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2019 Mask of the Week Challenge!

Hello lovely masking mavens! We have outgrown the original thread started by the wonderful @Aaliaa and are beginning another masking journey. Many thanks to her and excited you are here. ***Half-Year Update will be posted this week***


To post:

Each week features a different theme, as well as a letter of the alphabet for coming up with new masking ideas. Feel free to post as frequently or infrequently as you would like, with or without following the challenge; they are guidelines and just something we do for fun. We love hearing about every masking experience, and suggestions are always welcomed!

Please include the brand and name of the mask you are trying out, as well as a photo if possible. Any other details are greatly appreciated, including scent, if it's an exfoliating mask (include acid info if known), your overall experience, and whether or not you would repurchase. Don't forget to include a grade (thanks to @ShortErica for the idea) to help others along the way.

Most importantly, have fun and merry masking!

Original Thread: 

Female-owned companies, for reference:

Amika (Co-Founder Vita Rayhkman)
Annie’s Way (Annie Wu)
Beauty Pie (Founder Marcia Kilgore)
Biobelle (4 sisters)
Bite Beauty (Founder Susanne Langmuir)
bkr (Co-Founders Kate Cutler and Tal Winter)
bliss Spa/bliss Skincare (Founder Marcia Kilgore)
Briogeo (Nancy Twine)
By Terry (Terry De Gunzberg)
Captain Blankenship
Drunk Elephant (Tiffany Masterson) 
Esker (Shannon Davenport)
Glossier (Emily Weiss) 
Glow Recipe/Sweet Chef (Sarah Lee & Christine Chang)
Herbivore (partners Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow)
Honest Beauty (Jessica Alba)
Indie Lee
Josie Maran
Jane Iredale
Juice Beauty (Karen Behnke)
June Jacobs
Kate Somerville
Kora Organics (Miranda Kerr)
Dr. Loretta
NuFace (Carol Cole)
Odacite (Valerie Grandury)
Omorovicza (husband and wife Stephen and Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza)
Ouai (Jen Atkin)
Pacifica Beauty (Brook Harvey-Taylor and husband Billy Taylor)
Pai (Sarah Brown)
Peach & Lily/Peach Slices (Alicia Yoon)
Pixi (Petra Strand)
Purlisse (Jennifer Yen)
Rael (Yanghee Paik)
Sand & Sky (twin sisters Emily and Sarah Hamilton)
Saint Jane (Casey Georgsson)
Sara Happ
Skin Laundry (Yen Reis)
Soap & Glory (Founder Marcia Kilgore)
Soko Glam (husband and wife Charlotte and David Cho)
Sol de Janeiro (Heela Yang, Co-Founder)
Summer Fridays (Founders Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland)
Jill Stuart
tarte (Maureen Kelly)
Tata Harper
Tatcha (Vicky Tsai)
Charlotte Tillbury
Wander Beauty (Co-Founders Divya Gugnani and Lindsay Ellingson)
Joanna Vargas
Yadah Cosmetics (Founder and CEO Anna Kang)


SPECIAL SURVEY: PTR Mask Mashup Results! @PrettyPaint  @makeitup305 this is indeed a great ‘Intro-to-Masking’ set that resulted in zero skin irritations. A gift perfect for new maskers! 

Preliminary Results:

If you did not add your thoughts and would like to, the survey can be found below. I will post amended results at a later date.

