activating oil

Tatcha Moisture Rich Silk Cream

Shiseido Ultimune Eye Concentrate

Bare Minerals Renew & Hydrate Eye Cream

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

I'm very much still figuring out what actually makes a difference for me, since I'm even newer to skincare beyond wash/moisturize than I am to makeup, but here's what I'm doing currently.


Age: 26

Skin type: Combination; mostly clear but very prone to redness



Not much since I don't usually wake up very oily. I'm starting to think I should move my exfoliating from evening to morning, though.

  • Rinse with cold water to de-puff
  • Origins Out of Trouble mask (only if I'm having breakouts, which fortunately is rare)
  • Origins GinZing eye cream
  • Clinique Moisture Surge or FAB Ultra Repair


  • Clinique Take the Day Off Balm
  • Cleanser -- working through various samples at the moment, but regular ol' Cetaphil is my go-to
  • Clarins toner
  • May Coop Raw Sauce
  • Brightening serum, if I have a sample on hand (I don't find they make enough of a difference for me to be worth buying)
  • Moisturizer -- working through samples from Boscia, Belif, Clinique and FAB
  • Night cream -- I don't always remember this, but if I do it's Origins Night-a-mins


These fall between cleanser and toner

  • Whatever peel sample I have on hand or Vasanti brightening scrub (2-3x)
  • Some kind of mask depending on what my skin is doing -- usually Origins rose clay or charcoal or Anthony pore-cleansing (3-4x)

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

1/"17" PM:

Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil

FAB Face Cleanser

Glamglow Flashmud (rinse-off)

Murad Hydrating Toner

Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion

philosophy Help Me retinol serum

Natural Organic Argan Serum (aka oil; blend of argan, apricot, rosehip)

Verso Super Eye Serum

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Eye & Lip cream (on eyes)

Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Age: 38

Skintype: Combination (Mostly Oily Around T-Zone)


Routines (in order of use)


Every Night

Clenia Facewash (rX)

Mia Clarisonic

Clarins Toner

Grapeseed Oil or Argan Oil

Ole Henriksen Collagen Booster

Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel


Every Morning

Cetaphil Facewash

Clarins Toner

Ole Henriksen Collagen Booster

Keihl's Ultra Facial Cream



Ole Henriksen Walnut Scrub

Mask: I use one of the following 3 masks

   1) Egg White, Avocado, Honey, and Lemon

   2) Indian Healing Clay Mask mixed with Organic      Apple Cider Vinegar

   3)Ole Henriksen Firm Action Mask

Facial Steamer

Clarins Toner

Grapeseed Oil or Argan Oil


Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Age - 26

Skin type - Normal/Dry

Current skin condition - Dehydrated

Environment: Very humid (FL) w/ hard water.


Today, AM:

1.Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam

2. Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence

3. Banila Co. Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Essence Oil

4. Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum

5. Omorovicza Queen of Hungary

6. The History of Whoo Hwanyu Eye Cream

7. Kate Somerville Goat Milk

8. SKIN AQUA SARAFIT UV Sunscreen Spray SPF50+ PA+++


Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Age - 34

Skin type - oily/combination

Current skin condition - pretty dehydrated (yesterday we had a cold weather warning, and I think today too, so between weather and indoor heating Smiley Sad )


01/18/16 - AM skincare

1. Rinse with water in the shower

2. Toner (varies between Clinique or NUDE, depending on skin conditions; today Clinique)

3. Farmacy Eye Dew eye cream

4. Farmacy Root Cell something serum

5. Laura Mercier Rose Infusion oil

6. Dotted some Eradikate on a spot that popped up on my forehead overnight* 

7. Clinique Moisture Surge Intense on dry neck area*


Steps with a * are things I don't usually do daily.  My neck is still recovering from an allergic reaction, so I'm really having to pile on the extra moisture for that.  


Throughout the day (especially during winter) I'll spritz my face with a hydrating spray.  Right now it's the Herbivore Coconut Hibiscus one.


Writing this out I realized I forgot my Raw Sauce today.  Oops!

