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Clarisonic Breakouts?

I just started a cleansing routine that uses the Clarisonic and my skin seems to be breaking out a little bit because of it normally i get about one pimple a week but suddenly I've been noticing more. Could it be from my clarisonic? Will these breakouts go away with use?

It could be a couple things. Did you change cleansers whe...

It could be a couple things. Did you change cleansers when you changed to your Clarisonic? It could be that the new cleanser is not good for your skin. You can always look up "List of comodegenic ingredients" on google and see if the ingredients in your cleanser often cause breakouts. 


If you haven't changed your routine (just added the clarisonic) it could be that the exfoliation is bringing breakouts to the surface that were already there, but not visible to you. Sometimes this is referred to as "initial breakout." If this is the case, they should go away with further use. However, it's also possible that you have super sensitive skin and the clarisonic is irritating it.


Maybe check any new products to see if they might be the issue. After that, if your skin isn't sensitive my guess would be that what you're experiencing is initial breakout and it will probably go away with continued use. Best of luck! Hope this helps.

Some people report a "purging" cycle when they...

Some people report a "purging" cycle when they first start using the Clarisonic. It is, after all, bringing up a lot of dirt and oils out of your skin, so some blemishes could occur until all the gunk is out. But the people here on Beauty Talk who mentioned this said that the breakouts went away within 2 weeks and they were satisfied with the results, so I would just give it a bit of time.


The other suggestions about checking if you added any new products/makeup to your routine are excellent, sometimes they can be the culprit.

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