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Brand new skincare routine! Any recommendations?

I recently received a facial from a spa while on vacation and it’s changed my skin life. I have been treating my 33 year old skin like it was acne prone and oily for decades, using products recommended by my local esthetician that were high end and natural but evidently completely wrong. The esthetician said I was stripping all my oil and not exfoliating with the right products and it was creating a viscous congestion cycle. I was feeling dry and dehydrated, still very congested along the chin and sides of my face, texture and firmness was getting worse and overall just a blah feeling. I’m now on about day 6 of a brand new routine and I was just wondering if you anyone has recommendations for something I need to add or change. I haven’t worn any face makeup since my last Sephora spree and it’s taking a while to get use to it but I definitely like the results so far. I’d like to list out what I have and the order I’m using it and see if I’m doing it correctly. So far my face just seems grateful and I haven’t had any dryness or irritation. The routine I’ve ended up with is quite intense but honestly I like it. Taking the extra 10-15 minutes twice a day for me feels good. I’ve also gotten out my PMD and the micro needling tool that I’ve had forever and never consistently use. I could use some pointers on frequency and where to put those in during the week. I’m now taking the HUM pre/probiotic and the collagen pop, is there something else I’m missing? I have the BabyFacial from drunk elephant and I was told to use that once a week. (I like this but I’m not “wowed” at this point by it. Is there another recommendation for a weekly peel or do I need to stick with this longer? Also how long between each step? Are the serums more effective if I wait longer to apply the oils and moisturizer? Ok! Here’s the current routine AM DE Jelli Cleanser Natura Bisse c+c vitamin splash (from medspa, it’s not amazing and I’m running low) DE c-firma and B-hydra Kora eye oil DE C-Tango eye cream Natura Bisse c+c cream w/ DE marula oil Josie Maran spf tinted PM DE jelli cleanser Natura Bisse c+c vitamin splash Farmacy honeymoon glow Sunday Riley UFO oil Kora eye oil DE C-Tango eye cream DE Protini/marula oil I received a sample of good genes lactic acid treatment and A+, should that go along with what I’m using or substitute out? I feel like I need a good mask or two... Picture 1 is day one, no foundation. Picture 2 is day 6, no foundation.

RE: Brand new skincare routine! Any recommendations?

Ok I may have misread. You said your running low on then c+c splash. What is that? A toner? The DE C Firma is a fabulous vitamin c so if you’re happy with that disregard my above Sunday Riley recommendation. As for the dermaroller, I use mine roughly three times a week and just after cleansing and toning. Then essence, serums, moisturizer. That way those items seep in the tiny holes left behind from the dermaroller (idk if that technically works because your body creates inflammation around the holes so they may swell closed pretty quickly. But I do it that way anyhow just in case!)

RE: Brand new skincare routine! Any recommendations?

Your skin looks absolutely beautiful. If you have the Sunday Riley lactic acid, try mixing equal amounts with your cleanser and leave it on for ten minutes. You said you wanted another mask so there’s one you’ve already got! It will be similar to the DE Babyfacial you have. I love the Babyfacial as well as doing the lactic acid/cleanser mask. Sunday Riley CEO C serum is amazing since you said your c is running low. Otherwise it sounds like your set. I do love love love the avocado melt overnight mask if your wanting extra hydration.
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