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Beauty Talk, Keep me Honest...

This is my first post here so I figured I'd use it to share my new years resolution - and in turn to keep me honest. 


My new year's resolution for 2014 is to create a skincare routine and stick to it. Some background: I'm 28 years old, and I am was TERRIBLE with my skin. I would never wash my makeup off at night, would wash my face quickly in the shower, and never put on sunscreen unless I was going to the beach. I was so lazy for so long, and I think a lot of that (well all of it) had to do with the fact that throughout my pre teens, teens, and 20s, I've had a bad breakout maybe...actually, never (knocks on wood). I've had a pimple here or there, but that was it. If you're thinking "wow b*tch, thanks for bragging", feel better about the fact that God gave me resilient skin, but he put an extra 20 pounds on my butt to make up for it. 


Welp, I just started a super high stress job, and lo and behold, my skin is finally screaming "for the love of God woman, wash your **bleep** face." 


I went into full research mode over skin care products - what to use, what ingredients to make sure were there, etc. I finally settled on a Clinique's line, and so far I really love it (this was after a two-week Shiseido Ibuki trial run that was, disappointingly, less than stellar). I use the cleanser, mild clarifying lotion (alcohol free), Moisture Surge (daytime) Turnaround Concentrate, City block sheer face protector (spf 25), and Super Rescue Antioxidant night moisturizer.  What I've noticed? For years I thought I had combination oily skin. It's starting to seem like I actually have combination dry skin that was seriously under moisturized. So far, so good, but I needed to grow up with my skin care!

Re: Beauty Talk, Keep me Honest...

Welcome cmmc!  Sounds like you should start a skincare journal !! You can keep track and give us updates on how you like products you try!! It's wonderful you are taking care of your skin now. 

There is a thread I'll find it and give you the link. 


Re: Beauty Talk, Keep me Honest...

Having a hard time linking it on my phone - just search for


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