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Best eye creams/ gel /serums

What are your favorite eye creams/ gels/ serums that brighten, depuff, firm, diminish fine lines, etc. Basically does everything and I prefer not using a jar because I prefer a pump.

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

Hi @blondebyrdie,


I recommend trying the DRUNK ELEPHANT - Shaba Complex™ Eye Serumand the DRUNK ELEPHANT - C-Tango™ Multivitamin Eye Cream.Both of these are in a jar and work great! Additionally, I add in the CLINIQUE - All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage.I hope this helps!



Best eye creams/ gel /serums

I really like the Mario Badescu and Olehenriksen banana cream

RE: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

I love the drunk elephant Shaba. It’s lightweight but gives perfect amount of moisture to my skin. I’m 38 and it has decreased my lines and dark circles by so much. It comes in a pump also.

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

I used AMOREPACIFIC Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence and I really like it. I had samples from DIOR One Essential Eye Serum that I gave to my sister. She had massive dark circle it was almost black because of the fatigue and of the stress. Few days after using it twice a day, we both see a big improvement. It was not that dark and her eyes looks less tired.

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

Though you have a packaging preference (which is understandable), I’ll share my current under-eye product/routine which includes 2 jarred eye creams. I’ve shuffled/tested various products for a few months to see what combo works best on my very dry, 47 year old under-eyes. I layer a lot of skincare under my eyes for daytime. 




  - DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE - Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum for dullness, dark circles, firmness, and wrinkles 

  - Lancôme High Resolution Eye Refill-3X for more wrinkle treatment and depuffing eye bags; it’s not moisturizing enough on its own, so I layer the next cream over it 

  - BELIF - Moisturizing Eye Bomb for moisturizing and plumping   

  - COOLA - Mineral Face SPF 30 - Matte Tint all over my face, but especially needed atop the retinol serum; I alternate between this and a couple other sunscreens I’m testing 





  - ESTéE LAUDER - Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II - I use this serum all over my face at night, including my under-eyes; I don’t use the DDG serum at night because I don’t wanna overdo the retinol  

  - Lancôme High Resolution Eye Refill-3X for wrinkles 

  - KORA ORGANICS - Noni Radiant Eye Oil for moisturizing 


I’d also use the Kora eye oil during the day if it didn’t make my open eyes water so much. It’s great overnight while my eyes are closed. My eyes are just weirdly sensitive. Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

Hi @WinglessOne , @SportyGirly125 , @txcatx , @darlyndar , @faeriegirl ,

Hi Guys!  I have recently gotten the Drunk Elephant Littles & Lala Retro, I have pretty much been using most of the products, I was looking at DDG, as well as Kora Noni & Belif moisturizing eye cream. 

I have dry skin & my biggest concern is my under eyes area. For those of you who have tried Drunk Elephant products as well as the others, how do they compare, I really want the best products, any additional info would be greatly appreciated.  @blondebyrdie , You really got lucky, these gals know their stuff!  That’s why I might as well inquire about these products now, I really respect and appreciate their/your opinions?

Thanks so much,

❤️‘S, SuzieQ. 

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

@SuzieQJ My undereyes are my biggest concern. I have hereditary dark circles and they are sunken. The only true fix I have had are fillers but it carries a heavy price tag. I purchase a full syringe, use half and save the rest for next time. I haven’t done it in over a year. 


I have tried 2 serums: DDG Ferulic+Retinol as well as NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Serum. After trying both, I repurchased DDG. I feel I get better results than with NIOD. I used to layer either C-Tango, The Pearl it Banana Bright overtop then go in with Kora as the last step before concealer. I have since ditched all creams since I feel they don’t do anything spectacular. I’ve been sticking to DDG and Kora only with noticeable results. It just hydrates and plums in a beautiful way. 


I’m grateful that at 38, I don’t have crows feet and I thank my oily skin for that. I have fine lines under my eyes but they do dissipate with daily use of Kora. It’s insane how visibly plump they look after application. It’s my one true Holy Grail item out of all my skincare.


I have spent so much money and have done so much research (as most of us have) and have truly simplified my routine. I cleanse, tone, Essence, Retinol, Vitamin C, Squalane and well as my undereye routine. That’s it! Even at night. I did break down and got Botox this past weekend on my forehead and between my brows. It’s been over a year and I wanted to see what skincare could do if I stayed consistent. It did amazing things, but nothing compared to what Botox does. I definitely don’t try to hide it and in all honesty, LOVE a frozen forehead and am not ashamed of it! Lol ❤️❤️❤️

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

Hi @darlyndar , 

I was looking into it, is it the one that is Hyaluronic Acid, dissolves naturally over 6 months to a year? 

