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Acne and Scar Discoloration

So I've received some acne scars and discoloration on my face from having acne. I have red spots and brown spots on my face from the acne after it's healed. Any skincare products to help get rid of them? I don't wanna keep just using makeup to cover them up. 

Re: Acne and Scar Discoloration

I get pretty bad discoloration from acne and I've never gotten a laser treatment or anything close.  From recommendations from experts who know about dermatology, I will always stay away from those types of things.  Although my suggestion isn't quick or easy, it works and people always compliment me on my skin with and without makeup.  I suggest that you exfoliate often, use a mask at once or twice a week, apply a serum or cream with vitamin c, drink lots of water, and make sure you use SPF every day that you're out in the sun...even if it's only for five minutes. 


My acne leave pretty bad scarring, so I use Neosporin until it is completely healed.  My skincare routine consists of cleanser (Purity), toner (Tea Tree from LUSH), Vitamin C serum and/or treatment, and then a moisturizer with SPF for the day or a sleeping facial for the night (Korres).  To speed up the process of making the dark spots go away once they are healed I will use a dark spot corrector like the one from Philosophy or Peter Thomas Roth.  It's only been about a year and I have barely one serious pimple a month, and it is usually when I'm eating badly or not drinking enough water.


Remember that your body can grow accustomed to anything; this includes your face and laser treatments.  You will basically go from covering acne up with makeup to getting laser treatments as often as you can.  The only way to have really good skin is to work at, just as you would work at having a firm and toned body, or long and healthy hair.


Good luck to you!

Re: Acne and Scar Discoloration

nothing like laser treatments. very fast and does the jobs well 

but it can also irritate the skin quite a bit.. 


have you tried any AHA products? they don't get rid of the hyper pigmentations right away, but it does help to make them disappear faster Smiley Happy

I love Ren's glycol lactic radiance mask. it's pricey but really worth the cost.

Also if you look around, there are a lot of "pharmacy brand" AHA toners.  

Re: Acne and Scar Discoloration

Great advice.mi second it. Go to a dermie and see if fraxel (fractionated laser Tx) would be a good fit for you. Nothing comes close to the results of fraxel, but it isn't with its downside, for sure (I mean, in addition to its cost!).


an Rx topical retinoid (Retin-a, Atralin, etc.) can also help lessen the appearance of scars/discoloration, but it is a long and winding road.


AHAs will offer help as well, as infinitise correctly and helpfully points out, but these results are slower still. add I a BHA if your skin can tolerate it, too.


i like Laser-a peel by Dr Brandt. There are many out there. 


Most of all: don't give up! There are so many terrific treatments now but be patient and stick with it!

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