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Cleanser for Foreo LUNA mini?

I just bought the Foreo LUNA mini and I’ve always been using non foaming cleanser. I’ve heard it’s better to use a foaming cleanser with the foreo. Is it okay if I use it with a non foaming cleanser and can I use it daily? I’ve tried researching online but couldn’t find anything!! Thanks!

RE: Cleanser for Foreo LUNA mini?

I use a non foaming cleanser (fresh soy cleanser) with my Luna mini. You can use anything with it except clay and mud cleansers, those are not compatible and will wreck your Luna.

Re: Cleanser for Foreo LUNA mini?

@TheRiles I’ve tried both foaming and non foaming with my Luna 2 and found they work about the same. With the  SHISEIDO - Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam it seemed to eat up the foam instead of producing more. Maybe I’m not using enough, but I hate to double up on product when it’s already so expensive. I’ve also tried it with the FRESH - Soy Face Cleanser which is non foaming. I use mine daily but do not have sensitive skin. 

Re: Cleanser for Foreo LUNA mini?

Hi @TheRiles Yes, my skin is not usually a fan of the foaming cleansers and I use one with a creamier texture. It works great with my Luna. It's pretty gentle on the skin, so you can definitely use it daily if you prefer. 

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