It didn’t look too over the top, (I’m not sure how much is needed but really seems fairly priced, depending on how many syringes I would need).

We are all spending so much on skincare as it is, I wonder if it’s something that is better to start younger, as it may help preserve the under eye skin?

Thanks for letting me know, 

❤️‘S, SuzieQ!

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

@SuzieQJ  And I agree with starting young. I started Botox at 25 and fillers at 30. I would’ve started earlier but I was busy being a mom and didn’t spend much on myself. My concern was the constant inflating and deflating with fillers. I didn’t know if it would make me rely on them since the undereyes are so thin, you know? But it doesn’t do any harm. With what we spend for skincare, you can eliminate all the guesswork and spend on something you know will get the job done. That’s where I am in my life right now. I can spend $500 buying creams and serums or spend $800 on fillers that will last over a year. I have spent soooooooo much on skincare that didn’t work so now, I’m sticking to Botox, Retinol and the occasional laser treatment. It just works! ❤️

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

@SuzieQJ  I use the original Juvederm. The first time I had the procedure done, it lasted about 6 months. The next lasted about 8. The more you stay consistent, the longer it lasts, just like Botox. When I spoke to my Dr, she said she didn’t recommend it since I was getting great results with serum and oil. I’m that: Go big or go home kinda girl so I was a tiny bit bummed but took her advice and am going to see what she says next time I come in for Botox in 4 months. Lol I’m grateful she doesn’t like to overdo anything. I wanted 30 units of Botox but she only allowed me 25. 😉😉😉

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

Hi @darlyndar ,

It is Very funny what you mentioned because all the ones you have had are all the ones I will probably get. 

I was in a car accident right when we were about to build a house & get married, such a long story, but it delayed us on those 2 things as we also got delayed having children, there were important reasons we tried waiting, wanted our children to have the best, so I will be an older Mother than a lot of people, but I don’t care, I will be happy with a healthy, happy family!

 Thank You for your information on starting younger is better, I wondered the same thing, if you have it done, would you become dependent on it, so Thank You for that info too!  I was looking at the Juvederm site as well!  Like You said compared to what we spend on Skincare, it really works out in the end, get that done & you say the more you keep up with it the better it lasts, which is great news!  So it’s really not nearly as expensive as I thought, so nice of you to give me all this information!  Then use the best skincare products & that’s it, sounds like a great regime!

One option I was given to try from a pain specialist in my neck and back, was Botox, so it really numbs everything?  I am going to look into it then.  

There is so much pressure on Women to look so young & it seems like Men look good, no matter their age, sometimes they’re even more handsome, lol!  It’s so not fair for us Women, however it is the age of treatments, lol!

 I think You look Great, just to let you know & I am glad you have a Doctor who has limits & only wants to give you what she thinks is the maximum needed, sounds like a great Doctor!

I don’t mind the tags at all, I am So Appreciative For the Time You Have Taken To Give Me The Very Best and Comprehensive Information!  Thank You So Much @darlyndar!!!

Have You heard anything about the FRESH - Black Tea products?

❤️‘S, lol, SuzieQ 😊.  

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

I am so glad you are ok, @SuzieQJ . That is the most important. I had my oldest son at 24 and my youngest at 32. I definitely loved being a mom at 32. It was a completely deffierent experience. Don’t get me wrong, I am obsessed with both my boys but even though I was married and owned a home at 24, I don’t think I was mentally prepared as much as I was at 32. Though, I don’t think any new mom is mentally prepared. Lol. I do think you made a great decision to wait, if I may say. You are going to be an amazing mom! 30’s are the new 20’s anyway. 😉🥰😉🥰😉


My husband has degenerative discs in his neck and back which causes some pain. His Dr gives him Botox injections deep in the muscle and it truly helps him.  It’s a much better option than pills. I definitely think it’s something to look into. It also helps prevent migraines. All the stress on his neck causes him to get migraines and since he has been getting Botox, they are far and few between. He’s 5 years younger than me but he has played and coached football most of his life so his body has taken a beating. 


I think we, as women, have it drilled into our brains to keep our youth as long as possible. I used to think that, but at 38, I’m really proud of the way I look and feel. I’m not a size 0 anymore and that’s ok. I have some smile lines that I’ve never had before but I like them. I do get Botox, but hey, who doesn’t! Lol. My oldest makes fun of me and I was the butt of his jokes at dinner last night. I laughed right along with him. Skincare is definitely my passion and I’m so glad I’ve finally found anroutine that works for me. I do want to scream from the rooftops: Stop spending so much! Spend it on a reputable Derm and get yourself some Retin-A! That’s all we need and the only thing that truly works. I love Vitamin C and I love a good Squalane and SPF. Other than that, I don’t need anything else. ❤️

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

Hi @darlyndar ,

Thank You So Much, Yet Again!!!

