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So @Starletta8's face mask thread is seriously the best thing ever.....

How about a Face wash one where we can share our experiences with different cleansers!

If you want to share one please include


-Your Skin type

-The texture of it (Cream, Gel, beads in it)

-Your Experience

-Extra info, tips, who should use it?




Re: Cleansers!!!!

I am admittedly rather fussy with my skincare and I pay more attention to it than makeup! So I've actually got two different cleansers that I use daily xD


Name: Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk

Skin type: Normal/Combination - Combination/Oily

Texture of it: As the name suggests, milky! It's really liquid-y and there's a lot of slip to it.

Experience: I got this from a spa event that I attended at Caudalie in NYC and I really like it. Again, as the name suggests, it's really gentle and that's why I use it as my morning cleanser.

Tips/Info? One pump is definitely more than enough for my face. I tend to wipe my hands dry after washing them first because I find that if my hands are wet, the cleanser is more prone to slipping off and then I end up wasting it! Warning that there is a scent to this that can be strong but as it's a cleanser and washed off, I don't mind it as much.


Name: AmorePacific Treatment Cleansing Foam

Skin type: Normal/Combination - Combination/Oily

Texture of it: Creamy with tiny blue beads that burst~

Experience: My absolute favorite cleanser. It's expensive but I love it and have repurchased it once already. It's gentle and I happen to love the way all AmorePacific products smell. It doesn't leave my skin dry/doesn't strip it of its oils which is a definite plus. I've tried many foaming cleansers and I've realized that sulphates which is a popular surfactant found in most foaming cleansers are actually bad for the skin and create a breeding ground for bacteria (and BAM acne!). This cleansing foam doesn't have any of those harsh sulphates!

Tips/Info? With this cleanser, less is definitely more. It foams up really well although I wouldn't say that it actually foams. It's very creamy in texture and so when you add water to it, it spreads very easily across the face.


Re: Cleansers!!!!

Name: Origins Checks and Balances

Skin type: Very dry acne prone

Exp: I received my package this morning and went straight to wash my face! It's so creamy and really felt nice. I used wayyy to much but it was my first time using it so now i know better! My face didn't feel dry at all after rinsing and patting it dry! I am glad i tried this!!

Extra Info: My nose has been getting oily throughout the day and this kept it oil free! This would be great for those with combination skin!

Re: Cleansers!!!!

At night:  Neutrogena's Fresh Foaming Cleanser.  I have combination skin and this balances my skin well; not too drying and no greasy feel after rinsing.  It's a cream out of a pump.  I use it at night because it gets all my makeup off no sweat.  It even works on waterproof eye makeup with a little extra scrubbing if I feel too lazy to use my eye makeup remover first.


In the morning:  I love the Murad Vitamin C daily cleanser.  It's a gel with very small beads; not very abrasive.  It has a great citrus scent to help me get going and leaves my skin feeling clean & balanced.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Name: Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Treatment

Skin Type: Dry, large pores, prone to blackheads on my nose, sometimes sensitive

Texture: Initially, somewhat solid argan oil, but melts into a creamy, oily consistency

Experience: This is my PM cleanser that I use to remove makeup. I slather a layer on my face, let it sit for a bit, and it dissolves all my makeup. It comes with this nifty two-sided cloth. One side is muslin, which I use to gently exfoliate. Once that is finished, I flip the cloth and rub the microfiber side in circular motions to remove any makeup, dirt, and grime. A few things I love about this product: hydrates my skin, smooths fine lines, and unclogs pores.

Who should use: I think this is probably best suited for drier skin types. Not sure how this would work on oily skin...

Tips: I do not like this cleanser paired with the Clarisonic, way too thick and does not clean as efficiently.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Name: Gatsby Anti-Tightness Facial Wash

Skin Type: Combination/Oily

Texture: Creamy with little microbeads

Experience: Keeps my skin squeaky clean, it's got a lovely citrus scent to it and gets rid of makeup like a charm. I always go back to this face wash when my skin feels irritated.

Extra Info: It's an Asian brand face wash, so it tends to foam up a lot, if you haven't tried it out, I totally recommend it, you don't need as much product to get the job done. Great for those with acne or people who don't like that dry feeling one gets after using a face wash.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

This is my last one to review for now, until my next order arrives.

