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ARCHIVE: Masks on the Move!

UPDATE: The new thread is up! If you are joining in, or just prefer to sit back and watch, join @lmaster at:


Spring MOTM box will be starting in mid-February. If you are interested in joining, please take a moment to complete the brief survey below prior to January 31st. ***If you have not participated in this or other BIC traveling boxes/unicorn mail, please PM me prior to completing the survey.*** We hope to see and share masks with some new faces!!!


Some pertinent info regarding the NEW double-box-in-progess set-up:

We will have two boxes in process this time. We are currently discussing the box composition and will update once decided what works best for the group.

Two BIC'ers will start off the boxes and they will travel through the shipping order until they make it to the other person at the end. 

CA participants are welcome to join again, we just need to ensure we have enough participants willing to ship in/out of the country. This will affect shipping order; other than that, order will be tentatively arranged by region to help offset shipping costs for participants.

Thank you to all who joined in the last round, we ended up with almost quadruple the original masks, which allowed me to create two new separate boxes (I also added in the extras from the first MOTM). There will be a bag of extras as usual, you all are so generous and make this so much fun!

Looking forward to February:)

Thank you @itsfi for all of your help in setting up the framework for the MOtM, and your many helpful suggestions. The entire masking community here is grateful to you! 


  1. There will be 10 face sheet masks in the packet at all times. you can remove as many or as little as you would like; but there should always be 10 masks moving forward to the next participant. You may add in extras like eye, feet or hand masks, but they will not count toward the 10 masks (they are little bonuses😉). Let's just try to keep a good variety in the box, and if there is an ISO, please be kind and don't take it out as an extra. 'Filler' masks would be great bonus items to take out when there is an overflow. Really! Filler masks would be defined as daily masks, generally ones that can be found at TJ Maxx/Nordstrom Rack/etc. and/or are widely available
  2. How do I ship? Padded flat rate Priority envelopes are great for this, and can be ordered for free on the USPS site. Any packaging is fine, but please take care to ensure the masks are adequately protected. A smaller package will encourage more participation, which in turn makes things more fun! Think cost-effective for those shipping internationally. 
  3. Will this be open to US and Canada? Yes! As long as there is an interest and participants willing to ship, we would love to cross the border. This would be taken into consideration in the shipping order.
  4. Any eligibility requirements? Anyone who is has posted regularly to the previous or current thread is eligible. In addition, if you have been involved in other thread challenges on a regular basis/BIC exchanges such as Holiday, Galentine's or Halloween/traveling boxes, you are also eligible. We love new participants, please PM me if you are interested! 
  5. Approval: To be fair, a minimum of the person receiving the box and 3-4 others will suffice. If at all possible, please take into account any ISO's or skin type when moving the box forward.
  6. Mask Guidelines: The idea is to share your Favorite/Great Finds/Discoveries Masks. Please be considerate and keep in mind this is to give others (and yourself!) an opportunity to try some new and different masks. Let's not send gross masks/masks we just want to get rid of - this is to share our love of masking!
  7. What happens if the box gets lost? USPS provides a $50 insured value for free. If a box is lost in transit, you are responsible for shipping an additional box to the next participant. Declaring a $50 value ensures that you would be reimbursed by USPS in the event your package is lost; however this is a lengthy process and thus it would be your responsibility to keep the flow of the boxes moving by curating a new box and shipping it out as quickly as possible.
  8. How does the order work? I will use a random generator; if there are Canadian participants I would need to take that into consideration depending on how many people would be willing to ship in/out of country.


Re: Masks on the Move!

Thank you for letting me know, @mrsmouse! Just thought I would throw it out there for the frequent maskers:) 

Re: Masks on the Move!

@eshoe, I'm curious about something you mentioned in a response to someone else, you said, "...for those who start the boxes..." Is there an option to be the one to start a box?  That would be FAR easier for me to commit to as I will know exactly when I will be sending the box out, rather it being a more variable time frame based on when others receive and send the box on.  I think that has always been my hesitation in getting involved a MOTM. I don't want a box to arrive while I am gone and therefore get delayed, but if I can be the first one to send it out then I know I've done my part and no one else will be waiting on me.  Does that make sense? 

Re: Masks on the Move!

@mrsmouse This is good to know, thank you! The only thing is we won’t know exactly when the box that starts at the other end will make it way to you. I approximate 1 week per stop, with an additional week for crossing countries. If that isn’t an issue, please let me know. We aren’t on a strict schedule, just like to keep things moving along and others in the know should unexpected circumstances arise. @lmaster 

Re: Masks on the Move!