When I brought up our conversation to my Husband, he immediately said, we were supposed to try Botox for my neck and back but never did!!!  Your post, really got me thinking, and it is so nice to hear it works for your Husband, I will be asking my Doctor to refer me immediately.  

I know what you mean, we had a house too, but we had planned to build a larger family home/forever home. 

Thanks for all of your support, I can’t believe how lucky I will be if the Botox works for my neck & back!

 I will let you know for sure.  I think not being ashamed of having treatments is a good thing, they say that people hiding these things, doesn’t do the Women of the world any justice. 

Honestly, you are so right, don’t expect unrealistic results from Skincare, go to a Doctor, & use a few of the right products for your skin - very simple & very smart, Thanks for everything & truly taking the time to help me & inform me!

😊 SuzieQ. 

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

Hi @darlyndar , 

Thank You So Much for all the wonderful information!!!  I Love hearing what works for people with similar issues, as I said, this thread is literally the best and most informative of all.  

Thank You All for taking the time to help me, and with us all having some similar issues it just really helps me have confidence in trying the right products that will help me, saving me a lot of time and money on the search, You Guys Really Know Your stuff, so I consider it the most reliable information of all.  What kind of filler is the best for under eyes?  They allow you to purchase a syringe to be used over 2 treatments?  That sounds great!  How long does it last & what is the cost?  I am very interested & it really sounds like a great plan, use a filler for the one area, then go at it with the best skincare products, I wouldn’t be ashamed of it either!  We buy skincare products to look better, it’s the same thing really!

I will definitely be getting the Kora Noni Eye oil, & the DDG retinol as well as one of the creams to start, I am already using the DE - Shaba Serum & DE - C Firma. 

I want to look at a filler for my under eyes as well!

Thank You So Much @darlyndar, Thank You So Much!!!

❤️❤️❤️’,😊, SuzieQ. 

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

Sorry for all the tags, @SuzieQJ . Lol. I read, respond then read more I’d like to answer! If you have a friend who wants fillers, you guys can go in on a full syringe and split it. I’ve done that before as well. I guess it depends on your dr or rn who performs the procedure. My Dr allows me to purchase a full syringe and use it twice. I have been seeing him since I was 24 when I got my breasts done so he just knows me. That’s the only surgery I’ve done. The rest are non-evasive treatments. ❤️

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

@SuzieQJ I love DE Shaba and Kora noni eye oil. My biggest eye concerns are dryness, puffiness, and brightness and these 2 are great for that. I also use DE C-Tango, I can’t really tell much of a difference with it so I probably won’t repurchase it. 

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

@SuzieQJ “The best products” really depends on your skin type/behavior, specific skin issues, sensitivity, known allergies, how much effort you’re willing to spend (there’s a reason my entire night routine’s simpler than my day routine 😂), etc. Once you know that stuff about your under-eye skin, you can compare your needs against any eye product’s description—what it’s formulated to do, the issues it targets—and decide if it’s something you need. 


I tried a sample of DE C-Tango last year and wasn’t impressed. It didn’t seem to do much for me within 3 weeks. A friend of mine loves C-Tango, so I recently bought a full size bottle as her birthday gift. For her, it brightens, firms, and moisturizes like a champ. For me, eh, not so much. But her skin behaves a bit differently than mine, and her dark circles are hereditary whereas mine are mostly caused by sunken skin, lack of sleep, allergies, and excessive eye rubbing, so... it really depends on your particular skin. 


I’ve never tried the DE Shaba eye serum because I honestly don’t think it’d benefit me much. Instead I started the DDG Ferulic + Retinol serum last month, after researching the product and getting feedback from 4 friends with skin issues similar to mine. I’m still in test mode with the DDG serum but, so far, it’s living up to DDG’s claims. Before this, I was a loyal Lancôme Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl user. I really should’ve started testing DDG under just one eye, so I could keep using the Light-Pearl under the other eye for comparison’s sake. Oops. 


I stopped using the Lancôme Refill-3X eye cream last year so I could test other eye creams, and I’m convinced removing Refill-3X from my routine was a mistake. The Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb is a fantastic moisturizer, and it plumps up my hollow tear troughs a bit. But it doesn’t do much for my lines/wrinkles. I don’t expect anything in a jar to eliminate my lines (psh, I’m pushing 50; I’ve earned those lines 😂), but I didn’t realize how effective Refill-3X was until I stopped using it. So I’ve reincorporated it. Unfortunately it’s not moisturizing enough for me on its own—but layering Eye Bomb over it turned out to be a great combo. Eye Bomb also helps diffuse Refill-3X’s floral fragrance, so it doesn’t aggravate me all day. 


