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Allergic Reaction to Farmacy Dew It All Eye Cream?

Has anyone else experience a bad reaction to Farmacy's Dew It All eye cream? I got it as a sample as part of Farmacy's Mighties Kit. I put it on my eyes (lids, under eye, crows feet) and the next morning my eyes lid were puffy, inflamed and very red where I put the cream. I was horrified. 2 weeks later my eye lids and crows feet area still has not recovered and is still red, inflamed, unusually dry. I was so surprised because I thought Farmacy was "a clean" brand and all 4 of the other products (cleansing balm, honey potion, night balm and face lotion) worked fine no negative reaction. Does anyone know if there's a particular active ingredient only in the eye cream so I know what to avoid? I don't think it's the echinacea since I've taken pure echinacea supplements with no reaction prior.


Any tips for recovering my skin so it doesn't look like I'm wearing bright pink eyeshadow? I'm now scared to put concealer or other products on it other than argan oil. 

Re: Allergic Reaction to Farmacy Dew It All Eye Cream?

I had the same reaction to the cleansing balm!! I just woke up and my eyes are almost swelled shut. It is also the only new thing I put on my face or consumed yesterday. This is HORRIFYING

Re: Allergic Reaction to Farmacy Dew It All Eye Cream?

I had a reaction to this product as well. I got it in a Subscription box and tried it last night for the first time. Woke up to puffy eyes, puffy face and a rash all over my face and neck. It’s the only thing different I used/consumed yesterday so I figure it must be the cream. 


I’ve had allergic reactions in the past to gadolinium, the contrast dye for MRIs. It’s the metal in the dye that’s the issue. I’m wondering if maybe traces of it are present in this cream? Time for some research! I’m also mildly allergic to shellfish so maybe that’s the culprit here too. 


Re: Allergic Reaction to Farmacy Dew It All Eye Cream?

@VRPHON  I can't use Farmacy products either, due to an allergic reaction.  I believe (at least for the products I've researched,) that it is the Echinacea  Green Envy that does it for me. 

Looking at the ingredients in the Dew It All Total Eye Cream, I see a few potential culprits. 

1. Pearl Powder- possibly linked to a shellfish allergy?  It's made from freshwater pearls from clams.

2. Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract- from the neem tree- this product uses both the leaf and flower

3. Calendula- marigold

4. Opuntia Ficus-Indica Extract- prickly pear cactus

5. Rosa Canina Fruit Extract- wild rose

6. Lawsonia Inermis Extract- henna

These are possible allergans, but not for everyone.  I hope you can figure it out!

Re: Allergic Reaction to Farmacy Dew It All Eye Cream?

Does that one have papaya extract in it? I had a bad reaction to the cleansing balm and found out that papaya enzyme - a well known skin irritant when applied topically - is one of the ingredients. Certainly wouldn’t have rubbed it into my skin if it had an allergy warning on it. 😠 

Re: Allergic Reaction to Farmacy Dew It All Eye Cream?

Thank you so much @Ispend2much6@Ispend2much6for helping me narrow it down! I sent the company an email as well. The only allergic reaction I've ever really had to date is with nickle then again I rarely come in contact with the below mention ingredients (I think). 

Re: Allergic Reaction to Farmacy Dew It All Eye Cream?

@VRPHON  You're welcome!  It's so frustrating.  Allergies can pop up anytime, you just never know.  

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