Name- Soap and Glory 3-in-1 daily detox Vitamin C Facial Wash

Skin type-  Very dry with Breakouts

Texture- Kind of a gel that lathers a bit with a few beads in it

Experience- I got this at a samples at first, and did not expect to like it at all. But wow. LOVE. I love the scent of ALL S&G products and it left my face incredibly soft! Not stripping at all, but not too moisturizing either. It's pretty gentle and i use it as an alternating AM cleanser. I wish the Big bottle would come in stock, i hope it isn't being discontinued, cause there have only been the travel sized ones for awhile which is stocked up on!! Also, it does help brighten my complexion!

Re: Cleansers!!!!

This is my favorite too! I have oily, acne-prone skin with hyperpigmentation and scarring. This face wash paired with the Clarisonic helped clear my skin and brighten it up like nothing else I have ever tried. I'm so sad that the full size is no longer available. Guess I need to start stocking up on the little guys too. :-(

Re: Cleansers!!!!

It's seriously amazing! I now have 6 of the little ones. I have been adding one to like every order i've made. The full size is on the S&G Website though. 

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Girl, you and me both have probably been thru a ton of cleansers on here and personally I keep coming back to this one! Great for my acne-prone combo skin as well! The smell grew on me and now I absolutely love it! Even the little beads are very gentle, but good enough for an exfoliate.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

nebel I have a sample of that and now I'm excited to try it.  I have the Murad clarifiying cleanser and sometimes it does feel a little to harsh.  I'm glad you posted this little review.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser


Skin type: Combination/aging/acne prone

Texture: Cream

Experience: The regular Murad acne cleanser was WAY too harsh for me and so my facialist suggested this one.  Much, much milder than the Clarifying cleanser- so if you have had a bad experience with that one, I suggest this one!  I found it highly effective.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

I will have to look into this!!  I seems like it might be better for me as well. Hopefully i can get a sample!!

Re: Cleansers!!!!

I had the same exact thing happen to me, and went with the gentle one! Much better results. I use this as my night time cleanser Smiley Happy

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Whether the Perricone Nutritive Cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin is covered in the Q&A with mixed results. I would say getting a sample is a good idea.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Name- Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter

Skin type- sensitive + redness, combination (dry side)

Texture- Cream

Experience- I guess I should've known better than to purchase a foaming cleanser. It felt nice putting it on (more creamy, less foamy), but it left my skin stripped of moisture and very red, plus it made me breakout. It says it's geared toward dry skin, but I'm not sure that's a great idea.

Notes- Clarins, I tried to love you. I really did. But this, and a lot of your other products, just don't work for me.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

-Name Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser

-Your Skin type Normal

-The texture of it Semi-foaming liqui-gel

-Your Experience This is a great cleanser for removing makeup and gently cleansing and conditioning. I use something else for eye makeup removal, but it is gentle enough to use in that area. Q&A states it does not remove waterproof eye makeup.

This product is not drying and contains anti-aging properties. I use it at least once daily.

-Extra info, tips, who should use it? Perfect for use with Clarisonic (or without). This may seem pricey at $39, but I have been using it since last September (!) and it is still almost half full. The pump makes it easy to dispense. The container is thick glass which you may want to consider if you have small children.

Re: Cleansers!!!!

I'm with arielaaaaaaaa, I so want to try Perricone! I wonder if this is safe for sensitive skin. Maybe I'll see if I can get a sample of this one...

Re: Cleansers!!!!

I've yet to try any Perricone products! And this seems like a good cleanser! 

Re: Cleansers!!!!

I don't think Clarins is a good match for me either. None of their products stand out to me as something i would like to try. I've tried just two things from them and not impressed. 

Re: Cleansers!!!!

Name First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish
-Your Skin type--sensitive, dry combo
-The texture of it it is a beige thick lotion with exfoliant particles in it.  
-Your Experience I was a bit nervous when I first tried it.  It actually reminds me a lot of St. Ives Apricot scrub, which I've heard is awful for your skin.  I will say this has a lot less particles for the scrubbing in it, which makes me feel a bit better.  And it says it's dermatologist recommended.  It does a good job of exfoliating without leaving you feeling like you scrubbed.  It is pretty gentle.  
-Extra info, tips, who should use it? It's good for people with sensitive skin that need a bit of exfoliation.  I alternate this with the FAB Face Cleaner and only use this about 3 times a week.  

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