The Kora Noni eye oil is also a fantastic moisturizer and plumper. I really wish I could use it during the day. That’s a good example of “your mileage may vary”: I can’t use it for daytime because something in it makes my eyes water. (No stinging/burning/itching, just constant watering.) Other people don’t have that problem. At night, I don’t use much of it: I only need maybe 2 swipes of it (roll toward inner eye corner and roll back out to outer corner), and then I tap it into my skin. It’s perfect over the Refill-3X cream. 


A caveat I feel obligated to make about eye products in general: make sure you give each product enough time to absorb into your skin, and try not to slather on too much of any product. Otherwise, some products will pill or flake when you apply another product (including concealer) over them. C-Tango, Refill-3X, and the DDG serum pilled on me when I didn’t give them enough time to absorb between product layers, or when I used too much of each product. 2 years ago, I had to learn for myself how much Refill-3X was too much to apply as a layer, because that stuff pills like crazy when it’s overused. I give each product at least 3 minutes to fully absorb before moving on to the next layer. 

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

@SuzieQJ I haven't tried the Belif eye cream. But, in the past couple of years, I've tried the Kora eye oil, Ole Henriksen Banana Bright, Drunk Elephant C-Tango, and the Algenist one in the green jar, and honestly, I can't wait to get to the last of these (because I don't believe in wasting beauty products) so I can get back to using the Farmacy eye cream. Of course, what works best for my skin might not work best for others because of various concerns. My personal eye concerns are fine lines that are just appearing (which is why I use the DDG retinol serum) and dryness/eyes that tend to sink in rather than get puffy, so I like a super hydrating eye cream like the Farmacy one. 

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

Hi @WinglessOne , @faeriegirl , @txcatx ,

Oh, I Love You Guys!!!  I value your opinions so very much, it seems like we share a lot of the same issues, I have very dry skin and used to live in one of the most humid provinces, I am now living in one of the driest provinces.  I was home for Christmas and I looked so good without makeup or anything!  We are having one of our coldest dry spells here right now -20 to -40!  I definitely think my undereye area is being affected by lack of moisture, it’s definitely not hereditary & are more sunken than puffy & I have fine lines that are just beginning, (for now I decided to try the FAB Retinol .25%, just as a start), I haven’t started it yet as I’m seeing how the nightly regime - DE  - Shaba Serum, then DE  - Marula oil, then DE - Lala Retro & trying in the day - DE - B Hydra & DE - C Firma, will see how that goes, then try to incorporate something else or do as you suggest @WinglessOne , once trying that regime for a few weeks, try a different product on 1 eye, Very good recommendation there, also I was just thinking 2 nights ago that maybe I wasn’t leaving each product on long enough, not due to pilling, just to get the most benefit out of each product, so Thank You Again, I will try letting each absorb fully first.  I didn’t really know that the Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb & Kora Noni Eye oil were that good for moisturizing & plumping, that is my main concern, so I am really looking forward to trying them now, as well as DDG retinol, maybe after trying the lower strength and maybe try the Farmacy Eye cream as well.  It is so nice for all of your help as we seem to have very similar issues, (I had already been looking at the Kora Noni Eye oil, I think @darlyndar , first recommended that to me.  I had also been looking at the DDG retinol & the Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb).  So I guess I’ve been looking in the right direction, so very nice to be fortunate enough to happen upon this post & have so many of you with similar concerns!  I have heard many people say that they tried DE - C Tango & not see any results & won’t be re-purchasing. 

Thank You All So Very Much, for taking the time to share your knowledge & experiences with me.  I think this is one of the most beneficial posts I’ve ever had!  

❤️❤️❤️’S, SuzieQ. 

Re: Best eye creams/ gel /serums

Hi @WinglessOne , @darlyndar , @faeriegirl , @txcatx , @RebeccaBT ,

Just wondering have any of you used any other Kora Organics products?  Like the Face Oil, or crystal luminizer?

If So, how were they?

Also has any of you or friends tried the Aether Beauty, Crystal grid Eyeshadow Palette?  Trying to find out if it’s good, it looks like a really nice palette, but I have really high standards that when it comes to Eyeshadow, lol, it sounds like I’m talking about dating, OMG, lol!!!

❤️‘S, SuzieQ. 

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