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Curious about resurfacing masks

I've never used a resurfacing mask before but have recently bought a product that isn't available here. I'm a bit nervous to use it. It has rave reviews but I'm still worried about how my skin will react. Also I can't find anything about whether it's safe to use on active breakouts. I'm dealing with a lot of hormonal acne that doesn't seem to want to let up. It has AHA and BHA in it. Does anyone know if that's safe for acne?

Re: Curious about resurfacing masks

Biggest call out is patch test! especially with new products and not knowing what your skin is used to in terms of what % acid your used to using that'll at least let you check for irritation. 


As for using it on acne I think it depends a bit on the kind of acne and how severe it is. If it's an open wound it will BURN and in general acids might tingle but shouldn't actually burn. If you feel pain or any discomfort just wash the product off ASAP.


Can I ask what product you purchased? 

Re: Curious about resurfacing masks

@meou  I got Peach & Lily super reboot resurfacing mask. I will do a patch test for sure. Thanks!

Re: Curious about resurfacing masks

@Redtroop  You should be okay to use that on active acne (although to be 100% you should chat with a dermatologist) - if you feel any discomfort wash that off immediately! 


The Peach and Lily isn't one of the super high % AHA (it's less then some leave on treatments) and has some soothing ingredients like aloe and centella. It looks like a great product 😄

Re: Curious about resurfacing masks

@meou I ended up using the peach & lily mask and it was great! Just a little tingle and the minute I removed it I could feel/see a difference. Can't say it helped my horrible breakouts, but I didn't expect it to really. My skin just seemed more even toned and so smooth. Appreciate your input!

Re: Curious about resurfacing masks

That's great to hear @Redtroop its always the worst when you buy something and have a negative reaction or it has no impact. 


Im so interested in Peach and Lily products - just need to figure out how to get them lol 


Re: Curious about resurfacing masks

@meou I got it through Ulta or just go straight to their own site. It was a splurge for me but worth it 🙂

Re: Curious about resurfacing masks

we don't have Ulta in Canada yet 😭 but there is a little Coming Soon notice on their site that gives me hope! 😁

Re: Curious about resurfacing masks

It all kind of depends on your own skin's sensitivities , @Redtroop. AHAs and BHAs are traditionally used to treat acne. But it can matter what concentration they are in and what the rest of your routine is. I would recommend making sure you have a basic routine of cleansing, moisturizing, and wearing sunscreen daily before starting to use any peels (or even just active serums for that matter). 

Re: Curious about resurfacing masks

Thanks for your response @quspork  Right now my routine is using a salicylic acid spot treatment by Origins as well as their clear improvement moisturizer and Clinique's deep pore cleanse & scrub. All of these use salicylic acid which I find can help, but not always. I also use sunscreen. 

Re: Curious about resurfacing masks

Which peel did you get, @Redtroop? Normally, with a strong peel you don't really want to use other actives during that routine so you're not risking overexfoliation or irritation. You may want a gentler cleanser and moisturizer for the days you use the peel. 

Re: Curious about resurfacing masks

@quspork I got Peach & Lily super reboot resurfacing mask. I actually haven't used anything on my skin today so hopefully tonight will be a good time to try it out?

Re: Curious about resurfacing masks

@Redtroop Looking at that one, it doesn't look like the acid concentration is too high, so it should be fine. But do make sure you use a moisturizer after so you don't dry our your skin! 🙂

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