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So @Starletta8's face mask thread is seriously the best thing ever.....

How about a Face wash one where we can share our experiences with different cleansers!

If you want to share one please include


-Your Skin type

-The texture of it (Cream, Gel, beads in it)

-Your Experience

-Extra info, tips, who should use it?




Re: Cleansers!!!!

-Origins Checks & Balances
-I am horrible at describing stuff lol. It's thick.....
-Did not break me out, which was surprising. Made my face feel clean. And a little went a long way!
-I think anyone can use it as a basic facial cleanser.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

I just placed an order from origins (first time ever ordering from manufacturers website instead off sephora!!) and I had to try the face wash. It has amazing reviews so I can't wait! Plus I got like 5 deluxe samples from origins! The only reason I choose them instead of sephora!

Re: Cleansers!!!!

I couldn't decide what to get from origins when I was looking a little while ago, so I picked their sample pack (10 samples for $10 and a code for $10 off your next order!)  I am definitely going to check out Checks & Balances after hearing so many great reviews.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

-Derma E Very Clear
-Thick lotion, very creamy
-It proved my skin tremendously. My blemishes/acne scars would get red throughout the day, but after using this cleanser, I don't have the problem.
-I think it is suitable for all skin types, that's what the bottle says. And I would recommend it to anyone who gets hormonal acne under the skin. That was my main skin issue!

Re: Cleansers!!!!

What a great post! For reference, my skin type is Oily/Dehydrated.


I have to share 2 that really knock my socks off:


1. Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser - It is amazing! It doesn't really lather up (for me at least), but at the same time, I actually feel my skin becoming super clean. I'm never left with my skin feeling tight; rather, it's immediately brighter and my pores are noticeably smaller (if only for an hour). This is my go-to PM cleanser, as I feel like it literally wipes all the crud off my face and preps my face and neck for my nighttime products. I feel like this product works across all skin types, but those with super dry skin might not find it moisturizing enough.


2. Suki Exfoliating Facial Cleanser - This product comes in a small glass jar, and smells divine (just like fresh lemons)! I use it every other morning; oddly enough, it makes me feel more energized! Anyway, it's rough in texture, but kind of feels like a paste. After rubbing it in with a little bit of water, the sugar granules dissolve and just form into a wonderful lather. My skin feels soft and supple afterward. It also helps clear out my yucky blackheads from my nose (eww!!) I can confidently recommend this exfoliating cleanser to all skin types.


What about you, @arielaaaaaaaa? :-)



Re: Cleansers!!!!

Your dead on about the Bosica one! I enjoyed using it, however since I have such dry skin it wasn't a good cleanser for me, but I loved the tingly feel. I will be posting some shortly! It's easier on my laptop rather than my iPad, such a pain to use for beauty talk. 

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Those are two of my favorites as well! I just traded in a coupon code and birchbox points to pick up the Suki Cleanser. I'm kind of lemon obsessed, so I was in love. I also am a big fan of Boscia. For a while I'd alternate between the Detoxifying Black Cleanser and Purifying Cleansing Gel. They're both awesome :-)

Re: Cleansers!!!!

@arielaaaaaaaa- I have been purchasing at other places as well. Most product websites offer a lot of samples with orders and you don't have to spend a certain amount of money to get them either. It's definitely worth the purchases when they offer so much.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

I was seriously shocked when I checked their site. Free shipping and 3 deluxe samples with a $30 order and another two deluxe mask with a promo code! Was not going to pass on that. I usually check other sites before ordering but none compare to sephora in my opinion!

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Name- Murad Clarifying Cleanser

Skin type- very dry with breakouts 

Texture-  Gel

Experience- This is my PM cleanser. It does a great job with removing makeup when combined with the Clarisonic. Helps with my acne, and I love the cool feeling. However, it's drying, so I use Only once a day. I really think this is a great cleanser for anyone struggling with acne. But you need to whole Murad line to really get the whole effect. 

Re: Cleansers!!!!

I trade this into my skincare line at night as well! For an acne targeted product I like that it isn't overdrying, which a lot of them are. I do try to keep use to one time a day max, though, because I don't want to go overboard with the salicylic acid.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Wow 5 samples, that's real good. I tried the cleanser for the first time when I got the Origins 500 point set. My favorite from the set!

Re: Cleansers!!!!

@rikki Oh that's exciting. I only wanted one thing when i started checking their site. I just wanted the Drink-Up Intensive, but after looking i wanted Their exfoliator Modern Friction, The Charcoal Mask and The Checks and Balances, and Make a difference moisturizer. I'm really interested in their products and so glad to get all the samples to try everything i wanted! 

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Name: Korres Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Emulsion

Skin Type: Very Dry with Breakouts.

Texture: Cream that doesn't lather up

Exp: I use this is the mornings because i don't find it effective enough at removing makeup. But this does not in any way strip the moisture from my skin. It's very hydrating and leaves me skin soft. I do occassionally use it as a Pre-Cleanse at night when i have a lot of makeup on. 

Extra Info: This is something that is for Dry skin types, or sensitive skin types. I don't think it would be ideal for oily skin types. 

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Name: Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel

Skin Type: Oily/Acne Prone

Texture: Gel

Experience: This stuff is gentle enough to use morning and night, gets my skin super clean but is not overdrying. It also lathers like crazy, so you don't need to use a lot of product. I feel like it's my perfect everyday cleanser. I think it would probably work well for all skin types, although maybe someone with extra dry skin would do better with a creamy cleanser.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Name  First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser
-Your Skin type--sensitive, dry combo
-The texture of it whipped lathers to a cream
-Your Experience  This is a no frills cleanser.  It reminds me of many drug store kinds, except this one does not overdry and is great for sensitive skin.  It is gentle but gets the job done.  I will keep using it because this does not have many of those bad ingredients/chemicals in it.  
-Extra info, tips, who should use it?  I think this cleanser is great for anyone, but especially those with sensitive skin.  

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Name- Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cleanser

Skin type- sensitive + redness, combination (dry side)

Texture- milky lotion

Experience- I love this. It calms my face after using it - no redness! It's not drying or stripping, but my skin feels clean and soft. I use it AM and PM.

Notes- This is amazing for those with sensitive skin. Probably too mild for those with less sensitive skin.

PS- Sephora doesn't have this on their website anymore? $28.50 on Origins' website

Re: Cleansers!!!!

I've been so interested in Origin products lately. This sounds good since my face has been a bit more sensitive than normal from acne treatments. I will look into this more!! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Name: Cetaphil Oil Control Face Wash

Your Skin Type: Combo/Oily

Texture: Foam.  Don't hate!  I only use it about 2-3 times a weeks.

Your Experience: I love this cleanser.  I don't use it everyday but every couple days.  I use it in the morning and then put on my moisturizer.  This cleanser just leaves my skin so soft and so clean feeling.  It's not over drying and doesn't leave my skin tight at all. 

Extra Info: I wouldn't use this with a Clarisonic I think the combination would be too harsh for some skin.  I would also recommend this for people with oily/combo to acne prone skin. 

Re: Cleansers!!!!

My dermatologist gave me samples and coupons for this and the matching moisturizer. For a drugstore product it's actually pretty great. It balances oil without being overly drying. I have to say, I was impressed!

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