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Best lip balms?

My daughter is 5, and has very sensitive and dry lips…I have a hard time finding products that work well on her lips to keep them hydrated. Please suggest a lip balm and thanks!


Re: Best lip balms?

I did use the Laneige sleeping mask on her at night for a few months (since I myself have used it for a few years and it works great on me) but I wasn’t seeing much improvement although it didn’t do any harm either. 
I just discovered the Palmers swivel stick you mentioned and her lips love it!! Softened them and made them so pretty and smooth. Such a relief that something finally worked.. So we have been using that regularly during that daytime.

I’m also trying a few other balms for nighttime like burts bees lip butter and nuxe reve de miel.

Thank you guys for caring!


Re: Best lip balms?

@maximinastarlett Glad you're liking that Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick!  I recently started using it again when I'm at work.  Have been liking it.  🙂

Re: Best lip balms?

@greeneyedgirl107 I think Laneige lip sleeping mask wasn’t mentioned because she was asking about putting it on her child. 

Re: Best lip balms?

@SportyGirly125 As in it’s too expensive to apply on a child or is there another reason like ingredients?

Re: Best lip balms?

@Guessgal @SportyGirly125 Interesting.  I thought it was just about the price.  Here's the Beautypedia review (4/5 stars) below.  I agree that the jar packaging and the applicator can be a problem.


I wonder if Palmer's Cocoa Butter (the one that looks like the glue stick rather than the lip balm b/c it's a better value) would be a good option.  I used that one for years.



Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask delivers buttery-smooth feel that softens lips overnight. The only things holding it back from our top rating are the inclusion of potentially irritating fragrance and subpar packaging.

Housed in jar, you’re instructed to apply a generous layer of the rich, viscous, lip mask via the included applicator. The set we bought actually didn’t come with the applicator, but no prob—clean fingertips work fine (just keep in mind that fingers can transfer bacteria into the formula).

The consistency glides on smoothly, melting into lips without feeling heavy, sticky or goopy. In addition to a comforting dose of hydration, skin-conditioning waxes + shea and murumuru seed butters help form a moisture-sealing barrier to withstand the elements (well, except sunlight, so if you’re also using this during the day, wear it underneath an SPF-rated lip balm).

True to claim, you also get some antioxidant berry extracts in the mix. Granted, they’re toward the end of the ingredient list and the jar packaging will eventually compromise their stability by consistently exposing them to air, but the thought was good (lips can benefit from antioxidants just like anywhere else on your face).

Likewise, the hyaluronic acid that Laneige calls out as a part of the “moisture wrap” technology is very low on the ingredient list, so you’re not getting much out of it—nevertheless, it’s a good hydrator.

Each lip mask comes in a different flavor and color that correlates to its name and scent. The tints go on extremely sheer so don’t expect to see much color—instead you get a youthful balmy shine.

The added fragrance is the only formulary misstep as it can potentially irritate delicate lip skin. The potency varied a bit among the varieties that we tested, but for most, the scent was faint and dissipated quickly, which is less concerning. Mint Choco is the exception—it’s strong enough to make your lips tingle, which is never good sign. For the record, fragrance free is always better for the health of your skin and lips.

The bottom line: Without the fragrance and in better packaging, we’d easily give Lip Sleeping Mask five stars. Here’s hoping Laneige will consider making a fragrance-free version.

  • Delivers a buttery smooth feel that softens lips overnight.
  • Waxes and plant butters help seal in moisture and protect lips from the elements.
  • Imparts comforting hydration without feeling heavy, sticky or goopy.
  • Works great as daytime balm under lip sunscreen.
  • Contains fragrance ingredients that put skin at risk for irritation.
  • Jar packaging isn't the most hygienic way to package lip balm


Re: Best lip balms?

@greeneyedgirl107 Is this the Palmer's glue stick shaped version you were referring to? I saw this on Amazon, but it looks like it's for the body? It mentions helping with scars and stretch marks 🤔 Let me know, as I'm curious!

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 4.02.49 PM.png

Re: Best lip balms?

@Guessgal This seems to be the most recent version.  Hope this helps 🙂




Re: Best lip balms?

@Guessgal @SportyGirly125 Oh - I see that I messed up on the post...I meant to write "fragrance" instead of "applicator."  The fragrance in it is what deterred me for trying this product in the beginning.  I can see how with a child you'd want to be extra cautious.  Especially since @maximinastarlett wrote that her daughter has sensitive lips.

Re: Best lip balms?

@Guessgal I wouldn’t put it on my kids because of the ingredients. You just don’t know what kind of reaction they would have. Kids are very sensitive to products used. That is why you need to use special detergent and kid body wash, etc. 

Re: Best lip balms?

For a child with sensitive skin - I would probably go for something simple, a unfragranced petrolatum based product like cerave healing ointment or just straight Vaseline. I personally like just straight vaseline as it’s just super occlusive and really inexpensive.

As far as lip balms from Sephora - Jack black intense therapy one is my go to. I have a massive stash of them and have one in every bag!


Re: Best lip balms?

@maximinastarlett  Any petrolatum-based balm should do the trick: Vaseline, any other brand of petroleum jelly, Aquaphor Ointment (that's my daily lip balm), CeraVe Healing Ointment (either the regular or baby version works), etc. Note that Aquaphor contains lanolin (don't know if your daughter's skin-sensitive to that ingredient). 


Make sure your daughter's lips are damp before you apply a balm. If you apply a petrolatum-based balm to dry lips, you'll end up sealing in dryness. Instead, you'll want to give the balm some moisture to seal into her skin. 

Re: Best lip balms?

I didn’t know that! Thank you so much  🧡

Re: Best lip balms?

My dermatologist suggested “Dr. Dan Cortibalm” it has been working great for me! 

Re: Best lip balms?

awesome I’ll look for it!

Re: Best lip balms?

@maximinastarlett I really enjoy the EOS tubes. Super affordable, comes in packs of two, and tons of tasty flavors! I’ll get them at either Target or Ulta, but I’m sure they can be found at any drug store, Wal-Mart, grocery store, etc.  

Re: Best lip balms?

Oh yes I tried those in the summer and liked them thanks for mentioning them! I’ll have to check them out again

Re: Best lip balms?

@maximinastarlett Vaseline or Aquaphor is what I use on my 5 year old son. 

Re: Best lip balms?

Thank you for the suggestion! 

Re: Best lip balms?

I agree with he Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve Rosebud Salve , this is made near my hometown so I grew up using this! 

Also, Bite Beauty Agave+ Intensive Vegan Lip Mask works as a great lip balm and stays on really well. Highly recommend! @maximinastarlett 

Re: Best lip balms?

I’m going to try it!! 🧡

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