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2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

Welcome to the final part of our 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge. Feel free to join in however often you want, on or off theme. It's just fun to share the masking adventures. Let's give some love to our winter skin!


2019 Q4 Schedule



Sep 30 - Oct 6 N          Sephora Collections Week - House Brand Goodness 

Oct 7 - 13        O           French Pharmacy Week 

Oct 14 - 20      P           Ends of the Earth - masks that use ingredients from or are made in far away places 

Oct 21 - 27      Q          Overnight Masks - Sleeping miracles in a jar 

Oct 28 - Nov 3 R          Duel Week V2.0 & Mask Meetup thank you @mrsmouse for suggesting the Wish Formula Bat Eye Mask!

Nov 4 - 10        S          Forgotten Wonders - Shop your stash for an unloved mask 

Nov 11 - 17      T          Gross/Odd/Unusual Ingredients - Spirulina, donkey milk, bee venom, snail mucous - what masks have you used that have strange ingredients? 

Nov 18 - 24      U          Flash Masks - masks that do doubly duty in half the time 

Nov 25 - Dec 1 V          Morning Masking - Masks that help give a pep to your step 

Dec 2 - 8          W          Asian skincare Brand - Visit old cultures and their ways 

Dec 9 - 15        X           Sample Dive - I know we have them! 

Dec 16 - 22      Y           Holiday Party Prep Mask 

Dec 23 - 31       Z          Masks you discovered in 2019

This Week’s Theme: Gross/Odd/Unusual Ingredients - Spirulina, donkey milk, bee venom, snail mucous - what masks have you used that have strange ingredients? 

Letter of the Week: “T”



2019 Mask of the Week Main Thread & Misc. Info:

To Post:
Each week features a different theme, as well as a letter of the alphabet for coming up with new masking ideas. Feel free to post as frequently or infrequently as you would like, with or without following the challenge; they are guidelines and just something we do for fun. We love hearing about every masking experience, and suggestions are always welcomed!

Please include the brand and name of the mask you are trying out, as well as a photo if possible. Any other details are greatly appreciated, including scent, if it's an exfoliating mask (include acid info if known), your overall experience, and whether or not you would repurchase. Don't forget to include a grade (thanks to @ShortErica for the idea) to help others along the way.

Most importantly, have fun and merry masking!

2019 Mask of the Week Challenge:
2018 Mask of the Week Challenge: 

Masking Surveys Thread: Curious about others' masking habits? Join the fun w/ @ShortErica:

We have scheduled monthly meetups as well as impromptu sessions because you cannot compare masks only once a month! If you have an idea for a week’s Meetup or a particular month, tag me so I can add it to the schedule.

April: The Oozoo Rose Capsule, April 13th
May: Sephora Collection Mask - Honey Mask, May 4th (Thank you @missjeanie!) 
June: Bawdy Butt Mask Month. Let's try all four masks, one a Saturday (Thank you @faeriegirl!) On the 22nd we will also be trying out a Yadah mask - your pick, thanks to @ShortErica
July: @lmaster suggested a Crème Shop Sanrio Mask for our July 6th meetup, and you all voted for the My Melody Softer Than Cookies.

August: Biobelle Tutti Frutti Collection - the Peach is on deck for our mid-summer masking! Join us Saturday August 10th to compare notes on this mask. Then Saturday August 17th we will be comparing the Biobelle Pineapple mask. Thank you @lmaster@Shosh85 & @PrettyPaint for suggesting Biobelle!
September: @ShortErica and @GalPalVal17 are interested in everyone's thoughts on the Lookatme Watermelon Face Mask. Join us Saturday, September 21st for the fun!
October: @GalPalVal17 suggested a Crème Shop Mask, will update with more info. ALSO: October 31st join us for the Wish Formula Bat Eye Mask thanks to @mrsmouse!

Spring Masks on the Move Box🌱🌷🌈: Interested in participating in a spring box? @ShortErica has a survey that will help us curate the best plan for next year for those who would like to be involved:



Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@itsfi we're having our first cold front of the season in the northeast so extra hydration was definitely needed!

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

Another S for Sephora



Wednesday night’s mask was one of the new holiday masks, the SEPHORA COLLECTION - The Rose Gold Mask. Sephora has come out with a few new masks to its collection this year; the new ones, like this rose gold holiday mask, come in a square packet, as opposed to the half circle shaped packets of the original sheet mask line. This rose gold mask is a one-piece rose gold foil mask, which to me, felt slightly thicker than other foil masks I’ve tried. There’s also a scent to this one that is familiar but I can’t bring to mind what it reminds me of. It’s not completely unpleasant though I’m happy that it’s undetectable when wearing the mask.


In terms of fit, overall, this mask is smaller than other sheet masks, and the smaller shape extends to every aspect of the mask – on me, that meant the length at the chin was great – no need to cut any excess material. Yay. The width of the mask seemed to be a good fit for my face shape too, though with this mask I experienced some bunching up in certain areas along the sides/jawline so there were some challenges to keeping mask lying completely flat. The forehead area seemed a little shorter than other sheet masks. The holes for eyes and mouth are cut very small/narrow so I made some minor adjustments to the corners of those areas, but due to the mask leaning on the heavier side, I had more difficulty folding the parts of the sheet mask where I made some small incisions. Adherence was alright, which is an uncommon for me – this one presented some issues that I don’t otherwise experience with sheet mask.  There was the slightest of bunching up in certain areas, mainly the lower half of the mask at the sides and jawline.


