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Cerave SA Cleanser

Hey I have a question. So I’m currently using the Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser for morning and night but I’m looking into buying the Cerave SA cleanser to help with acne. I have oily, acne prone skin, and I’ve used some Neutrogena salicylic acid cleansers in the past but they dried out my skin a little (though I didn’t use a mosturizer back then so that’s probably why😬). I have heard good stuff abt the Cerave one though and was planning on using the Cerave SA cleanser in the night and Cerave foaming facial cleanser in the morning(so the SA doesn’t dry my skin out). Has anyone used the SA cleanser and had it help with acne?? Thanks 

Re: Cerave SA Cleanser

Hi @butterfliesss 


Both my daughter (16) and I (47) use the SA cleanser, we don’t find it drying. I have dry skin, she has normal skin with a few blackheads on her nose  and the occasional pimple. We take it off with a damp muslin cloth that helps with exfoliation too. She uses the Cerave moisturizing lotion in the pump after, and I use the Cerave renewing night cream day time and evening as it’s richer. We do have the SA lotion too, so if she feels a pimple coming she will use that, but to use the SA cleanser and lotion daily can be a bit drying. We both love the line. I credit it with her keeping her lovely skin as she’s used the same regime since about 12, and I credit it with clearing up some hormonal outbreaks on my chin. 

I have heard the foaming cleanser can be drying, so maybe try the hydrating or even use SA morning and evening. I learned many years ago when I had acne they I was treating my skin with harsh ingredients and too many products and it was dehydrated as I was stripping it of natural oils which was causing it to react and break out and produce even more oil. I started to treat it as more normal to dry and my skin calmed and normalized over the course of the year. My skin is mainly normal now, a bit dry, but in winter near in Canada it gets dehydrated so I use heavier creams to keep it hydrated. 


well worth giving SA a try imho. 

Re: Cerave SA Cleanser

@CheerMomma Thank you so much for the info! I will definitely have to try it out now.
Also, do you think it’s okay for me to use a glycolic toner after using the SA cleanser? I only use the toner at night (and I use a moisturizer after)

Re: Cerave SA Cleanser

@butterfliesss Combining actives in a routine really depends on your own personal skin. Since the acid in the cleanser isn't on your face for very long, it may not be an issue. But for some, it would be too much to use both in the same routine. I might start out alternating nights with those two at first and then you can play around with it and see if using them together causes any irritation or over-dryness. 

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