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Best moisturizer for Rosacea and Acne?

Hi All,


       I have sensitive skin with rosacea and hormonal acne. Presently my insurance doesn't cover dermatological visits so I'm trying to find a good facial moisturizer that will calm the redness and either help heal/ or at least not exacerbate my acne. Any ideas??


Right now I use philosophy hope in a jar which i love from a moisturizing standpoint, but doesn't seem to do anything for calming redness. 

Re: Best moisturizer for Rosacea and Acne?

You should try Murad's Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum under your moisturizer. A serum may be a good way to lock in more moisture for you. My mom responds really well to this Murad serum and when I had rosacea out of the blue, I gave up every cleanser out there and used this temporarily to quest that gritty dryness and itchiness until I could get to a doctor's office. Hope this helps!


I forgot to mention that if you're not in a rush, getting this on eBay is way cheaper.

Re: Best moisturizer for Rosacea and Acne?

Weleda Sensitive Skin Care

Re: Best moisturizer for Rosacea and Acne?

First Aid Beauty is a brand that was created specifically for people with rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin.  They have an amazing Anti-Redness serum that you can use with your Hope in a Jar.  If you want something in makeup to mask the redness Lorac has an oil-free neutralizer that calms the skin while correcting the redness.  I actually use both and I love them!!

Re: Best moisturizer for Rosacea and Acne?

I agree completely with this.  I recently was diganosed with rosacea and the First Aid Beauty Line has been really good at calming down my skin. The cleanser and the anti-redness serum are fabulous.


I know you didn't ask about make-up (and they don't sell it at Sephora) - Chantecaille has a great cream-to-powder foundation with an SPF of 30 which covers the redness nicely.

Re: Best moisturizer for Rosacea and Acne?

Clinique's products are fantastic for rosacea and acne.  These products might help you:

Redness Solutions Cleanser -

Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer -


Re: Best moisturizer for Rosacea and Acne?

How about La Mer? They have the original cream formula as well as a gel-cream, and an emulsion (lotion). The cream will last a long time. 

Re: Best moisturizer for Rosacea and Acne?

I have mild acne and mild redness, and I agree with the First Aid Beauty moisturizer suggestions.  I don't use FAB's redness specific one, but during the winter, I use the Ultra Repair Cream (I live in Iowa).  I like it a lot during the colder months, and it helped me feel less like a dry, cracking desert.  In warmer months, I use Skyn Iceland Antidote Quenching Daily lotion.  I love the cooling, tingling effect on my skin.  When I especially need moisture during summer or winter, I use Clinique Moisture Surge under my moisturizer.

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