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Age:  45+

Skin:  Normal to Dry, more on the dry side recently

Current condition: skin is pretty good, seeing some hormonal changes with texture.


AM Routine:

  • Clarisonic with either GlamGlow Thirsty Cleanse or Shiseido Ibuki cleanser.
  • Trialing the Bobbi Brown Eye Cream, normally use the Shiseido Ibuki eye cream
  • Pure Romance Miracle Oil (I'm a consultant)
  • Origins Plantscription moisturizer

PM Routine:

  • Johnson Baby Shampoo to remove eye makeup
  • Trialing different face cleansers:  Boscia Makeup Breakup, PTR Gold Cleansing Butter
  • Caudalie cleansing water or Dr Jart + cleansing water
  • Pure Romance Miracle Oil
  • Trialing Bobbi Brown Night Cream & Eye cream, normally use Farmacy Sleep Tight

Once a week use a mask.


Generally I've been pretty happy with my skin since I've put more effort into a routine.  Using a cleansing water has helped get all the gunk off.  I have also started a much healthier lifestyle about 6 months ago so I eat a lot of vegetables, lean protein and drink plenty of water.  I exercise a minimum of 4 days a week.  It has made a positive difference in my skin.

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

It's more than I do! I say whatever works!! I have to keep things simple or else my skin freaks out =/

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Age- in my final year of my 20s Smiley Sad

Skin type- oily, dehydrated

Current skin condition- very dehydrated, dry patches


1/18/16- AM skincare:

Origins Checks & Balances- my skin loves this cleanser

Clinique toner- I don't like this and am trying to use it up

May Coop Raw Sauce- trialing (only on day 2 of my trial)

Caudalie C15 serum- LOVE!

Mario Badescu facial spray rosewater- trialing

Neutrogena face lotion- trying to use up but is not providing enough moisture for winter

Origins ginzing eye cream- trialing


I'm really in need of something that can help hydrate my skin. I'm thinking about stopping the Clinique toner and trying a new serum focused on hydration. Has anyone tried the Caudalie SOS thirst quenching serum?

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Age: (almost) 22

Skin type: combo, uber sensitive


AM: Lush Angels on Bare Skin

Lush Angels on Bare Skin

Lush Eau Roma Water

Lush Celestial Moisturizer



Lush Angels on Bare Skin

Lush Eau Roma Water

Lush Celestial Moisturizer


My skin is beyond sensitive and these products haven't irritated it at all and have helped with some mild issues (acne) I've been having, so this routine works well for me. I need to look for a sunscreen though....


Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Age - 30 almost 31

Skin type - normal/combination

Current skin condition - dehydrated (very cold & dry environment)



1 OH african red tea foaming cleanser half pump (like)

2 Lancome Tonique Douceur (like)

3 Missha Time Revolution essence (ok)

4 Lancome Genifique (love)

5 Bobbi brown hydrating eye cream (like)

6 Bobbi brown vit E enriched base (love)


PM - switch between (a) and (b)

1 Lancome Bi-facil (like)

2 Sunday Riley Blue Moon (love)

3 Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip (love)

4 Lancome Tonique Douceur (like)

5 (a) Sunday Riley Good Genes + Lancome Genifique + Caudalie Premier Cru Elixir (love)

5 (b) Lancome Genifique + Sunday Riley Blue Moon (love)

6 111 Skin eye lift gel (mindless sample use)

7 Bobbi brown hydrating eye cream (like)

8 Bobbi brown EXTRA cream (like)



- Boots Botanic Rosewater Toning Spritz whenever there is a gap between skincare application steps

- Some nights when i am very tired and can't be bothered with all the steps (which i otherwise really enjoy), Lancome Bi-facil + OH wipes (orange cover) + cleansing water + toner + whatever sleeping mask i have on hand.

- PTR MAX pads whenever i see skin issues in the morning.

