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Boscia blk/white mask

What do you guys think: Boscia black mask or white mask?  I've been debating on trying one, but can't decide which I really want.


do they really peel off or is it hard and tears your face up in the process?  


Has anyone tried one or both and have an opinion?  I really want to get one or the other and not have to return it bc I don't like it. Its annoying to return, especially after using it.  

Re: Boscia blk/white mask

What are you wanting from your mask? The white is going to give you more of anti-aging benefits and the black is going to be more of a detoxifying one. And no you won't tear you face up. Let it dry and start at  the corners and just pull gently until you get it off and then follow directions from there.

Re: Boscia blk/white mask

It would honestly depend on what you're looking to address, although both are rich in vitamin C to bring a more luminous look to skin, the White mask will have more of an anti-aging focus with various peptides to tighten and firm skin and is packed with marine botanicals which are rich in antioxidants while the Black mask will be more geared toward clearing one's complexion be it from excess oil or impurities (good for break-out prone skin or blackheads/clogged pores) as it contains clay and witch hazel extract, both working together to rid excess oil and the WH acts as a natural astringent to treat pores.


I find that with peel off masks, layering the proper amount is key to allow it to peel off easily, too thin and you end up ripping pieces off rather than the mask itself in a sheet, but too much and the mask won't dry evenly and still be wet/soft in areas.

Re: Boscia blk/white mask

Have not tried the white, am currently half way through a container of the black. It really does peel off- you just have to make sure you put on a layer thick enough that it will peel off smoothly (not huge globs, but an even black layer). It does not tear your face up, but it usually does pull some of the tiny fine hairs off my face.


However, like beautylovingirl said, it really depends on what type of mask you are looking for. What are your skin care needs right now? Hydration, brightening, detoxifying, anti-aging?


Re: Boscia blk/white mask

I have the black one, so I can only speak to that.  As far as peeling off the mask, it does pull but not on the face itself, just the tiny hairs on you face.  I have learned, for me at least, I can only handle spreading on the product mostly on the front part and avoid the sides of my cheeks where more fine hairs grow. ( I guess I have a hairy face).


I still like the results of the black peel (no pain, no gain, right?). This one leaves my face brighter, with an overall better texture.  I use it about twice a month, alternating with other masks.

Re: Boscia blk/white mask

I want both, anti aging and detoxifying.  I am obsessed with anti aging anything, and firming/ tightening sounds good, AND I would like a product like a mask to use occasionally to help facilitate clearing my skin, getting rid of blackheads and large pores.   I guess it means I should get both? If I did, how do you suggest juggling using both without going overboard?

Re: Boscia blk/white mask

If you want to try both, I would alternate between the two and use each once a week (waiting 3 or so days between).

Re: Boscia blk/white mask

I wouldn't  recommend both I would say just the black because it still is going to luminize and make your face look good because it has antioxidants. The white is not going to detoxify or anything like that so I would definitely do the blackSmiley Happy

Re: Boscia blk/white mask

I haven't tried the white mask. However, I did try the black which was geared more toward what I wanted other than the white. White is geared toward brightening the face with anti-aging properties. Black is more for the acne prone face that fights deep to unclog pores and the face feels really smooth afterwards. I received a deluxe sample of the black mask which went quite quickly since a little does NOT go along way. Ya see, I think alot of people that gave the black mask bad reviews was because they weren't using enough and leaving it on for more than 5 minutes to set. With its thick, sticky consistency it has to be applied in a nickle-quarter size amount. Once you leave it on until it dries completely for a little over 5 minutes it's then ready to peel. You can literally peel the entire mask off with one peel if you do this correctly and slowly. It doesn't tear the skin up, just make sure to stay away from the delicate eye area + hair and you're good to go! I found my face feeling very smooth afterwards and I could see the impurities aka "gunk" on the mask once I took it off (white heads, excess oil, and some black heads even) I really liked the black mask and would purchase it if it wasn't so expensive since I would have to use lot of the product in order to get a thick film around the face. Instead, I found a less expensive option that is similar to the black mask and has more bang for the buck. 

Re: Boscia blk/white mask

What brand was the dupe you found?

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