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Best Skin Treatments for Large Pores

I do like my skin care routine I have now and it limits my breakouts. Just wondering if anyone has gone above and gotten any treatments done or any thoughts on them. I know this is a very open ended question, but just seeing what others do. I am oily/combination. 

Re: Best Skin Treatments for Large Pores

@KaylaLascelle I find that exfoliating helps rid my pores of gunk, which then makes my pores appear smoother.  I like Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash for mechanical exfoliation, and Paula's Choice BHA 9 for chemical exfoliation.  Good luck!

Re: Best Skin Treatments for Large Pores

I have the same skin! Lucky us :-| hahaha


 For taking care of my pores, I definitely make sure to have a consistent exfioliation schedule. I just purchased the PMD Pro system, so let's hope that helps a bunch!


A good routine of going to get a facial/peel/mirco would be a great investment too.


Don't be scared to hydrate! Look for water gel moisturizers, they are lighter on the skin. I also 'flick' my products dry on my face. Like your brushing something off  your cheek, past the sticky phase, until completely dry. That helps to not clog your pores. 

Re: Best Skin Treatments for Large Pores


Re: Best Skin Treatments for Large Pores

This toner from Lancome (Tonique Radiance) was a skin changer for me!  I have extreme combination skin and this tones, exfoliates and escalates new cell turnover.

If I had to chose ONE skincare product that I can't live without - it is THIS one.  

I use it twice a day - morning and night.  Doesn't over-dry and has reduced visible pores and has practically eliminated my cystic acne.  (I use to get flares 4-8 times a year!) 

As a bonus, it reduced visible sun damage on my chest from living in Arizona for decades.


Just make sure you are getting the TONER, not the Bi-Facil eye make-up remover.  Both products LOOK similar to each other but it's the Tonique you want!  




Re: Best Skin Treatments for Large Pores

Hi @KaylaLascelle,


I really feel that using a toner helps with the appearance of my pores.


I love using Dior's TONIQUE CONFORT - Comforting Rehydrating Toner. It softens my skin and evens out my skin tone.


I also really like Belif Witch Hazel Herbal Extract Toner is also really great!


I hope this helps!


Best Wishes,



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