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Any recommendations for dark circles and fine lines?

I am only 20 years old but I have started to notice lines forming under my eyes, as well as extremely dark circles (from staying up long hours studying for school). My skin is usually not ever dry except for under my eyes, not sure why. So I'm really looking for a miracle in a bottle. Something that will brighten my under eye area and get rid of the dark circles, as well as deminishing the lines starting to form, and mosierize. I'm up for trying anything, cream, syrum, or even oil. I have already tried a sample of Laura Mercier eye repair serum, I used it for a month and saw NO difference :\ which i was really dissapointed by because it had amazing reviews. I have also tried a sample of a serum by Trish McEvoy which I also saw NO difference after using for 3 weeks. So please shower me with your great recommendations, I'm desparate to get rid of these monsters under my eyes!

Re: Any recommendations for dark circles and fine lines?

Hi jujuxbee,

I completely understand... I'm 26 and a PhD student and also struggle with dark circles and fatigue.


So first tip... everything from allergies, sinusitus, fatigue and stress can exacerbate dark circles. The best, and hardest, thing you can do for your dark circles is try to get better sleep, and give yourself a 'buffer' before you go to sleep of about an hour or so where you're not working.

Second... use an under eye cream, day and night. Moisture will certainly help with the lines. Something with AHAs in it should help with the lines a bit, so see if you can find anything that does that. I just started using the Tarte Maracuja eye cream and I've found a slight difference in my under eye circles.

Third... wear shades when you're outside. Squinting and UV rays will only worsen the lines you're starting to notice.


Lastly... concealer!!! I've been using Lancome Effacernes: It's a bit pricey but I've been on the same 2 bottles for almost 4 years with daily use. It's ridiculous. It's also oil-based and will help create a barrier against the elements. I'm about to invest in Benefit's Erase Paste because it's a bit more brightening and has better coverage and I'd like to try that out for a while.

Best of luck!

Re: Any recommendations for dark circles and fine lines?

Origins Eye Doctor, Dior Hydralife, Benefit It's Potent and Boscia Amino Enlivening eye cream all address your concerns to some degree. No eye cream is good at everything, so figure out which ones are your biggest concern and fit the eye cream description better (ex. the lines might be due to dehydration, so instead of looking for anti-aging look for hydration). Good luck!

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