@eshoe  Honestly, I am not at all concerned about when a box could potentially make it to me.  I just don't want it to arrive when I am gone & then everyone that is supposed to get it after me has to wait additional time for it.  I still may be out for this one though.  I have a lot of good masks, but I don't know that any of them would be considered luxe. Maybe Erno Lazlo ($18 -$22 retail) & Lancome ($15 retail)?  Is there a certain price point that determines a luxe mask?  I appreciate you answering all of the questions!  I am actually excited about the possibility of maybe being able to participate.  🙂

Re: Masks on the Move!

@eshoe Ouhhh thanks for the tag!  I’d love to join the next round!  

Re: Masks on the Move!

@heartsmyfaceso excited you are joining us again!!! @lmaster and I are still working out the logistics so stay posted;)

Re: Masks on the Move!

Thank you for the goodies @eshoe. 😃 Very nice of you to put these together. Some of these treats will have permanent residency in my traveling kit. 😊1910397B-DFF7-46E3-BDF1-4329B365A3AF.jpeg


Re: Masks on the Move!

thank you so much for the sweet gift as well @eshoe ! You always put together such nice gifts!

Re: Masks on the Move!

So sweet of @eshoe to put these little goody packages together for us, @itsfi!

Re: Masks on the Move!

Thank you, @itsfi. For being a part of it this go round, and for sharing your thoughts on what to include in these as well😊 

Re: Masks on the Move!

Here are my selections. Once it’s all sorted out, I will split the remaining masks into two boxes depending on what you all decide. I will set up a survey to figure out how best to do that, as well as determine who would like to be involved. Thanks again everyone!31FEB33A-7FF9-4260-8EFA-96C82E962478.jpeg






Re: Masks on the Move!

Looks good to me @eshoe . I do have a question. Didn't you start the box? I question this as to why you are putting masks in.

Re: Masks on the Move!

@emaisgr8 I guess as trades, when I started the box I wait to pick my masks once it comes around full circle ☺️ Plus now the remaining masks will be split up to become the new box/es in the spring for the people who start them, so they don’t have to put in their own masks. Or they can start off trading a few and then sending it on the way-however they want to do it!

Re: Masks on the Move!

Looks good!

Re: Masks on the Move!

It looks great to me @eshoe!

Re: Masks on the Move!

Those all look good to me, @eshoe

Re: Masks on the Move!

What started out as a humble flat rate envelope made its way home as a VERY large box. I am not at all surprised that this happened, and I am a little over-filled with gratitude at everyone’s generosity with all of the masking 💕 here. I believe I sent 10 sheet masks and maybe 2 or 3 extras on their way back in early summer. @scott1201, thank you for the very sweet Christmas gifts which oh wow. You know me, for sure! Gonna share more but just want to thank everyone SO very much for helping this little project move along and sharing your love of sheet-masking. Who sent the candy?!!! ❤️💕❤️💕 and your stockings had better be full this year😘 You all are the best

After looking at all of the masks, it’s clear we need a couple different paths. Scott1201 suggested a luxe/midrange split, which is a great idea. Another option is a blend of both, and yet another I thought of tonight would be a couple of sets based on skin type (maybe an oily/normal and a dry/normal box?). I need to take a look at @ShortErica‘s survey, if anyone feels strongly one way or another, please speak up! 


On to the good stuff!

I counted 24 masks.I counted 24 masks.





I haven’t gone through yet to pick out a few masks, just wanted to share the amazing-ness. 

I mentioned a little extra something included in the package (besides the contraband candies which I’ve already hidden in the vegetable drawer).95DAD5E5-82AF-4D79-A806-7466FEA4D79A.jpeg


Slip!!!! Velvet!!! And a scarf from far, far away❤️Slip!!!! Velvet!!! And a scarf from far, far away❤️

I missed out on the Sephora Favorites set and when I went back to purchase the holidays ornament it was sold out. I cannot tell you just how happy I was to see this scrunchie. The scarf is just gorgeous. The colors are so vibrant and I just appreciate so much that you sent it my way. Many, many thanks, Scott1201; your gifts are so very touching.

The card was pretty hilarious, too. Now I will forever be singing that song incorrectly 😄

@emaisgr8 @Kim888 @missjeanie @GalPalVal17 @l8totheparty @Nickelliebear1 @itsfi @Shosh85 


Re: Masks on the Move!

Thank you so much for organizing this and letting me be a part of this!  Enjoy the scarf, it’s so pretty!

Re: Masks on the Move!

Thank you so much @rockstargina, I’m very happy you were able to join😊 

Re: Masks on the Move!

What a beautiful scarf, @eshoe! Thank you for managing all the MOTM madness! 

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