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Anything similar to this product?

I’m looking for other products that are similar to Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel. Preferably, something that is just effective but not as expensive.

Re: Anything similar to this product?

I used to swear by Dr. Dennis Gross Pads too but the price definitely got me after awhile. I ended up having a trial of Sunday Riley's Lactic Acid (again - not the price point I was after) but I ended up replacing it with "The Ordinary" Lactic Acid 10% + HA and it works the same! I usually follow up with a face oil after to help neutralize, or a light moisturizer in the evening. 

Re: Anything similar to this product?

I don't know if you are open to Korean skincare brands, but there are several options available. I currently love the COSRX Clear Pad and the Neulii PHA BHA 5.5 Peeling Pad. Both are very affordable and contain more product. COSRX Clear Pad contains 70 pads and available at Ulta for $20.00. I prefer Neulii, but it is not as accessible. The price can vary between $10.00 to $17.00 for 70 pads on various online websites. 



Anything similar to this product?

@kristinafh yep these ladies know what I use 😆 both the bliss and FAb are in my rotation 👍

Re: Anything similar to this product?

@kristinafh I can think of two,  I will no longer purchase DDG.

  1.  Bliss That's Incredi peel pads.  $22/15ct Ulta. These contain glycolic acid, but do not contain alcohol, as with the DDG
  2.  First Aid Beauty Radiance pads  $16/28ct Sephora.  Contain both lactic and glycolic; no alcohol or witch hazel, as with the DDG

These do not require a step 2 neutralizer, which is essentially baking soda.  I find the FAB to be more gentle, yet equally effective.  I have only recently purchased the Bliss, but haven't tried them.

Considering glycolic acid is the second ingredient. I feel sure I will find them to be effective.


Neither contain salicylic acid as with DDG, but it comes after the alcohol & witch hazel. Hth

Re: Anything similar to this product?

I second the first aid beauty pads! They do a pretty good job as well!

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