The aim of this rose gold mask is to nourish the skin. I removed the mask after 20 minute; my skin looked soft and hydrated, but to be fair, I’m fairly certain the same results could be achieved with other masks that fit and adhered better. In general, the Sephora masks in the square packaging haven’t performed as well as the original sheet masks from the brand. I have another one of these rose gold masks, as well as the new blue mask. I plan on giving this mask a re-do and will cut the mask in half before using it next time. That may help to fix some of the challenges I have with the mask. Will report back how that works out.

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@itsfi  I'm pretty sure I have one of these to try. Glad to read your review. I had never heard of cutting a mask in half!! Hmmm...I maybe actually try that when I use this one.

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@PrettyPaint, I sometimes just make this stuff up as I go. I’ve had good experiences with 2-piece foil sheet masks so I figure I’ll just make my own. Let’s hope it works out well. 😆🤞🏼

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@itsfi  That makes total sense to me, especially if foil masks are often in the two-piece format! Smiley Happy And I'm always excited to learn new tips. 

had high hopes for this one @itsfi hopefully the next go...

had high hopes for this one @itsfi hopefully the next go round will be a better experience

Re: had high hopes for this one @itsfi hopefully the next go...

I know @lmaster! I really wanted to like this one a lot. Hoping that making it into a 2-piece mask will help. 🤞🏼

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

I like the idea of cutting it in half @itsfi .  I would never think of that until well after I'd have it on my face.  Do you find the roller does much for your skin?  I'm always curious about them, but can't decide if it's gimmicky, just feels nice, or actually improves skin in some way?

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

One of the benefits of having gone through as many masks as I have @missjeanie is that I’ve accumulated a host of tips and tricks. Hahaha! 😉 I don’t always remember them when I need them, but that’s another  story! 😂😂😂


The roller is nicely cooling on the skin and it is relaxing too. I don’t think I use it frequently enough to see consistent visible results; I tend to put on a sheet mask and then do work around the house. When I first got the roller though, I used it daily for a little over a week and I did notice less puffiness in certain areas. A reminder to be use more frequently. 

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

Interesting. I generally prefer a warm in lieu of cooling feeling, but maybe I’ll take a gander at one next summer. @itsfi 

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@itsfi  Sounds like a decent, but unimpressive mask. 😐 Good to have a heads up on the size! When I get around to trying it, I'll definitely have to remember to cut it in half first! 😃👍

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

Yeah. It was just an okay mask @Shosh85. 😞 Hoping the blue one will be better. 🤞🏼 

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@itsfi I love that you included your roller in the picture, do you roll yours masks frequently?

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@CC3616, I’m trying to use my roller more when masking. I probably use it once during the week, consistently. Trying to get into the habit of using it more frequently.

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@itsfi thanks for the in depth thoughts as always! I haven't tried these out but sounds like  may be better off sticking to their regular masks

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@Kim888, yeah, the ones from the original line have for the most part been consistently good for me. 😃 I’m hoping that cutting the mask into two pieces will help. I find having a mask for the top half and bottom half of my face to be better for fit, especially with foil masks. We shall see. 🤞🏼 

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

S is for Soo'AE and Sweet 9075AEC7-5A60-41D0-BB1A-30697770603B.jpeg


Soo'AE Sweet Pink Bubble Mask

This light pink mask starts out as sort of a sticky cream, but instantly starts foaming/bubbling once it's applied to the face. It wasn't aggressive at all and didn't get into my eyes or mouth. It had a light baby powder scent. The package recommended leaving it on for 3 minutes and I'd usually go a little longer, but the initial tickle I was feeling around my chin and mouth turned into more of an itch and I couldn't wait to take it off. It came off easy with warm water. My face felt clean and SO soft and smooth and even had a bit of a glow. My skin was feeling a little dry, but for me, that's to be expected with these types of masks.

I really enjoyed the results I got from this one and will repurchase, especially to see if it feels itchy the second time around 😉

These bubble masks always make my face look fat 😂👇




Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

This is the first time I’ve heard that a mask smells like baby powder. How interesting @Shosh85! Even more so because it’s a bubbling sheet mask you’d repurchase. I’m making notes that it’s shosh-approved. By the packaging, I kinda thought it might smell like the Bubblelicious bubble gum of my youth. 😂

so many fruits 😍 @Shosh85 sounds really nice!!

so many fruits 😍 @Shosh85 sounds really nice!!

Re: so many fruits 😍 @Shosh85 sounds really nice!!

@lmaster  After seeing the packaging I kinda hoped it'd smell like bubblegum - then I read the ingredients and was kinda hoping it'd smell fruity! 😂

Re: 2019 Q4 Mask of the Week Challenge!

@Shosh85 Cute! Bubble masks are so fun. 

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