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2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

Welcome to the final part of our 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge. Feel free to join in however often you want, on or off theme. It's just fun to share the masking adventures. Let's give some love to our winter skin.


It's almost 2020! Below is the tentative Mask of the Week Challenge schedule with everyone's suggestions. ***Changing the schedule just a bit to better fit seasons, will have up around Christmas!*** Thank you @missy415 for the reminderSmiley Happy If you have an idea, please PM me before 12/20 so we can add it to the list. 


This Week’s Theme: Sample Dive - I know we have them! 

Letter of the Week: “X” 


2019 Q4 Schedule



Sep 30 - Oct 6 N          Sephora Collections Week - House Brand Goodness 

Oct 7 - 13        O           French Pharmacy Week 

Oct 14 - 20      P           Ends of the Earth - masks that use ingredients from or are made in far away places 

Oct 21 - 27      Q          Overnight Masks - Sleeping miracles in a jar 

Oct 28 - Nov 3 R          Duel Week V2.0 & Mask Meetup thank you @mrsmouse for suggesting the Wish Formula Bat Eye Mask!

Nov 4 - 10        S          Forgotten Wonders - Shop your stash for an unloved mask 

Nov 11 - 17      T          Gross/Odd/Unusual Ingredients - Spirulina, donkey milk, bee venom, snail mucous - what masks have you used that have strange ingredients? 

Nov 18 - 24      U          Flash Masks - masks that do doubly duty in half the time 

Nov 25 - Dec 1 V          Morning Masking - Masks that help give a pep to your step 

Dec 2 - 8          W          Asian skincare Brand - Visit old cultures and their ways 

Dec 9 - 15        X           Sample Dive - I know we have them! 

Dec 16 - 22      Y           Holiday Party Prep Mask 

Dec 23 - 31       Z          Masks you discovered in 2019



2019 Mask of the Week Main Thread & Misc. Info:

To Post:
Each week features a different theme, as well as a letter of the alphabet for coming up with new masking ideas. Feel free to post as frequently or infrequently as you would like, with or without following the challenge; they are guidelines and just something we do for fun. We love hearing about every masking experience, and suggestions are always welcomed!

Please include the brand and name of the mask you are trying out, as well as a photo if possible. Any other details are greatly appreciated, including scent, if it's an exfoliating mask (include acid info if known), your overall experience, and whether or not you would repurchase. Don't forget to include a grade (thanks to @ShortErica for the idea) to help others along the way.

Most importantly, have fun and merry masking!

2019 Mask of the Week Challenge:
2018 Mask of the Week Challenge: 

Masking Surveys Thread: Curious about others' masking habits? Join the fun w/ @ShortErica:


Spring Masks on the Move Box🌱🌷🌈: Interested in participating in a spring box? @ShortErica has a survey that will help us curate the best plan for next year for those who would like to be involved:



Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

I haven't tried the Raspberry CS mask yet @nuinui933 but it sounds awesome.  I've really liked all of the fusion line so far.  

I like that you do a communal mask bowl with friends!  It's a real life version of the Masks on the Move box!  I wish I had friends who were as into it as me who lived close by!

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@missjeanie it's a lot of fun, the communal bowl. It's our "book club", without the books. heh, heh, heh. Masks on the move box sounds fun 'cuz what's not fun about getting to see and try new masks.

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

S is for Skullcap and Shionle

I've received the Whole Foods mask from both @eshoe and @itsfi!! Thanks ladies! 😘17EA7756-B126-4D2C-AEAC-9569F43DAD9B.jpeg


Whole Foods Brightening Skullcap Air Wrapping Mask

This is a two piece foil mask, which has a gold colored foil on the outside and cotton on the inside touching your skin. It fit great and was saturated with plenty of serum. To me, the scent was sort of a mix of floral and witch hazel. It was pretty light and not too noticeable while the mask was on. The adherence wasn't the greatest, but it was still pretty comfortable to wear the half hour I had it on. My face was a little tacky after removing, but it went away after about 10 minutes. My face looked noticeably brighter, felt soft and smooth and was comfortably hydrated.

This was a fun one, with great results too, so I'm super happy to have a backup! 😃

My face:








Shionel Pore & Spot Care Mask

This is a thin cotton sheet mask that was saturated with plenty of serum and had a light floral scent. The fit was ok - a little too long at the chin and a bit too wide at the temples. The adherence was great and was coming to wear the half hour I had it on. It was only slightly tacky after removing and when away within minutes. I don't have very big pores, but it was noticeable how much smaller they were! My face looked a little brighter, had a nice glow and felt soft and smooth.

