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Coconut Allergy Oh.. and it's in Everything!

Hello Ladies and Gents. I am allergic to Coconut and Palm in skin care and hair care. If I mistakenly use it i breakout something fierce on my face which is an on going battle I mainly loose.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I would like to find what products work.  Thanks and Have a Lovely Day ~



I know the hype around coconut is great these days and it is in a lot of what we eat and put on our skin and hair. 

Non-Comedogenic Oil Ratings

In skin care and beauty, there is a scale from 0 to 5 that describes the level of comedogenicity of carrier oils.


0 = Non-comedogenic

1 = Low comedogenic

2 = Medium low comedogenic

3 = Moderately comedogenic

4 = Moderately high comedogenic

5 = Highly comedogenic


0 being the lowest and the most non- pore clogging of the oils, and 5 being the highest and most pore-clogging of the oils.  Coconut has a rating of 4, which means that it is nowhere near being Non-Comedogenic  !!!  Who Knew?



Re: Coconut Allergy Oh.. and it's in Everything!

That is SUCH a bummer -- coconut especially is a super popular ingredient currently! I can imagine how annoying it is to try to find products without those two ingredients. I also have major skin sensitivities and have had GREAT results with all of the First Aid Beauty products. My two faves are the Ultra Repair Cream and the Facial Radiance Pads, but they have so many products designed for different skin care goals. Check them out and see if they're something you're interested in! 

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