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Clarisonic PRO? (vs. Aria)

Hi folks - anyone have a Clarisonic PRO?  


I have an Aria and love it -- but before I decide if it's perfect for me, I was thinking of trying a pro.


Anyone tried both?  What do you like or dislike about the Pro?    


Actually, any comments at all on WHICH Clarisonic you like (Mia, Aria, Plus, Pro)?


Finally, where can i buy the pro model?  My aunt and mom are both cosmetologists, so if you have to have a license that's not a problem.

Re: Clarisonic PRO? (vs. Aria)

I had the Pro a while ago.  The body brush is a nice idea, but I never used it once.  I never went below my neck with the brush; I use body scrubs for exfoliating the rest of me.  So when I had to replace the Pro, I went with the Aria and saved the money.


Either one you choose, you can't lose with the Clarisonic.  I've been using it for four years and will never be without it.

Re: Clarisonic PRO? (vs. Aria)

I think the Pro is being discontinued. But if you wanted to compare two, I would compare the Pro to the Plus. The Aria does not support the body brush attachment. 

IMHO, if you're spending the money on a clarisonic, go with the Plus so you can use the body brush head. I love it! It does a good job at exfoliating the legs pre-shave and helps get rid of dry patches in the summer. I bought a Mia for traveling because the charging cradle was to bulky to pack, but I never use the Mia at home, I much prefer the Plus. 

Re: Clarisonic PRO? (vs. Aria)

Thanks Danny!  Great to know about the disc.  Good points about the Plus -- I am already using it on neck and decollete... so maybe I should try the Plus Smiley Happy.

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