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Post in Sensitive Skin

Super. Sensitive. Dry. Skin. (Not Acne Prone)

Hey everyone! This is my first post in here so I'm not too sure if this will garner any answers but it's worth a shot. I am having the most difficult time creating a great skincare regimen. Every cleanser or moisturizer I try stings, burns, or causes me to have red blotches. I have tried CeraVe, Fresh, Kiehls, cleansers and all of them were a NO. CeraVe Hydrating burned, Fresh Soy Cleanser felt okay... But I little drying, ##Kiehls wasn't good either. I've run through dozens of moisturizers looking for one that will actually hydrate my skin without burning it. UGH!! PLEASE HELP lol. My skin is not breakout or acne prone... It is just super dry and suuuuuuuper sensitive


I really need to find that ride or die roots up skin care routine from cleanser, to makeup remover.. You name it.


Also, is it possible for my skin to hate Hyaluronic Acid? Because I think it does. Every time I've used a product with HA in it, burn burn burn baby. 

RE: Super. Sensitive. Dry. Skin. (Not Acne Prone)

Girl same. My ride or die moisturizer is Dr. Jarts V7 priming moisturizer. Or cheaper the inkey list peptide. Also khiels “for all types” face wash has really helped moisten my skin. OH and after I was my face before ANYTHING I put hylaronic acid on it. It’s $7 on here from inkey. I swear that’s plumped my skin so much!

Re: Super. Sensitive. Dry. Skin. (Not Acne Prone)

@LHaze, it's absolutely possible that hyaluronic acid is not a good fit for your skin. It's a hydrating ingredient found in a lot of skincare products, but like any ingredient, it may not be for everyone. 


As far as I can tell, these products might be of interest to you as they may be helpful in getting your skin the moisture it needs without irritating or aggravating its sensitivity. I've listed a few with different price points. Since your skin is sensitive, you should check the ingredients for other potential irritants and to the extent you can, maybe get a sample and do a patch test first. Since you know your skin does not respond well to hyaluronic acid and you may already know this, but also look for "sodium hyaluronate" in the ingredients list - it is a form of hyaluronic acid.


Cleansers: I double cleanse in the evenings so I've broken out the cleansers to what would be a first cleanse (usually oil based) and second cleanse (typically water based):

First Cleanse: REN Clean Skincare Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil CleanserThe INKEY List Oat Cleansing Balm or The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser 5 oz/ 150 mL Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser 


Second Cleanse: REN Clean Skincare Evercalm™ Gentle Cleansing Milk, or La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Face Cleanser, or Paula's Choice Resist Optional Results Hydrating Cleanser


Hydrating Serum: A serum is not a must have step in your skincare routine, but I've found it to be helpful for my dehydrated-dry (it's combo in the warm months but leans dry the rest of the year) skin. A couple worth looking into include Paula's Choice Omega+ Complex Serum or The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics - this one does not contain hyaluronic acid; it is watery thin and may be not enough if your skin is very dry.


Moisturizer: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer (LRP also makes this moisturizer with SPF which may be a good choice for a morning moisturizer); or Paula's Choice Water-Infusing Electrolyte Moisturizer; or Paula's Choice Omega+ Complex Moisturizers appear to be formulated without hyaluronic acid.


Oil: I've found oils to be super helpful with combating dryness. My go to is The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil. I've applied it before my moisturizer, after my moisturizer and/or with a drop or two mixed in with my moisturizer and I've been pleased with how all of those work. If you choose to use an oil, where it goes in your routine (before, after, mixed in) will depend on your preference and how your skin responds.


RE: Re: Super. Sensitive. Dry. Skin. (Not Acne Prone)

Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for this amazing info. I have some direction now, and I can’t thank you enough, honestly. You rock!

Re: RE: Re: Super. Sensitive. Dry. Skin. (Not Acne Prone)

I’m happy I could help @LHaze. I’ve been there with sensitive and dry skin (and still am there with dealing with those concerns) while also being prone to breakouts. Skincare is trial and error but hopefully you will be able to find some good product recommendations and tips from the lovely folks in this community. It’s a slow process to find what combination of products work best for you and can be frustrating along the way but you’ll get there and it’ll be worth it. 😃

Re: Super. Sensitive. Dry. Skin. (Not Acne Prone)

it is completely possible that your skin HATES hyaluronic acid! There's a really popular youtuber (James Welsh) that has a reaction to it. 


Couple recommendations:

Krave Oat so Simple is a great moisturizer with no actives that has a very short ingrediant list and they tell you why everything is in there on their website.

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Cream is for dry skin and redness and has a lot of ingredients for sensitive skin (i.e. Aloe and Centella). Longer ingredient list so a higher likelyhood it'll irritate your skin. 


I'd lean towards the Krave first (also because its cheaper) since its a really solid base - you can layer in serums or actives into that moisturizer and try to increase its hydrating capabilities as well. 

RE: Re: Super. Sensitive. Dry. Skin. (Not Acne Prone)

Amazing!!!! Thank you so much for this!! I’m definitely going to try the Krave first. Hoping for the best!! 🥰

Re: RE: Re: Super. Sensitive. Dry. Skin. (Not Acne Prone)

Good luck and let everyone know how it goes! 


One other note, I'd recommend finding the moisturizer that feels good and doesn't irritate your skin first and then slowly introducing other components or changes to things like cleanser or serum. That way you know if something goes haywire you can always go back to that one moisturizer and be ok.


And remember to find a sunscreen 😊

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