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Boscia blk/white mask

What do you guys think: Boscia black mask or white mask?  I've been debating on trying one, but can't decide which I really want.


do they really peel off or is it hard and tears your face up in the process?  


Has anyone tried one or both and have an opinion?  I really want to get one or the other and not have to return it bc I don't like it. Its annoying to return, especially after using it.  

Re: Boscia blk/white mask

It's not entirely a dupe as in the consistency, but it's Origins charcoal mask. It's not a peel, but does the job.  


Re: Boscia blk/white mask

I actually prefer the Origins' mask vs. Boscia's. Much better job at detoxifying, at least for my skin. And it's about $10 less.

Re: Boscia blk/white mask

It's basically all about following the directions and not trying to use it any other way the very first time you use it.

Re: Boscia blk/white mask

I've tried both (and more) peel off masks. The white one is softer and harder to peel than the black one. More importantly, the white one does hydrates so if you have oily skin I would not recommend it, but if you have sensitive or dry skin this is worth a try. I first tried it in the summer (oily combo) and it makes my skin feel so stuffy and too much, but when I tried it in the winter (dry combo) it left my skin very comfortable.


The black one does have enough strength to peel off in one piece, and it doesn't hydrate so if you have oily/combo skin, no need to worry about it making your skin feeling greasy/itchy. I do find peel mask have more peeling power when I use them after a shower (soft skin, open pore from steams) than just after normal cleansing. And personally the fragrance in it irritates my eyes (my skin was fine, but my eyes stings/waters every time I use it), so if you have sensitive skin, do a patch test or try a different one.


So, Boscia white for dry/normal skin and is gentle/hydrating (if you have prob getting some of the tinier pieces off, scotch tape), Boscia black is good for normal/oily skin. If the black peel power is too strong, try True Blue Spa Blackberry peel off mask (super gentle, similar, peel off in one piece, mild fruit scent). If the Boscia black does not have enough peeling power for you, try Sekkisei Kose Mask White (it's black, but marketed as "whitening" mask). It definitely have a firm pull and you can feel it sink into the skin as it dries and pulls e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g out (so it's a tad drying). I use it after a shower...which is not for the weak and I only recommend if you've got flakes or feel like there's a layer of gunk that scrubs can't get off.


So, that's all the peel off masks I tried and know of (if you know of others, I'd love to try). =D

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