2019 Mask of the Week Challenge Schedule

Jan 1 - 6AMasks you discovered in 2018 - What new loves did you discover last year? 
Jan 7 - 13BFavourite Mask of the “Masking Week Challenge 2018”  
Jan 14 - 20CFavourite Mask in your regular routine - What do you buy in bulk, so you always have it on hand in case of masking emergency?@itsfi
Jan 21 - 27D
Clean Week - Masks that give your skin a boost without the guilt
Jan 28 - Feb 3ELip, Hand or Foot Masks to help that winter skin 
Feb 4 - 10FVitamins Week - masks that nourish your skin with vitamins and minerals@Kim888
Feb 11 - 17GSpecial Occasion Masks - the mask(s) you use to pamper yourself@itsfi
Feb 18 - 24HGross Masks - whether it's the scent or results, share the details please!@Aaliaa
Feb 25 - Mar 3ISpring Flowers - floral ingredients or scents that add a spring to your step 
Mar 4 - 10JFemale Owned Brands - In honour of Women's Day March 8th 
Mar 11 - 17KFavourites Week - Your go to miracle in a mask 
Mar 18 - 24LSample that made you buy the FS - You tried it, and decided to buy it!@itsfi
Mar 25 - 31MFavourite Smelling Masks - Watermelon, Kale, Spa?? 
Apr 1 - 7NBIC Made you do it! Masks recommended/inspired by other BIC members 
Apr 8 - 14OThe Oozoo Week - share your Oozoo and Neogen loves!
Meetup: The OOZOO Capsule Rose Petal -  Saturday April 13th. 
Apr 15 - 21PLuxe it Up or a Pretty on a Penny - the $ and the $$$$ of Masks 
Apr 22 - 28QSample Dive - I know we have them! 
Apr 29 - May 5RSephora’s ‘Best Selling’ Masks
Meetup: Sephora Collection Honey Face Mask -  Saturday May 4th. Thank you @missjeanie
May 6 - 12SOvernight Masks - Sleeping miracles in a jar 
May 13 - 19TSummer Masks to refresh and sooth during sunny months 
May 20 - 26UFruits & Veggies Week - masks that use natural goodness to nourish your skin@Keana1
May 27 - Jun 2VGuess this Mask - using only a pic or description, see if you can stump fellow BIC masking mavens           
Meetup: Bawdy Butt Mask- Your pick Saturday June 1. Thank you @faeriegirl!                                        Meetup: Mediheal Vita Lightbeam Essential Mask EX Wednesday 5/29 thanks to @ShortErica & @Shosh85  
Jun 3 - 9WDIY Mask - Skincare meets Chemistry
Meetup: Bawdy Butt Mask 2.0
Jun 10 - 16XMorning Masking - Masks that help give a pep to your step
Meetup: Bawdy Butt Mask 3.0
Jun 17 - 23YMasks you've discovered so far in 2019
Meetup: Yadah All Day Mask Pack - Your pick Saturday June 22. Thank you @ShortErica!           Meet up: Bawdy Butt Mask 4.0 - The Finale 
Jun 24 - 30ZMasking Duel - Dare to compare 2 (or more!) masks in one session 
Jul 1 - 7AHydrating Masks to get over the dehydration of Air-Conditioning!
Meetup: Crème Shop -My Melody Softer than Cookies -  Saturday July 6th. Thank you @lmaster
Jul 8 - 14BMasking Hacks - share your masking secrets that make your life easier and your skin happy 
Jul 15 - 21CLip, Hand or Foot Masks to help that summer skin 
Jul 22 - 28D’Weird Mask' Bubbling, Peeling, Colour changing other worldly wonders! 
Jul 29 - Aug 4EMulti-Masking How many masks can you use at one time or in One Day?? 
Aug 5 - 11FBlind Pick Your Mask - Let's make it fun to use the masks in our stash!
Meetup: Sephora x Barbie thanks to @GalPalVal17 
Aug 12 - 18GSheet Mask Focus - from cotton to cupra, coconut gel to bio cellulose, what are your favorites and why? 
Aug 19 - 25HDrugstore & Grocery Brands Week 
Aug 26 - Sep 1IFavourites Week - Your go to miracle in a mask 
Sep 2 - 8JRainbow Week - Bring out the colorful masks in every hue@Sonnydee
Sep 9 - 15KAutumn Masks - Fall goodness in a mask 
Sep 16 - 22LWhen you are getting GLAM for a night out and want that inner GLOW 
Sep 23 - 29MBIC Made you do it! Masks recommended/inspired by other BIC members 
Sep 30 - Oct 6NSephora Collections Week - House Brand Goodness 
Oct 7 - 13OFrench Pharmacy Week 
Oct 14 - 20PEnds of the Earth - masks that use ingredients from or are made in far away places 
Oct 21 - 27QOvernight Masks - Sleeping miracles in a jar 
Oct 28 - Nov 3RLets show some love to Some Korean skincare brands 
Nov 4 - 10SForgotten Wonders - Shop your stash for an unloved mask 
Nov 11 - 17TGross/Odd/Unusual Ingredients - Spirulina, donkey milk, bee venom, snail mucous - what masks have you used that have strange ingredients? 
Nov 18 - 24UFlash Masks - masks that do doubly duty in half the time 
Nov 25 - Dec 1VMorning Masking - Masks that help give a pep to your step 
Dec 2 - 8WAsian skincare Brand - Visit old cultures and their ways 
Dec 9 - 15XSample Dive - I know we have them! 
Dec 16 - 22YHoliday Party Prep Mask 
Dec 23 - 29ZMasks you discovered in 2019

This Week’s Theme: Masking Duel - dare to compare two or more masks to see which one is the winner! Could be ingredient, brand, line, etc.


