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Bite Beauty - Allergic Reactions?

Received this product as my birthday gift and loved the way it went on so next time I was at Sephora purchased 2 sets of this product. I had developed a terrible lip rash/chapping (right after I started using the birthday gift however because it was "all natural" I didn't relate the 2). It only continued to get worse and I thought it was the colder weather. I tried everything and kept putting the agave lip gel on at night thinking I was helping my lips.


Because it had gotten so bad I stopped using ANY lip product and noticed in 2 days immediately after stopping with Bite that the reaction is subsiding and going away. 
Am really shocked this product that should be all natural does this and that there is a LONG thread on here about it. I have sensitive allergy prone skin but have NEVER had this reaction to a lipstick/gloss in my life.

This product should include an allergy warning. It is expensive and misleading Smiley Sad

Just hoping I can return these products as they were not cheap and they have ruined my lips not to mention the amount of pain of severally chapped and numb lips.

So disappointed.

Re: Bite Beauty - Allergic Reactions?

Sorry this happened to you. You might be allergic to the lanolin. It's seems to be a common allergic reaction and I believe it's the first item on the ingredients list. Are you allergic to wool by any chance?

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