This is definitely one I'll be repurchasing soon! 94CC0DDD-8C4A-463F-9BCD-CFECBB8B792B.jpeg


Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@Shosh85 @I’m happy you have a backup of the WF mask too! None that I’ve tried have been bad, I would repurchase any (or all!) of them. Except maybe for the exfoliating foot mask. The Açaí air wrapping one is nice, too, if you come across it in the wildSmiley Wink

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

Awesome to hear this one was great for your pores @Shosh85 I think I have this one,, time to go searching... Unless I already used it 🤦

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@lmaster I got it from Facetory, so I wouldn't be surprised if have it or have tried it 😉

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@Shosh85 the whole foods one sounds interesting! I'll have to check that out next time I'm there!

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@Kim888  Whole Foods has been consistently great so far! I love this one because it's both fun and effective!

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

Noticeably smaller pores you say @Shosh85?!! *added to the list. lol! I've been happy with the Whole Foods sheet masks. I don't get to the store very often but I typically make a beeline to that department to see if there's a sale - not that I need to stock up as I have quite a few of their masks already. Hahaha! Smiley Happy Nice to hear that this was a good one for you too.

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@itsfi  I've only tried a few Whole Foods masks, but so far they've all been great! Love the gold foil on this one! 😉👍 Thanks for introducing me to these! 

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

Whoa!! @Shosh85 a mask that really did a noticeable number on your pores is a big one in my books!  That's a great review.  Nice to have a two piece mask as well.  They really make things so much easier. 

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@missjeanie  I definitely don't run into many pore masks that are very effective! My pores aren't large at all, but it's nice when I can get them even smoother. 😉

I really love two-piece masks. They always seem to have a great fit and I also love that I have the option of removing the bottom half to eat if I want to 😃

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

S is for Saturday, Sephora, Spa, Snail and Sara Happ



The Yadah Collagen Mask Pack (go snail!!!) and the Sara Happ lip mask are ones I’ve posted about before; the snail mask is a good one; the lip mask I’m still working with. I think it’ll be a product that I  find to be fun more than anything; I prefer her lip scrubs but will continue to work my way through this lip mask.


I haven’t been using peels as often as I have in the past; mainly because I’ve just been a lot busier and have forgotten to include them in my routine. I plan to move my peels, or at least a few of them, where they’re in easy view and reach. One of the ones I’m planning on trialing out are the SEPHORA COLLECTION - Glow Peel Pads. I had read some reviews that said that the pads were not as saturated with the solution as users had liked so before using these, I flipped the container upside down so that the solution on the bottom would cover and saturate the pads at the top. Flipped it that morning so that it would be full of solution by the time I reached for it in the evening. My skin tends to respond well to acids, including glycolic acid, but with any AHA/BHA that I’m trying out for the first time, I did a patch test with it and last night, I applied it just along the underside of my jawline and my nose. There’s a light, fresh, clean scent to these pads and they don’t seem to be very harsh – my nose is tough but my jawline is a softie and I didn’t experience any skin irritation in either areas, so these are a “go” for incorporating into my routine over the next month or so. Will report back after I’ve given these a fair shot, but so far, I haven’t had an issue with these glycolic pads.


Completely new to me is the Lise Watier Spa Flambe-Glace, a generous gift from the very thoughtful @keana1. I’ve been intrigued by these ever since I received them. They contain lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint oil for some aromatherapy. The patch is supposed to have a warm-cool sensation to help sooth away stress. I picked up on the essential oils immediately upon opening the packet; it was lovely. The directions suggests removing the adhesive strip and applying it on the nape of the neck, forehead or any area that needs soothing. I went with the back of my neck / skull, which is wear I tend to carry tension when I’m stressed. I don’t know how long it’s supposed to stay on; I ended up falling asleep with it on. I didn’t experience much of a warming sensation, more of a cooling one, and I was fine with that; it felt really good. I have a couple more work trips this year and I plan on packing another one of these with me on those trips; it’ll make for a nice way to unwind after getting into town. Thank you keana1! Looking forward to using these. Smiley Happy

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

I’m so glad that you were able to unwind and fall asleep with the LW @itsfi ! 😍

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

Me too @keana1; me too! Thank you for sending this my way! 🤗

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

If you want more of these, I’ll be happy to send you some @itsfi ! Let me know! 🥰

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@itsfi that's exactly where I feel tension if I'm stressed! I have this one from @keana1  also, I let my husband use one and he enjoyed it 🙌

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

So great that it was something that worked for your husband @lmaster! And kudos to him for giving it a shot! 

Any tips, tricks or recs for alleviating stress or tension in that neck/upper back area? I’m trying to be better at recognizing earlier on when I start feeling tension there but it’s a work in progress. 

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

The only thing that immediately helps me is a hot bath,,, with Epsom salt @itsfi I've tried massages, chiropractor, tens unit and nothing gets rid of the pain like a hot bath. 

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@itsfi oh wow the Lise Watier sounds super fascinating! I had no idea they did skincare! I  don't believe they are available in the US but I got one of their palettes in a secret santa last year and it's such amazing quality!

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@Kim888, I didn’t know they had a skincare range either. I’ve found some of their products on naimies dot com 😃 but it’s a limited line. The packaging and design on her palettes are pretty. 

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