Letter of the Week Ideas for “Z”: Share some! We will be halfway through the year the end of this week, next week we start over with "A." 


TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Winners On-going Survey: @cianni & @ShortErica suggested a survey that reflects masks currently at TJ Maxx to use as a 'cheat sheet.' No fancy graphics just raw data because I can't keep up with ya'll's shopping:


Mask Meetup Info:

We have scheduled monthly meetups as well as impromptu sessions because you cannot compare masks only once a month Smiley Very HappyPlease check the 2019 Schedule to see what meetups are coming up next. If you have an idea for a week’s Meetup or a particular month, tag me so I can add it to the schedule.

April: The Oozoo Rose Capsule, April 13th
May: Sephora Collection Mask - Honey Mask, May 4th (Thank you @missjeanie!) 
June: Bawdy Butt Mask Month. Let's try all four masks, one a Saturday (Thank you @faeriegirl!) On the 22nd we will also be trying out a Yadah mask - your pick, thanks to @ShortErica
July: @lmaster suggested a Crème Shop Sanrio Mask for our July 6th meetup, and you all voted for the My Melody Softer Than Cookies.
Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 5.38.36 PM.png

August: Sephora x Barbie thanks to @GalPalVal17!          


Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

A sheet mask over top of the lip gels is a great idea @Shosh85  @itsfi - thanks!

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

@CC3616, I’ve learned the hard way that hydrogel lip masks like the Tony Moly one don’t want to stay put! 😟 I have to lie down or apply a sheet mask over it. Otherwise, plop! It’ll end up on the floor!! 😂


Sorry about the cystic acne spots - “Grrrrr!!” is right!! They’re the worst!!! Dairy is one of the triggers for mine, too. Good luck with your one-two lactic acid - MB drying lotion punch! 🥊 

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

The whole foods mask sounds  nice! Sorry the others were just so so and the lip mask didn't work out. @CC3616 

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

lol @CC3616  those gel lip masks never stay on ! 

between you @CC3616 and @Shosh85 I'm LOL over lip masks f...

between you @CC3616 and @Shosh85 I'm LOL over lip masks flopping on the floor 😂😂

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

Ugh that’s the worst with the spots @CC3616 !! I’m with you though - mine is sugar related unfortunately so it’s been a rough time at my house 😂 hopefully everything sorts out soon! I know how painful and annoying those little spots can get. 


Aside from that - love your variety in masking! I have to try the whole foods ones, I’ve heard so many great things, and the green foil sounds like it would be fun at the very least 😂

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

@cianni I've enjoyed all of the whole foods ones I've tried, it's a blessing and a curse I don't live closer! 

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

Good luck with clearing up your pesky spots, @CC3616! I'm with you on that TM lip mask btw, jello jiggler is the perfect description for it. 

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge


Didn't have a chance to post this on Sunday night, but finished off the weekend with these mask for E/Eye, Lip, Hands week.




All are new tries for me except the Laneige lip mask. The Exuviance mud mask was an easy wear. It dried up pretty quickly but didnt get too tight which was nice. It also washed off easily. Can't say I noticed any difference to my face but I dont always. Could just be me. But my face did feel cleaner.

After, applied the Kocostar lip mask but made sure to put it under my sheet mask as recommended by @itsfi  . Ya know, I dont think I've tried this type of mask before and I'm not sure if I like it. I really didnt feel any serum on it but was I supposed to? It felt almost dry just gelly like due to the type of mask. I applied it anyways to see what happened. Nothing. Maybe I got a dud?!

The sheet mask was pleasant. I thought at first the scent from the lip mask (rose scent) would collide with the sheet mask (lemony like) but nope, the sheet mask scent faded quickly. Fit good and felt great. 


Well, since I wasnt sure about the Kocostar lip mask the day before, I thought I'd try out this other one to try to compare. This one was definitely soaked in serum but the problem with this was it didnt stay on. I tried to hurry and put on the sheet mask, tilting my head back trying to keep the lip mask on. I could only imagine what I looked like trying to balance the lip mask and apply the sheet mask before it fell off. Unfortunately, it didnt stay on even under the sheet mask so that was a total fail for me but quite fun... lol

I tried these eye masks for the first time. I dont know what it is but these too came out of the package dry. I think they are the same material as the Kocostar lip mask. I looked this product up to read the reviews and I wasnt the only one with this experience. So, i was so distracted with be disappointed in the eye masks that I didnt notice if it did anything for me. If this is how this type of mask is supposed to be, then it just may not be for me. 

