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DYI Skincare and Makeup

It seems like a few of us are making some of our own products, so I thought it might be fun to have a thread to show and tell, ask questions, share lessons learned, etc.


What do you make and why?


(Oh, and sorry for the typo in the title. It's the one thing that can't be edited šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø.)

Re: DYI Skincare and Makeup

DIY dupe of Lush Ocean scrub cuz it's popular and expensive. It worked just as well as before but more moisturizing since I used coconut oil, and has a shorter expiration date cuz of actual avocado (instead of avocado butter they used). I learned that you shouldn't mess with lemon juice, it's very acidic and things can turn bad easily and irritates your skin even if it's only the difference of 1-2 drops.


DIY of rosewater cuz a ton of roses bloomed in my parent's garden that one year. Cleaning was a hassle but it feels soooo good on the skin! My skin was hydrated and felt like velvet. Unfortunately we haven't had any good harvest of roses lately so I haven't done it in the last few years.


DIY facial spray cuz it's cheap and effective. This I actually do frequently. Just 1 cup distilled water + 5-10 drops glycerin + 3-5 drops of facial oil. Put in a bottle, shake and spray. I particularly love Sunday Riley Flora oil for this.


DIY moisturizing/soothing mask is great for combo skin. Yogurt and honey to moisturize + clarify, grounded up oats to soothe and absorb a little excess oil. Skin feels clean, calm and smooth..... which reminds me I need to go buy yogurt and make this again.


DIY eyeliner from eyeshadow. Some people just crush eyeshadow into powder then either use water or vaseline, but if you mix powder and eyeshadow primer instead for a cream liner, it's pigmented, waterproof and won't bulge. The only con is that it dries out after awhile so make in small batches.


Except for the mask, the DIY recipe for the others are on my blog (ChicDabbling). Also, others are more single ingredient rather than DIY. Pure aloe vera gel applied straight to scalp, let sit for 10min then shampoo etc is great to clarify/soothe the scalp. And I apply lipbalm generously, then gently rub with q-tip for lip scrub.

Re: DYI Skincare and Makeup

I make my own lip scrub with vaseline/papaya ointment + cinnamon. It makes my lips smoother and temporarily plump. 

I use 2 parts olive oil + 1 part castor oil as a makeup remover and then use a warm towel to steam my face and melt the oils. 

I mix coffee + coconut oil to massage and revitalize my legs after the shower. This helps my circulation and keeps my skin hydrated at the same time. 

For my scalp, I apply 2 parts almond oil + 1 part castor oil as a mask to strenghten my hair. I leave the oils on for hours then rinse with warm water and my regular shampoo. 

I love DIYs. I feel like, whenever is possible, we should all have some kind of approach to natural remedies. Our skin needs it. 



Re: DYI Skincare and Makeup

The coffe + coconut oil I obviously rinse it! 

Re: DYI Skincare and Makeup

I DIY my oil cleanser, make my own combos of skin oils, I've made coconut lip balms (that's how I met @NancieNano, she volunteered to be a guinea pig LOL) and I've made sunscreen (that was a disaster). I'm getting ready to start making perfume. It's my new obsession!


I was going through oil cleanser quickly, and at $38-$45 a pop, it starts to add up. So I looked at ingredient panels and online recipes and just decided to whip some up. Because it's cheap! Plus no extra fillers or fragrance. 


I prefer an oil cleanser that emulsifiers and my ingredient of choice is Polysorbate 20. It's readily available online and it's cheap. There are other emulsifiers out there so do,some research.  I eyeball everything. I used to be very precise but found it wasn't really necessary. The oils I use vary but usually include a combo of grape seed oil, almond oil, argan oil and always castor oil. Castor is for those with oily skin. Use a higher percent if you're super oily. I use a ratio of 60-70% argan, grapeseed, almond and 30-40% castor. Castor oil is very drying so go easy if you have dry skin. You could use just a smudge or eliminate it all together. But it's great for cleansing the skin. If you add too much castor, just add in more grapeseed/almond. Then I add the Polysorbate 20 in tiny amounts and test it. When it emulsifies and rinses off my hand, I know I'm good. You can always add more as you use up your bottle if it seems like it's not rinsing off well. 


Just experiment! All of these oils are fairly cheap and will last you a long time. Grapeseed oil does go rancid quicker than the others so don't buy a giant bottle of the stuff. Or throw it on your salad and eat it because it's good for you! Jojoba oil is another great oil to try. I hear good things even though I haven't tried it myself. And don't worry about being perfect. I was so scared I was going to screw it up in the beginning and now I just throw it all together. 


I have more to add but I've written a novel so I'll show myself out LOL!

Re: DYI Skincare and Makeup

This is awesome. I never thought of making an oil cleanser, but that's going to be next on my list!

Re: DYI Skincare and Makeup

I haven't done DIY in a while but will like seeing what others have to say! Smiley Happy

Re: DYI Skincare and Makeup

I read an interview with May Lindstrom where she talked about adding a little this, a little that, and not measuring when she first created Youth Dew. 


I'm famous for not measuring anything (it's a sickness), so I was all like, "I can do that!"  I also though that I could make it cheaper...hahahaha.  So, I started researching oils and came up with the list posted in TopazBeth's Beauty Secrets thread.


In the end, the oils cost me at least twice what I would have spent on Youth Dew. But, I was able to make a big enough batch so friends and family members got facial oil gifts in pretty (inexpensive) Egyptian bottles. So, it worked out.



And, when I got a sample of Youth Dew later, I found that the stuff I customized for my skin's needs worked better.

Re: DYI Skincare and Makeup

@Adriadne Beautiful bottle! Yeah, when DIY'ing some will be a bust. If the raw materials end up costing more than a product you already love, it's not worth it. Unless, like in your case, you make something that is actually better for your skin!


There are many "blue" serums, creams and oils hitting the market lately. Most are due to the inclusion of Blue Tansy oil (although some use coloring which I find ridiculous). Blue Tansy is a pricier oil, but even the tiny bottle I have has worked great when I add it to my face oils. It's VERY blue by the way! I was really surprised at how beautiful it is!

Re: DYI Skincare and Makeup

Oh, how interesting!  I haven't mustered the courage to do any DIY's myself but I know @pixiedust2 has some really good experience in this arena...maybe she can share some of her secrets!!


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