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Allergic Reaction?

Hey guys! I just used the La Mer Eye Concentrate creme as I received it as a sample with a $45 purchase. I had been using it all around my eyes, eyelids and gently patting in a small amount with my ring finger. After about 2-3 days using it day and night I noticed puffiness, redness and tiny bumps that look like mini pimples in the exact areas I used the creme. Under one of my eyes looks a little swollen as well.  I'm 99% sure it was the La Mer Eye Concentrate, so I discontinued it immediately. I've stopped using it for about 3 days now and the red bumps haven't even diminished. I doubt it could be another product I'm using because that eye creme was the only new thing I've added to my routine and it started exactly when I used it and only in the areas I've used it. The reaction is still there and has not diminished, it has completely changed the texture of my skin around my eyes and I'm not sure what to do from here on. If anyone knows please help! Thanks guys. 

Re: Allergic Reaction?

@jounna  I'm so sorry that happened to you! I know the pain of allergic reactions, I'm very very allergic to chemical sunscreen, so I have to avoid most foundations. Since it's near your eyes, don't put anything like a cortisone cream near it! Take antihistamines (benadryl), and try applying a very gentle moisturizer on it if it's irritating. Unfortunately with allergic rashes, we usually have to wait it out a week or so. If it's making your eyes swell badly, go to the doctor. I had a really bad reaction to something in the beginning of the year, and my eyes were completely swollen shut. I went to urgent care and was given 5 day treatment of steroids in pill form. It was not fun, but if it get serious, please go to a doctor, or urgent care. I hope by now, you're doing better!

Re: Allergic Reaction?

I agree.  Antihistamines will reduce any swelling if that's your only symptom.  


@jounna Your skin may look angry for a while while you wait for it to turnover.  Try using both a cleanser and moisturizer you're already familiar with in the meantime.  @candyrivera. Oh my gosh that must've been terrifying!  Did you ever pinpoint the culprit? 

Re: Allergic Reaction?

@heartsmyface  Not entirely. I have a strong suspicion it was from my neighbors that smoke. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, and they both smoked at least a pack a day by themselves. I sealed off my windows just because the smell alone was making me incredibly sick. That seemed to help my symptoms at bit, but wasn't nearly enough. It hit me that they were probably the problem, when they finally moved, and I was getting better. Ever since they left, I've been okay. It was a very long, and extremely painful experience. I usually can't go into casinos or anything like that either, as it would trigger an intense migraine, but I never had my eyes swell up like that before. I won't ever know for sure what caused it, but that's just my guess as of now. Every now and then, I'll get a little puffiness (not necessarily swollen) but it doesn't last longer than 24hrs.

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