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Boxcar and Ice Pick Scars

I'm a bit OCD so I've picked and made scars unfortunately. I've stopped but can't seem to get rid of the indentation they're pretty mild but would still like to improve them. Most products talk about fading the scars, I was looking for something to resurface my skin, any suggestions. I'm already using a Clarisonic BTW.

If you're OCD about picking, a good way to avoid is to go...

If you're OCD about picking, a good way to avoid is to go to a great esthetician. A good one will extract everything for you without leaving future scars. Check on Yelp for good facialists in your local area. Now, as for the scars themselves, you may want to look into microdermabrasion. I'm sure the same place that does your extractions can also do microdermabrasions, but make sure it's legitimate. It's also under the descretion of the esthetician to do your microdermabrasions  or not because if they see that you still have acne or any clogged gunk, they'll probably not do it until they extract everything and have it all healed up. As a warning, extractions are usually painful depending on your tolerance for pain and you may even look like a tomato when you come out of it, but if done right, you should heal within a week's time. I hope this helps and good luck!

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