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Best products to balance ph of dehydrated skin? Go!

Looking for any and all product recommendations and advice ie cleanser, moisturizer, serum, mask, exfoliator, routine recommendations etc! 

Re: Best products to balance ph of dehydrated skin? Go!

I wouldn't bother with a pH balancing toner and would instead focus on getting a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser that won't strip your skin of moisture. Do you have a current routine, @scarletb? If you don't have much of one right now, I'd start simply and get the basics in place before adding in too many steps or products. 


To start, I'd get a gentle, cream cleanser like Philosophy's Purity or First Aid Beauty's Facial Cleanser. If you wear make-up, you might want to look into double cleansing. That would involve using an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup before using the cream cleanser. After cleansing, find a good moisturizer. Which one will depend on your skin type. Are you oily and dehydrated or dry and dehydrated? Gel-based moisturizers are better for oily skin while dry skin handles heavier creams a little better. You'll also want sunscreen for the mornings.


After you have those basics, you can focus on adding hydrating toners and serums and moisturizing masks to help keep your skin well balanced. 

Re: Best products to balance ph of dehydrated skin? Go!

Thanks @quspork 


My skin has always been combination but lately I've had trouble finding products that don't dry me out... I recently learned that means I am dehydrated and that I need to balance my pH.  And this is the reason for both my dull/ sallow skin tone and my "hormonal" breakouts even though I am "dry".  This has me really intrigued on learning all about it and also guiding me to find the right products. Also I'm usually dehydrated in general, I know that I should obviously drink more water and people always say its great for your skin, but in my (small amt of ) research the articles are saying it is more about the products.  I'm 31 so I'm also wondering if aging has had something to do with it even though articles mostly say over 40. 


I'm DEFINITELY agree with just starting with the basics...especially cleanser/double cleanser and moisturizer... but for my general excitement/curiosity I'm interested in how you balance pH and what all the great products are.  For example, when I searched, I saw that there are a lot of toners out there which seemed counter intuitive to me.  Is it a specific type of toner?


I have somewhat of a routine but I'm not the best with consistency. My current cleanser is just cetaphil because I've had trouble finding one that doesn't leave me flaky (I tried FAB a few years ago and it was drying me out).  The only one I've found in the past few years I like is Fresh Soy Cleanser.  I very recently bought Clinique Take The Day off Cleansing Balm.  The one thing I can't live without is my Ole Henrikson Truth serum for vitamin C.  And my current moisturizer is Aveeno Positively Radiant (again because I was being indecisive on a nice brand).  I've had a sample of Mario Badescu  hydro moisturizer with vitamin c and I do like it so far, but I wanted to get other suggestions before I buy it.



Anonymous Insider

Re: Best products to balance ph of dehydrated skin? Go!

I don't know about balancing pH but I have some of the most unforgiving and dry skin, and I have a few holy grails that work great for me.


Face: Purity Moisturizer by Philosophy for under eye area and then Glamglow waterburst for the rest of my face


All over body: Body oil from MD Measurables (love all scents other than amaranth) 


Hands: O'Keeffe's Working Hands (literally the only thing that has ever stopped my hands from always being cracked and dry)

Re: Best products to balance ph of dehydrated skin? Go!

Thanks! From what I am learning, dehydrated skin is different than dry skin and that it has to do with your ph levels and the key is to balance your ph.  But I will take a look at these products especially the body oil!! My face is combination but the rest of my body is VERY dry (with eczema 😕 ) Thanks!

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