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DREADFULL dark circles!!!! Not just counselor help?,?,?,.!

What is the best product for dark eyes? I would live to get rid of them but I no that will never happen....but at least something that will somewhat get rid of them anyone no of? Not just counselor  but some kind of serum? So my ? What's the best serum and counselor for those dreadfull dark circles?

The best advice I could give you?  Go to the doctor and f...

The best advice I could give you?  Go to the doctor and find out if you have a food allergy.  Many cause chronic dark circles, and it really really works.


That said, Hylexin Serious Dark Circles Treatment is the most powerful anti dark circle cream I have ever seen.  It is fairly powerful though, and somewhat chemical.  It is also not very moisturizing - it is mostly a treatment.

Dark circles are tricky to combat because they can be bro...

Dark circles are tricky to combat because they can be brought on by a series of reasons and skin care and cosmetic products can only tackle a few.

Genetics and hereditary factos are things that no eye cream or concealer can fight, but factors such as aging/thinning skin, stress, late nights, allergies, dehydration, and pressure to the delicate eye area can be helped.


Dark circles can be best combated with a combination of vitamin K and retinol. Vitamin K (often used on bruises as well) help repair leaky capillaries and retinol is a powder anti-aging ingredient that helps repair skin from the inside out. Retinol itself can be somewhat of a sensitive product to use as it can be quite potent. It helps to shed dead skin, repair and strengthen the skin's barrier, and in thus doing so, sometimes people report slight dryness or even mild irritation. The best thing to do is to start off with a more mild form of retinol, normally a retinyl palmitate or just a lower dosage. Learn to read ingredient lables, though skin care and cosmetic companies are not required to list percentages, if it's higher up and one of the first ingredients listed in a product then the more of it there is or the stronger dosage is has, if it's towards the end, you're getting a lower ratio of the active ingredient in the product.


Exuviance has a eye cream that I used for the longest time (Bionic Brightening Eye Cream) that is fortified with vitamin K, vitamin A (retinyl palmitate), along with soothing ingredients like green tea and cucumber.


Ingredients like cucumber, green tea, and other botanicals help buffer the more active ingredients so a formula is balanced and gentle.


Things like fruit extracts also help with brightening and alieviating dark circles, so look for orange extract, apply extract, and even lemon extract. These can be found in eye treatments like It's Potent eye cream from Benefit and even Garnier's Under Eye Roller (the one with a tint, it also has caffeine to perk up eyes and temporary constrict capillaries so they're not releasing as much blood to cause discoloration).


For temporary fixes, eye creams and treatments also infuse light reflectors or specialty pigments that brighten the under eye area. Things like the Garnier Roller Ball (the tint makes it great for day time use) and Origin's Ginzing (which I've used, I didn't find it worked as well as the Exuviance one, but it softened the skin and did give a nice glow).


Try also Amazing Cosmetics concealer, I know it's a bit pricey for a small tube, but the tube will last you anywhere from 6/8 months to a year, depending on how often you apply make up. It's been the best thing I've found for dark circles to where you don't have to apply a lot (the size of a head of a pin is all you need), and pat/dab it on with a detailed concealer brush.

If you're not looking for something permanent, I would re...

If you're not looking for something permanent, I would recommend Origins GinZing eye cream and Tarina Tarantino Eye Cream Hyperlighter. I know Sephora used to carry it, but it no longer does. You should check out other online carriers, but it'll definitely brighten your undereye areas. I hope this helps and good luck!

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