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Post in Skincare Aware

Brazilian Peel?

I am 29 years old and would like to start using a peel of some sort to keep my skin looking younger.  I am particular concerned with the tiny laugh lines I am starting to see and near my eyes as well.


I dont have very sensitive skin, so something strong is fine by me!  Any suggestions?


I also keep seeing people talk about the Brazilian peel, but I can't find it on Sephora? Any thoughts on the Brazilian peel and where I can get it to try it out?

Re: Brazilian Peel?

Sephora no longer carries it. I've used it and did not see any results (oily, non-sensitive skin).


I adore the PTR peel. You can it around your face and balls of dead skin form.

Re: Brazilian Peel?

I like the PTR Unwrinkle peel pads and the Ole Henriksen Power Peel 3 step peel.  I use the peel pads every other day and the power peel every couple of weeks or so.



Re: Brazilian Peel?

I first read your post's title and immediately pictured Carrie getting a Brazilian WAX on SATC.  Then, I thought, "This girl is brave posting that on any forum."


My bad.  : )

Re: Brazilian Peel?

That is pretty funny Smiley Happy what's even FUNNIER is that if my post really WAS about that, I'm sure I'd definitely get some opinions from everyone! Conversation starter for sure

Re: Brazilian Peel?

HAHAHAHA, well, you *can* post it. I mean, it is beauty related, right? =P

Re: Brazilian Peel?

I think the Brazillian Peel is off the market now, due to something about the two ingredients mixing & causing reactions or something... 

I'm 30 and love using retinol, it helps with breakouts & wrinkles. My favorite is the PTR Retinol Fusion PM. 

Another great product is the DDG A/B pads. They are expensive, but you can cut them in 1/2, stick them back in the foil & place that in a zipplock. I usually use them every other night. 

I'm also a big fan of Ole Henriksen's Power Peel


I also hope you're using an SPF every morning. Smiley Wink 

Re: Brazilian Peel?

PTR Retinal fusion is definitely a product that I would fill up a swimming pool and swim in... if I won the lottery. Smiley Wink His stuff is amazing!


There are brands that I buy because they smell good. PTR I use when I need results.

Re: Brazilian Peel?

I stocked up on the mini's during the $5 sale on his site a few weeks ago. 

Re: Brazilian Peel?

I've never tried the Brazilian Peel, but I think they reformulated it a while back and then people were really unhappy with how thick and difficult to mix it was. I wonder if that's why it's not carried anymore.

Re: Brazilian Peel?

SPF every day! Smiley Happy

Re: Brazilian Peel?

Thanks everyone these are great suggestions! (Especially about cutting a/b pads in half) I think I will definitely be incorporating some PTR and DDG into my skincare routine Smiley Happy (not at the same time, of course!)

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