TCS mask was a good fit but I did get a little irritated by the sides of my nose. Could just be me because that is the spot I get the most dry and irritated. I def would try this mask again when that area is doing well to get a better idea if it was the mask or me. It was a pretty mask, blue with the constellation on it. Had a nice scent to it, not too strong.


Matcha Green Tea : A traditional ingredient (for the tradition-loving Capricorn) with multiple skin benefits. 


Bergamot Oil : Aromatherapy promoting relaxation for the naturally disciplined and in-control Capricorn. 


Dark Chocolate : Help diminishes the appearance of tired skin from productive and busy days. 

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

@GalPalVal17 Sorry to hear about the lip masks! All the hydrogels seem to do that to me too! The last one I used, made such a loud smacking noise when it the floor, it made me crack up! 😂

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

@GalPalVal17, the Kocostar lip mask I used had the jelly feel you mentioned and there was very slight serum on it but almost undetectable. It made my lips softer then they were, but my lips were super dry at the time so that might account for the results.

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

Sorry that lip mask didn't stay on Smiley Sad @GalPalVal17 

@GalPalVal17 I don't see many having luck with those type...

@GalPalVal17 I don't see many having luck with those types of lip masks unless you are literally laying down and not moving... I know I can't 😂

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

@GalPalVal17 I chuckled because I tried a lip mask similar to the cherry gel and was doing the same thing before realizing it just wasn't going to stick on 

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

For this week, I decided to dive into a mask I received from my coworker. Had to do a little research because these were not intended for sale outside of Asia and so there’s no English! This is the Kosé Cosmeport Clear Turn White - Vitamin C mask. Because of the crazy weather and a dermatologist prescription my skin has been extra dry, so I followed with my TO 100% plant-derived squalane and laneige water sleeping mask.

The squalane and sleeping masks are staples in my routine, so I don’t think I need to do a review on them. Plus I feel like everyone has tried the laneige anyways! If anyone has questions about the squalane I’d be more than happy to answer though!

as for the mask - the website claims that this is the top selling face mask brand in Japan. I feel like I can see why! The sheet itself was quite heavy and clear (like a bio-cellulose if it didn’t have a meshy texture). It was saturated in serum, but wasn’t dripping. It almost felt like the mask was spongey and had absorbed the serum right up. The top half of the mask was one of the best fits on a sheet mask I’ve tried - the eye holes were wide enough and in the right spot, the nose fit great, and I didn’t have a lot of extra around the forehead or temples. It went a little downhill with the lower half. There was too much space between the nose and mouth, and a lot of extra width in the cheeks. I made it work by making a small fold. It said leave on for 10 mins but I left it about 25. The scent was super minimal but fresh and light. It didn’t move around once affixed to the face. After removal there was serum still on my face that I tapped it. It was very minimally tacky but went away as it started to absorb. My face felt bright and refreshed, but the effect didn’t last that long. The website sells these in bulk, and I’m under the impression that they’re daily masks, so I feel like to have sustained results you would have to incorporate it into a regular routine. I did quite like it though, so I’ll give it a B+. I would have scored it higher if the results lasted longer or didn’t require as much commitment to maintain. There are so many masks out there to try, I don’t know if I could commit to using the same one every day for extended periods of time!



Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

@cianni I've never tried this one, but I feel like I've used a lot masks that I wish the results were longer lasting! Too bad this was the same way! Sounds pretty decent otherwise, though! 🤗

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

Love the Laneige sleeping mask @cianni! Sorry the Kose ones didn’t work out for you. I’ve heard really good things about the brand but, with the exception of one sheet mask, I haven’t had the best results with their sheet masks. Maybe their other skincare products are better.

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

@itsfi I’m not too mad about it, it still felt nice even if the results weren’t as long lasting as I had hoped. I imagine that it’s to be used in place of a vitamin C serum in a daily routine, and I can definitely see it having great long term results when used that way! I prefer to have more variety (and fun hehe) in my masking, so I’ll stick to my Truth Serum for my daily Vit C 🤗

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

Thanks for your thoughts on this. Sorry the results weren't longer lasting. @cianni 

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

@veronika23 @lmaster it’s ok! I can’t expect too much because it’s a longer term use product. It did make my skin feeel nice and fresh though! Sometimes it’s nice to do a mask just for a mini spa-like self care experience 😂

Re: 2019 Mask of the Week Challenge

Yeah I have to agree on that!!! 😂 @cianni 

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