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Any products for acne scars

It is kind of hard for me to find a product for acne scars. They are like little red bumps and I just dont know what to use. If anyone has recommendations and if they think it would be good for sensitive/dry skin let me know!


Re: Any products for acne scars

I second this, buzzbee3 Smiley Happy Vitamin C is a gentle way to lighten scars. I use the Murad Spot Lightening Treatment occasionally, but I don't think it works any quicker than my Tarte Maracuja Oil (which I think is 10x more gentle on my skin, and has other good benefits on top).

If I have any broken or open skin on my face and the Murad accidentally gets in it, it burns like a *****; I don't experience that with the oil. But in general any moisturizer, oil, etc that is packed high with vitamin C is good! Just make sure to use sunscreen!

Re: Any products for acne scars

Hmm I have the truth serum and didnt like it too much. How many times do you use it a week because I might of been overdoing it!

Re: Any products for acne scars

Yes Blue Plasma is an awesome product. I think you'll be happy with the choice because it's gentle enough not to make your sensitivity worse and also you can use it with any skin care routine.

Re: Any products for acne scars

Now im very interested because I have heard good things before. I was just wondering do you put it before or after moisturizer and how many times are you supposed to use it? Sorry I am asking a lot of questions but I am only 20 years old so I dont know too much about this kind of stuff haha

Re: Any products for acne scars

You should use it in your everyday routine. i always put it on before bed. Clean your face. Do your toner if you use one. Then put blue plasma on. Then follow up with the rest of your skincare. ie. serums, moisturizers, etc. It is not harsh AT ALL so don't be afraid to use it every night. When I first bought it I was like woah.. peel every night? But it's not like that.. It's very mild and doesn't irritate me at all.

Re: Any products for acne scars

@melisa16- Just do your cleansing like you always do and you just apply it says day or night so I would do night since it would be easier. Hope this helps1

Re: Any products for acne scars

I would say Boscia's facial polish and black mask are pretty amazing!!! I have hyper pigmentation from past acne scars and I have literally been using both for a month and my skin looks so much better! However I have combo sensitive skin so Im not sure how they will work for dry skin. 

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