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Advice on Buying...

So.... I bought the PTR Camu Camu set and fell in love with the overnight facial.  The other products were just okay to me.. Nothing special so I packed it up and took it back only to find out the only way to get the overnight facial was in the kit.... My SA recommended that I try the Korres one and that has been drying my skin out like no other! 


So now I'm at a crossroads... Do I continue to buy the kit for one amazing product.... or do I keep hunting for something else...? Darn you PTR for not making this one product on its own! 

Re: Advice on Buying...

Thanks for all the ideas!!!! I went in Sephora and the SA said that the overnight facial will be coming out on its own soon! 


I really didn't want to just waste product buying the full set and not using the reast of the items. 

Re: Advice on Buying...

GREAT ideas in this thread -- I was also thinking you should check other retailers, esp department stores.  Sometimes they have special products or sizes from a certain brand.


Also, Bliss has an overnight facial product I just ran across that got really good reviews on another forum, FYI.  It's a bit of a 'peel' type though, exfoliating.

Re: Advice on Buying...

Did you contact PTR and ask if they are planning to have the product on its own? sometimes companies put stuff as samples or part of kits before releasing them by itself, maybe that's what it is in this case.


$88 for 1oz is comparable to other high end anti-aging stuff. I know Sephora have 20% or 15% off twice a year and PTR also have sales/discounts on their website so you can try to catch it during those times and it won't be so expensive.


In the mean time if you are still looking for facials, there's the Korres wild rose, Korres yogurt, Dr. Jart sleeping facial, AmorePacific overnight mask, Clinique moisture surge overnight mask....and that's all I can think of....I find Ole Henriksen's truth line is similar to camu camu, so maybe their moisturizer will work.


Good luck!

Re: Advice on Buying...

How many overnight facials have you tried? It may be a good one, but there might also be an equally amazing one out there. 


Another suggestion would be to check elsewhere for the full-sized facial product. Nordstrom, for example, carries some things that Sephora doesn't. And the PTR website might have it as well. Although, I did a quick Google search and nothing popped up, which is unfortunate.



I would recommend looking for something else in this case. It wouldn't hurt to buy the whole set the first time, but once your run out of the overnight facial and you're stuck with 3 other products that you don't love/ don't really use, you're going to have to buy another set and get 3 more of those products. Once you get to that point, it just becomes such a waste, unless you do think that it is good enough for 1oz to be worth $88.00.



If you're looking for an overnight mask with Vitamin C, you might want to try Boscia's Bright White Mask. However, if you just really like the results that the Vitamin C from the overnight facial gives you, I would definitely recommend using Philosophy's When Hope is Not Enough serum with a scoop of Philosophy's Turbo Booster C Powder

Re: Advice on Buying...

Once I felt cheap and tried to find a dupe for the Bite Cashmere lip creams. I spent about $8 on the NYX brand only to be met with extreme disappointment. I read tons of online reviews but the NYX brand wasn't complete matte and the pigmentation wasn't there!


As a rule, once I find an HG, I stick to it rather than wasting money on something cheaper and then eventually buying it anyways.

Re: Advice on Buying...

Hmmm my thought is to agree with Lilyyy, if it's your HG product, get it.  $88 for 1 oz isn't unheard of (assuming you can't use the other products at all).


With kits, sometimes I use the other products on my neck/chest (which at 32 needs more wrinkle and damage help than anywhere else on me), on my hands, or even on my feet Smiley Very Happy.  I figure high end moisture that doesn't agree with my face is good for my other parts.


I've even mixed them in with my body moisturizer to perk up my dry winter legs, etc.


And gifting!  Great idea Lilyyy.

Re: Advice on Buying...

@Nicrohr - I also use products on my body that don't work on my face! The neck/decollete area needs some TLC too Smiley Wink plus they usually aren't as sensitive as the face can be

Re: Advice on Buying...

If it's your HG, then by it! The rest would make AMAZING gifts.

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