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Anonymous Insider

Best Blackhead Treatment

Hi does anyone know what is the best blackhead treatment out there? I have been dealing with blackheads for years and I hope there would be an actual treatment to blackheads because they are a real bother to me. I am not looking for a permanent treatment because that may not be possible, but a treatment that allows all blackheads to go away for a while. I only had half of my blackheads gone when I tried using past products but not all of them gone completely. If anyone knows, please reply and I would really appreciate it.


Re: Best Blackhead Treatment


You are correct that permanent treatment isn't available; blackheads are a continual battle to be fought, sadly. However, you can keep them at bay with some diligent work!


Salicylic Acid, aka beta hydroxy acid or BHA, is the most effective ingredient to look for. A cleanser isn't going to be on your face long enough to make a difference, but look for a leave-on product that can work all day or night. BHA is the only oil soluble facial acid, and it can work below the surface of your skin to clean pores out from the inside. I really like Paula's Choice for this; they have several different formulations and percentages, but it is a common ingredient across many brands. 


Blackheads won't disappear overnight; it takes some time, but BHA will give you excellent results if you are using it regularly.


Clay masks are also a good way to help. As the BHA starts breaking the gunk down, clay can help pull it out. 


Good luck!

Re: Best Blackhead Treatment

I can second @RGbrown! BHA but specifically Salicylic Acid is the ingredient to go with because it can penetrate deeper then other acids and therefore help clean our pores/blackheads. I have been using the Paula's Choice 2% BHA Gel (get whichever formula works best for you) and really impressed with it. Not only is my nose clear but my skin overall has been clearer. I use a range of acid products and I use the Paula's Choice about 2-3 times a week only. @Anonymous

Anonymous Insider

Re: Best Blackhead Treatment

Thank you so much!!:)

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