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Age: 32

Skin type: combination

Current condition: dehydrated. A month ago I got PRK surgery on my eyes and it takes a while to heal up to 20/20, so I've been doing a lot of squinting (causing my angry 11's wrinkles to get worse). Also have a little bit of pitted acne scarring :-P


AM skincare:

ORG Mineral Peel (not every single day, but most)

Paula's Choice Resist Replenishing Toner

PC Resist Pure Radiance Treatment (vit C)

Makeup Artist's Choice Transforming Anti Aging Eye Repair

PC Moisture Boost Daily Restoring Complex (moisturizer/sunscreen)

Dr. Brandt Needles No More on forehead wrinkles


PM skincare: 

Wash with PC Moisture Boost cleanser & Clarisonic Mia FIT

Myotone microcurrent thingy (about 4-5 nights/week)

PC Resist toner

Generic tretinoin cream (.1%)

MUAC Transforming Anti Aging Eye Repair


Moisturizer - sort of switching around between PC Moisture Boost Hydrating Treatment Cream, Mizon Bee Venom cream and Farmacy Sleep Tight balm (I have too many moisturizers going right now)

Dr. Brandt Needles No More on forehead wrinkles


Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Thirty something, oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. This is my fall/winter skincare regimen. I do use an eye cream, but there's no special one. Right now I cycle through samples. I'm pretty certain I'll never need to buy an eye cream again.


Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser
Ole Henrikson Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster
Ole Henrikson Empower Featherweight Moisturizer
*Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops E & Chamomile - Optional, depends on how my skin feels.


Farmacy Clear Bloom Makeup Glideaway Cleansing Oil
Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner
Caudalie Beauty Elixir
Nude Progenius Omega Treatment
Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Eye & Lip Cream - I use this on my lips.
Nude Progenius Rescue Oil
*On days I don't wear makeup I usually start my PM regimen with the Nude Progenis Omega Treatment.


Weekly treatments - I either exfoliate with Lush Ocean Salt or use Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel once a week and follow it with a moisturizing mask. Masking is one of my most favorite things and I typically do it 2-3 times a week. My most favorite mask is Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Mask, but I rotate based on how my skin feels. Other favorites include, any Lush mask (except Cosmetic Warrior, the smell is too much and makes me sick ), First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask and The Body Shop Aloe Protective Restoring Mask.

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

mid-20s, dry, hyperpigmentation


1/18 AM:

philosophy purity + Clarisonic (Radiance brush) in the shower

Laura Mercier Face Polish, also in the shower

FAB Radiance Pads (salycylic acid)

Murad Hydrating Toner

Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion

*Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance serum

*OH Youth Activating Oil

*Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer, Normal/Dry

*Shiseido Ultimune Eye Concentrate

Bare Minerals Renew & Hydrate eye cream


* DS that I am trialing

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Great thread! It's interesting to see what everyone else does. 

Age: 45

Skin: combo, occasional hormonal acne, not the least bit sensitive


AM PTR 24K gold cleansing balm 

Tone 'Acne stop' (lactic/salicylic acid)

Essence Raw Sauce or Roseberry essence by Original Raw (Essentielle Beauty)

Serum Dior One Essential or Good Genes or Le Jour de Chanel (whichever I'm in the mood for)

Moisturizer Josie Maran Argan milk with sunscreen or if I'm feeling dry Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream (asian import) and a primer with sunscreen

Eye Cream Trish mcEvoy Retinol eye cream or Caudalie eye cream


PM Eye makeup remover UD Meltdown or Koh Gen Do Spa water,

Cleansing oil Privia U Real Natural Cleansing oil, following by Clarisonic radiance cleanser (deluxe minis from last years promotion) Clarisonic 3-4 times a week

Toner, essence same as day

Retin-A 0.05% cream every other day alternated with GloMinerals Renew Serum (retinol, glycolic, lactic serum) this is basically a mild peel

Night cream Nars luminous moisture cream. Sometimes Dr. Sebagh Rose mask for sleeping.


Every 2 weeks or so I have been doing an at home peel series called Fade Peel by Makeup Artists Choice which is a mix of acids left on for 2-5 minutes as tolerated. Helps get rid of  acne, melasma and brightens

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

01/18/16 - PM skincare


1. Nude Skincare Jelly Cleanser

2. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask - I am using up my sample, but I have already ordered the full size.  I like.

3. Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening serum - my serums have had a theme in the past few days.  Winter and travel has left my skin a bit dull.  So I am trying to get some radiance back.  This TH serum is fairly new to me but I have used it for a few days and am quite pleased.  It has added a pep into my skin.

4. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

5. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye cream


Some of my skincare restocking items are coming in tomorrow.  I am eager as I could use some deeper hydration by layering.



Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

1/18 PM

- nude purify cleanser

- pmd microderma treatment

- rinse w/water

- nude toner 

- nude omega milk on any areas of irritation

- farmacy eye dew

- Sunday Riley flora

- sample of may lindstrom blue cocoon balm

- Clinique moisture surge intense on my neck area

- whatever lip balm is on the night stand


Normally I double cleanse, but I didn't wear makeup today and I try not to double cleanse when I'm using the PMD.  Also on the nights I use it, I finish with a more nourishing oil like Flora, as well as the NUDE milk.  I usually use an exfoliating pad or other acid, but won't on nights I use PMD.


I'm pretty convinced blue cocoon does nothing for me, but I thought I'd finish my sample.

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Great thread! Im so nosy I love hearing about peoples personal routines and hope to pick up some tips for my skintype routine! Thanks for starting this greenchilli!

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

23- Combination/oily (with a wicked T Zone) At the moment, since Louisiana decided to be winter like the rest of the country, my skin is finally not as oily as it was earlier this winter.




Bosica Clear Complexion Cleanser

Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moore Mud Purifying Mask (3 times a week not nightly)

Fresh Seaberry Oil


(any sample of overnight mask I have Smiley Very Happy



Bosica Clear Complexion Cleanser (will never change this)

Umbrian Clay Mattifying Mask

Umbrian Clay Oil Free Lotion

After I finish exercising, I do the same routine but Use Fresh Rose Mask to calm down my skin. And for exfoliation from time to time I use Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash.

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

26, Combination-Dry. Main concerns are anti-aging and hyper-pigmentation.


1/19 AM

1. Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder (must have!) use as my morning cleanser

2. DDG Ultra Gentle Peel Pads (love in the winter)

3. Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum (Holy Grail!)

4. Sephora Collection Lotus Eye Mask (under eyes have been super dry lately. I think from the cold, and the heat being turned up).

5. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream (ehh it's okay)

6. DDG Ferulic and Retinol Moisturizer

7. Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist (love)

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

Mid-20s, dry, hyperpigmentation


It is cold as @#*$&^ here today, so I switched it up a bit and included more of my moisturizing night-time products.


1/19 AM:

Caudalie Cleansing Milk

Murad Hydrating Toner

Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil

Murad Hydro-Dynamic moisturizer

Shiseido Ultimune Eye Concentrate

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Eye & Lip Cream (eyes)

Korres Yogurt Sunscreen (favorite! feels like a moisturizing lotion all on its own)


I actually tried that Caudalie Eye & Lip cream on my lips last night after njattana commented that she does this, and I loved it! Definitely made my lips softer and more moisturized this morning.

Re: Daily Skincare - what are you using?

This post is a really fun idea!

28, Oily, Acne prone with some dehydration 

Recovering from clogged pores, some breakouts and hyperpigmentation


18-Jan PM:

1. Farmacy Clear Bloom Cleansing Oil

2. Drunk Elephant Peeked bar w/ Clarisonic

3. Origins Rosecrans mask

4. Belief Eucalyptus Toner

5. May Coop Raw Sauce

6. Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment

7. Ahava Eye serum

8. Belief Aqua Bomb

9. Ahava firming eye cream


19-Jan AM:

1. Drunk Elephant JuJu bar

2. Belief Eucalyptus Toner

3. May Coop Raw Sauce

4. Ole Henriksen Vitamin C serum

7. Ahava Eye serum

8. Belief Aqua Bomb

9. Origins Ginzing Eye Cream

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