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Can we talk about "bacne"?

So, my bf has a pretty bad case of "bacne." It's been this way for at least a few years. It doesn't seem to bother him, but it kind of grosses me out ... and it *really* grosses me out when he asks me to scratch his back.


Sorry, hope nobody's eating breakfast!


I'm calling on the collective BT knowledge for assistance with this one! I have decided to wage an all-out War on Bacne, and he seems willing to do whatever. What do you recommend? Should he use an exfoliating scrub on one of those back-washer stick things? Do I slather his back in a mask twice a week? Should I spot treat with EradiKate or benzoyl peroxide? Sometimes he gets white heads, but most often it's just big, red bumps.



Re: Can we talk about "bacne"?

I have suffered from bacne for the longest time. im going to a friend's wedding this june so i need to get rid of it ASAP! I got the AHA+ from,ordered it on amazon and have noticed significant results,it even made my post bacne scars lighter! I have also been using st ives scrub and clearasil oil free cleanser. basically u just need to use face prods that are made for the face.i was just too lazy to change my routine before (lol!)

Never tried masks though but it might work! 😘

Re: Can we talk about "bacne"?

LOL  I finally tackled some recurring chest acne when a bridesmaid's dress required it a few years ago. I totally know what you mean! Good to hear about lightening the scars. If/when we get to that point, I will definitely try the AHA+!


I'm not willing to use my beloved Tarte double detox mask on his back, but I'm sure there's a drugstore product that will work. Smiley Wink

Re: Can we talk about "bacne"?

Benenite clay mixed with Apple cider vinegar - make a paste - apply allow to sit for 20 minutes or so. Rinse- can be done everyother day, be sure to use a moisturizer after ( oil free) to seal out the bacteria. It is pretty cheap and very effective. 

Re: Can we talk about "bacne"?

Yessss! I've always used ACV, but I just bought some bentonite from Sprouts. It maybe took a couple days because I've been breaking out REALLLYYY bad, but it totally help dried out my acne spots on my face and back.

I'm so glad I saw this, I have to go put some on now! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Can we talk about "bacne"?

Lol! Oh goodness,no!

try the queen helen mint julep mask, my husband uses it for his face and so far im impressed with the results.

Re: Can we talk about "bacne"?

This helped me a ton as a teen and early twenties getting rid of bacne. I had hormonal back breakouts (weird I know) and this helped tremendously. Also regular  exfoliation my personal favorite is the philosophy micro delivery body wash, my husband really enjoys it as well. 


Re: Can we talk about "bacne"?

Thank you! This is the perfect complementary suggestion to rdesigns' comment below. One is the soothing and gentle route, one is the triple-action glycolic and salicylic acid route! Something is bound to work...

Re: Can we talk about "bacne"?

My husband gets rashes on his back and other areas from work (he sweats, he is in a dusty environment, and his clothes rub) that I have to treat with hydrocortisone,  For him, too much scrubbing just makes him more uncomfortable.  Also, I switched us to LaVanila body wash several months ago, and he is having less of a problem (it is all-natural and very gentle, plus it is great for shaving).  

Re: Can we talk about "bacne"?

Hrm, this is good stuff. I never would have thought of hydrocortisone, but I could see how that might help. I'm going to order some LaVanila today and give that a shot! Is there a particular scent that your husband likes (i.e., that isn't too girly?) Thank you!

Re: Can we talk about "bacne"?

My husband doesn't care about the scents, but I don't really think they are very "girly"  They really do not have a strong scent to them, and it seems to wash off (I usually buy the grapefruit scent).  Sephora used to carry the Lavanila body wash, but for some reason, they discontinued it.  I usually buy a half-dozen tubes at a time from beautybar.


The actual acne can be spot-treated with benzoyl, but the other bumps could be a rash.  My husband and I are a bit older, and acne body washes are way too harsh on our aging skin.  Best of luck to you both!

Re: Can we talk about "bacne"?

God bless you, seriously. Maybe I am uptight but I don't think I would ever be able to address that with an SO- I would be too embarrassed. So, good for BOTH of you for being open to this!


I will not be too much help with treating, but do you think maybe there is something causing it? His shampoo or soap, or maybe sweating at work or something? Addressing the cause may make things easier when it comes to treating!



Re: Can we talk about "bacne"?

hahaha - Yes, well, it wasn't the least awkward conversation in the world. I just tried not to make a big deal about it - I was nowhere near as blunt as I was in this question, for example! Smiley Very Happy  Actually, I used my own relatively new obsession with skincare as a segue, and just sort of casually said, "Hmm, I bet there's something I could figure out for these little things..." Smiley Happy


Good call on trying to ID the cause. I doubt it's shampoo or soap, because I don't think he's loyal to one brand. Although maybe it's an ingredient that's in a lot of cheaper formulas. He's definitely a bargain shopper for body wash, etc. Sweating is an interesting possibility - he does tend to sweat a lot, especially in summer. But still, it's bad now, and it is so cold I haven't seen him sweat much other than when he comes home from the gym. But I'll keep thinking along those lines. Thank you!



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